The Emmys get Glee’d, Modern Family wins big

Jimmy Fallon let his ‘musician’ side take over as he hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards, Sunday night. Opening the show with a gleekified number with some of the Glee kids, Jane Lynch & get this: Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Kate Gosselin, Joel McHale, Nina Dobrev, Jorge Garcia, Randy Jackson & Betty White (whew!). It was all good fun – hilarious even! 😀

Then, its time for the awards and speeches. It was clear that Modern Family was a favorite of the Television Academy; winning most awards in the Comedy category including Outstanding Comedy Series. Lynch (loved her speech), Edie Falco & Jim Parsons won their respective acting nods & Ryan Murphy for directing. That stint from the MF cast with George Clooney & Sofia Vergara in 3D was just side-splitting! Ricky Gervais stole the show once again, everytime he appears on these ceremonies riot follows. Top Chef won for reality competition program, The Daily Show with John Stewart for Variety. Temple Grandin for Made For TV Movie. The Pacific for Miniseries. Mad Men remains on top of the Drama category, winning Outstanding Drama Series for another year. Breaking Bad was able to steal some of the spotlight for the acting categories.

Fashion point of view, I loved best Lea Michele on her dark blue Oscar de la Renta. No one really stood out as horrendous for me but there were a handful of blah.

Overall, it was fun, fast-paced & not overly boring like the Oscars. I’m excited though, since this means that the Golden Globes is next which is my fave among the award shows. 🙂


Twice the Fun

Holy crap! Why do I keep forgetting??? Tsk tsk. August 4 is WIBME’s anniversary. I have no option but to mark this on my calendar from now on. Sorry about that.

Which leads me to the realization that the past year has gone so fast! It literally passed me by. But I’m happy. Looking at my dashboard, I see the total no. of my posts (187) for 2 years and I can’t believe it. But what’s more important is that I’m still having fun and I’m very eager to see what’s coming next for this little hobby of mine. Cheers to three, then! 🙂

Black vs. White

Looks like Lautner is in for some competition. The latest film parody from the makers of Disaster Movie, Meet The Spartans & you know the rest, Vampires Suck takes on the Twilight franchise head first as they bask in its ridiculous success, whatever that means. All I can say is that they had to. Twilight’s popularity wouldn’t be complete without a full-movie spoof. Playing Jacob White (get it?) is actor Chris Riggi who of course had to take his shirt off and it didn’t disappoint. If anything, it raised eyebrows that maybe Jacob Black isn’t the hottest werewolf after all.

Joe Maganiello of True Blood already attempted to take Lautner’s title but I think he’s just a bit older for my taste. Plus the fact that Alexander Skarsgard & Ryan Kwanten are way hotter than him. Anyways, if Riggi looks familiar, you may have seen him on a guest role on Gossip Girl as Scott; Rufus’s & Lily’s love child.

I don’t know if this is worth the watch though, I’m hearing the movie is pretty bad. Well for what its worth, Matt Lanter’s also part of the cast, playing Edward Sullen whose name resembles a certain hot vampire. 😉

Unthinkable (I’m Ready)

Oh my gosh, I am so loving this song. I’m also diggin’ the slow beat. Check out the lyrics:

You give me a feeling that I never felt before
And I deserve it, I know I deserve it
Its becoming something that’s impossible to ignore
It’s what we make it

I was wondering maybe
Could I make you my baby
If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy
Or would it be so beautiful either way I’m sayin’
If you ask me I’m ready
If you ask me I’m ready

Nice, right? 🙂 Anyways, this is still off the album, The Element of Freedom by Alicia Keys. And man, the video looks great too, which shows a story of an interracial relationship. It features Chad Murray and can I just say, he looks good and I kinda missed him from the old One Tree Hill days. I forgotten how hot he is (hehe). Sorry for the quality of the video though, Youtube has blocked the others due to copyright grounds. Grrrrr. And WordPress only allows videos from them and Dailymotion but if you want a clear one, head to

Welcome to Cougar Town?

This ABC sitcom may not have the best premise when it premiered last September 2009 but I really enjoyed the succeeding episodes since then. Currently slated for a 2nd season this fall, the show has strayed so far from the initial storyline that the title doesn’t really fit anymore. But change title or not, the show is actually funny.

The cast has that chemistry that compliments each other’s moments, they make each other laugh. It must be amazing to go to work for these people. Headed by Courtney Cox who plays Jules, the lucrative divorcĂ© and single mother who starts dating, well, younger men. Joined by her two love/hate best friends played by Christa Miller and Busy Philipps plus the hilarious male cast: Josh Hopkins (the hot neighbor), Ian Gomez (the other not-so-hot but funny neighbor), Dan Byrd (son), Brian Van Holt (ex-husband). I must admit I judged this show way too early, I mean ‘Cougar Town’, really? That’s just so clichĂ©.  But give it a try and you’ll know its decent enough to kill your boring days and exercise those face muscles. 🙂

Vampire Porn

Fans call it True Blood. Creator Alan Ball says: “To me, vampires are sex” Ya, we get that. As if it’s not obvious enough, Rolling Stone magazine got straight to the point and featured the lead cast on the latest issue’s cover wearing their own skin and just the right amount of blood. 😉 See below:

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LOL-worthy Sites

Feeling down and low? Well, there’s always or more commonly known as FML, to cheer you up. Tip: head to “The Best of FML” and “Intimacy” categories for some instant laughs. As an alternative, you have which is more of the same thing: random posts of everyday people who can tell you why your life is way f***in’ better (hehe). But if you really wanna feel somewhat “superior” head on to and you’ll see posts of twihard fanatics or, now I’m thinking more like twilight haters, confessing their “obsession” on, well, Twilight. If you’re more of a Youtube type, you can check out and see some famous people get on in on the ride. 

Want more? A few days back, I found another one. Try reading on just like what I do when my day is all shitty and I immediately feel so good after. 

Here’s a sample of what to expect: 

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“Your Love”

This song is real catchy in the ears, I can’t get it out my head. From upcoming rapper Nicki Minaj with her dĂ©but album, Pink Friday, all set to drop this November 23rd. She’s already creating waves and making a name for herself having worked with artists like Mariah Carey on the track “Up Out My Face (Remix)” and on Christina Aguilera’s “Woohoo”. I don’t get the video though, anyways check it to see what I mean.


I’m in love with this song! From Katharine Mcphee‘s sophomore record Unbroken which features Jason Reeves on the track. The song gained fame when AI contestant Didi Benami performed the song on Hollywood week. A music video was then released but this time featuring Zachary Levi of Chuck singing. This is Mcphee’s 2nd single after “Had It All”. I kinda missed her, I don’t know if the new ‘do suits her best but it’s definitely edgier and I almost didn’t recognize her. She looks beautiful as always.

This track was written by Kara Dioguardi and Reeves. You know I’m starting to like Kara, I don’t like her as a judge on AI but man, she’s a good songwriter. She writes everything from pop, rnb and country and worked with the biggest artists too: Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson, Faith Hill, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood, Pink, Cobra Starship, Hilary Duff, name it! She actually has a video on Youtube singing this song. She’s the damn trifecta! 🙂

Have a listen and read on to see the video and lyrics:

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Giving Bill & Edward a run for their Sookies & Bellas

Ian Somerhalder has been getting a great deal of attention portraying the character, Damon from the hit CW series “The Vampire Diaries”. And I think I know why:

And I’ve got more of where that came from:

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Wet. Wild. Epic.

Wet, because we went there during the rainy season (IKR?). Wild, well because its Boracay baby!!! Epic, because it was my first time and i had a blast!

arrival @ kalibo

Here’s a rundown of what went down during our 2 days, 2 nights stay in the island of Boracay:

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PLL: My Newest Guilty Pleasure

“Desperate Housewives for Teens”

Gossip Girl meets Jawbreaker”

Based on the novels by Sara Shepard, this new ABC Family series that started last June 2010 has been pumping my primetime TV juices for weeks now (plus True Blood). Since most of my fave shows are during the fall in the US, I am relieved that I have something to look forward to at least until then. Though no local & cable channel are showing them here, I manage to get copies of the episodes. 😉

PLL follows 4 high school girls Aria (Lucy Hale), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Hanna (Ashley Benson) & Emily (Shay Mitchell) who are being haunted by the memories and secrets of their past after their queen bee, Alison (Sasha Pieterse) went missing and was found dead a year later. Now, a mysterious “A” is threatening to reveal their secrets and seems to know their every move.

The PLL summer finale has just aired and its gearing up for its 2nd season. The show also got 3 surfboard trophies from the recent Teen Choice Awards including Choice Summer TV Show. These just mean we’re going to have plenty more of these girls, hopefully, for a long time. 🙂