An Efron Parade

OMFG. Have you seen these? Parade Magazine talks about how our Zac here enjoys his summer. Meanwhile, along came these shots:

And he didn’t even need to take his shirt off unlike a certain werewolf (ehem Taylor). Anyways, Zac will be in the film Charlie St. Cloud pretty soon, so be sure to catch that.

And oh, by the way, you can close your mouths now. 🙂



Overheard at My Own Funeral

“You’re a fly on the wall at your own funeral. What are people saying about you?”

That’s creepy. But before I answer this question, could I be like something else instead of a fly? I’ll be damned if I get reincarnated as an insect!!! Back to the point, I think people would probably talk about how timid and shy I was as a kid coz I think that’s how our neighbors knew me even though I’m the far opposite. And finally I guess the million-dollar question about my sexuality (how overrated!) would get answered. And by the way, I better see some familiar faces down there when this happens! I’ll be haunting those who aren’t! 🙂

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If I Could Relive Any Day of My Life

If you could go back and relive one day of your life, which one would it be? And why? 

School bus 

Ah, the classic question. Funny cause I recently caught the movie 17 Again on HBO, anyways, I’ve done a lot of thinking on this and I’d probably choose a day when i was in early middle school, around grade 1 to 3. No day in particular. I’ve always reminisced those childhood days and how I would only remember very little portions. I wish I could see how I was as a kid even for a day only and how was everyone else back when I was still a child whether at home or at school. I’m thinking its always nice to remember the innocence and carefree attitude we had as kids… 🙂 

What book could you read over and over?

The Twilight Saga

You’ll probably think this is a lame answer but I’ll say it anyways: Twilight. Yes, the overrated, overhyped movie phenomenon. But as much as the movies were successes, I can say the movies don’t really define the books. If you think the movies were awesome, then you’re totally missing out on the books. If you say the movies suck, then i’d say try the books instead. That’s how I love them. 🙂 It’s such an easy read plus it’s nice falling in love with the characters all over again. That’s why I chose the first one. All the nice lines, the giddy moments. If you’re asking, I read the book twice already, the last time I think was before the movie came out. Anyways, I can definitely read it again even as punishment over and over! 🙂