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Summer Is On! F&H Style

Henry Cavill in Immortals and the new Man of Steel

Random Hottie: Brandon Routh


I liked this guy from the time he was launched as the new Man of Steel in 2006’s Superman Returns and who would deny the uncanny resemblance? In my opinion, he portrayed the title role with just the right balance of charm as Clark Kent and confidence as Superman. Not to mention he’s effin’ gorgeous and tall (a lethal combination) which brought about this post right here. 😉 The above screen cap is from his recent movie Dylan Dog: Dead of Night which tanked in ticket sales and was bombed by critics. I saw the trailer and it was admittedly bad (haha). At least he didn’t deprive us of his hot body unlike in SR. I so wanted his career to take off from that movie and see more of him but it didn’t happen. I heard they’re rebooting Superman again with a new actor albeit he’s perfect for the part. Anyways he did settle for supporting roles; one, more famous than others, is a recurring character in the TV series Chuck’s 3rd season. I don’t watch the show though so I sort of still didn’t feel his presence. But his time will come, I just know it. 🙂


Azkals Face-off

Phil Younghusband or Neil Etheridge? Its as simple as that.

More? Okay here you go.

Have you made a decision yet? 😉

Chinito Cutie

Here’s model hottie Jiro Shirakawa turned actor and now known as Kenji. Apparently, he was on ABS-CBN’s Gimik 2010 and the winner of Mossimo Bikini Summit 2009. Here’s some shirtless proof of his chinito goodness:

I Like Number Four!

In fact, number four’s pretty hot. Leave it to Ellen to convince her guests to lose their shirt. Newcomer, Alex Pettyfer appeared on her talk show to promote his film I Am Number Four in which he plays the title role. And when she gave him an “I ♥ Ellen” t-shirt at the end, she jokingly said she wouldn’t hand it until he takes his shirt off and he did! Watch the interview below:

She’s currently dating co-star and Glee actress, Dianna Agron and although he didn’t admit to Ellen it was pretty obvious. He’s just so H – O – T !!!

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