Watch Harry Potter: The Epic Conclusion


I’m totally speechless with this new trailer. It is breathtaking. I can’t believe this will be the last Harry Potter film! This is the ending nobody should miss. I don’t know if I want July 15 to arrive already or to linger a little while longer. Will miss the beloved characters. 😦


Will Beyonce ‘run the world’ again?

I’m sure you’ve heard the song already. It leaked in the internet before it got released yesterday in iTunes. So what are your thoughts on Beyonce‘s latest single, Run The World (Girls) on a yet-to-be-titled new album? Someone said the single is messy, I kind of agree. It seems rushed. I don’t know maybe its just one of those I have to listen to over and over. It has that ‘Independent Women’ message as the title suggests, I don’t think the lyrics has anything remarkable too. Let’s just see when the anticipated video gets released since we’ve seen teasers and behind the scenes footage on the net. Her ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce’ album put her on top in 2008/2009, will this happen again in 2011?

Born This Way album cover released!

Fresh from Haus of Gaga is the official album cover art for Born This Way.

I don’t get it… so she was born half motorcycle? (hehe)

Will get the record still… Excited for May!!!! Meanwhile, her next single and video Judas has also been released.

What do you think?

Hangover and Deathly Hallows sequels release new posters!

Both are big sequels coming out this year. HP7 is actually the 2nd part finale and I can’t freaking wait for July! Waaaaaaaaa!!!! Pardon my fanboy alter-ego. I love the face-off theme of the poster, we’re in for a gruesome treat.

The Hangover was such a smash in 2009 that they decided to make Part 2 and this time the gang hits Bangkok dangerous, hehe. Looks like they’re in a lot of trouble once again which will be fun to watch. I got a feeling that monkey will be a pain in their ass. My only problem here is, where is Justin Bartha??? Hope he’s still part of the movie.

If Super Bowl was a delicious meal then I’d be interested.

For a non-sports fan, I really can’t say anything much about the Super Bowl besides the huge advertisements. Since the airtime during the games is the most expensive all year round, companies go all out and hire celebrities to promote their brand. The half-time shows also feature the biggest music acts, remember Janet and Justin? Yeah, I think I said enough. Coincidentally, Xtina will be singing the national anthem this year. Will be watching out for that.

The only other Super Bowl related news that I’m excited about is Glee! They’ll be back tomorrow already (2 episodes within the week alone) and they’ll be performing a mash-up of Thriller and Heads Will Roll, Puck and Rachel sing Need You Now by Lady Antebellum and the Warblers sing Bills, Bills, Bills, a Destiny’s Child classic. Watch below:

I, Too, Was Born This Way

This may be old news but I just realized we’re gonna be expecting more new music this 2011. Since last year’s announcement on the VMAs, Lady Gaga has been since dropping news about her new album ‘Born This Way’. She tweeted: “THE SONG 2 13 11 THE RECORD 5 23 11” alongside the pic above. I don’t know if I consider myself one of her little monsters but I’m definitely a fan and I will grab that record when it hits the stores. I’m excited to listen on the new single as well, she’s unpredictable and I like the sentiment of that phrase: Born this way…

New Britney!

Britney kicks off 2011 with a new album. I have to admit this girl is not one to take a break. Above is the artwork for her soon to be released single ‘Hold It Against Me’. I haven’t heard it yet, I refuse to listen to that unofficial demo leaked on the net. Will this album be a different Britney? Or the tried and tested pop formula she usually comes up with? We’ll see.

Press Play

I ♥ my new playlist and I think you will too. Give these songs a go and let me know what you think. 🙂

1. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)

Katy Perry’s latest single is actually ‘Firework’ but I’m really enjoying this one better. Fun song to sing along with.  I’d like to call out to her and say this should be her 4th single, hands down! Please… 😀

2. Who Owns My Heart

The ever so in a hurry to grow up Disney discovery got me again with this one. Miley Cyrus’ really turning out to be the pop princess she ought to be. It’s a bit more mature sound and I love it, well the video says it all.

3. Please Don’t Go

This guy is really impressing me. I can’t wait to listen to the album, 31 Minutes To Takeoff. After debuting with Cooler Than Me, Mike Posner delivers another catchy hit.

4. Whip My Hair

Okay I’m joining the Smith bandwagon, I can’t get this out of my head! After Jaden’s movie début, Willow Smith released her first single and catches everyone’s attention.

5. For The First Time

The Script is back! Science & Faith is the new album and you can’t miss that unique sound of theirs.

6. Raise Your Glass

Pink releases a compilation entitled ‘Greatest Hits … So Far!!!’. Great energy as always.

7. Mean

Whether its meant for Kanye West or not, I love the lyrics of this song. With bullying getting more and more attention lately about how serious it can become, I think Taylor Swift is doing a great job helping in her own way.

8. Parachute

I don’t know much about Cheryl Cole, I have to admit, but I like this song. It’s nice to have a new sound on my playlist every now and then.

9. Who’s That Chick

I’m getting a clear idea on what the new record of Rihanna will be like. And it’s pretty awesome. Great follow-up to Only Girl (In The World).

I’ve listened to these tracks for a hundred times already and now, I can’t wait to get my hands on my iPod and do it all again. 🙂

Today’s the Day!

Gleek out! Today is the day we’ve been all waiting for! The 1st episode called “Auditions” will air later tonight on ETC and I can’t stop obsessing already. Based on the promo video, we know that they’re going to perform Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind and will introduce a bunch of new characters including Dot Jones as the new football coach, Beiste (pronounced as “beast” 😀 ), I dunno what happened to Ken Tanaka though. And then you have Sunshine Corazon, portrayed by Filipina talent, our pride, Charice, who is said to have killed her audition scene where she sang Beyonce’s Listen. I don’t know if the Telephone duet with Rachel (Lea Michele), originally a Gaga & B collaboration, will be happening tonight as well. These are all too exciting.. can’t wait!!! 🙂

Flashforward to great TV…

“On October 6, the planet blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. The whole world saw the future.”

How’s that as a premise for a TV series? Pretty interesting, right? And I’m telling you some good stuff too. ABC premiered a new science fiction show called Flash Forward last Fall of 2009 and it’s unlike anything I watch or used to watch. I usually don’t go for the action type but this one got me curious and I was immediately glued to the screen; finishing 6 episodes at first, probably because every single one leaves you with gripping cliffhangers. Now that I’ve already watched every episode sans the new ones that will be premiered this March 2010; it gave way to the Winter Olympics, I simply can’t wait for the conclusion. Oh sorry, I forgot – let me fill you in. I’ll give you a very non-spoiler summary. 🙂 It’s about the aftershock of this global event when people across the globe blacked out simultaneously, killing millions of people and how those who survived are dealing with the “visions” they saw of their lives about six months later (April 2010). That’s the argument: whether to believe that the “flash forward” is inevitable or may be some sort of “warning” so people can be able to change it. The story revolves around the character, Mark Benford, an L.A. FBI agent who had “seen” himself investigating on who or what caused the blackout, whether it’ll happen again and somehow, one by one pieces are put together, evidences are revealed and leads are discovered. Other issues such as: what triggered for people to see their future during the blackout? and did it really happen to everyone around the world? or did everyone saw something during the blackout?, will make you think long after watching.

A novel of the same name written by Robert J. Sawyer was released in 1999 which is where the show was based upon; though having notable differences such as, the show following non-scientist characters and changing the flash forward to 6 months instead of 21 years. It features mostly unknown actors (as far as I’m concerned) which is actually a good thing, we love to see fresh faces. Although, if you’re following the outrageous movies, Harold and Kumar, you may know John Cho and the lead played by Shakespeare In Love actor, Joseph Fiennes. Definitely a must-watch, go see it.

The Walkers are back!

Finally I got to catch up with Season 4, I’ve been meaning to watch but have just been so busy. Anyways, here’s a summary of episodes 1 – 5 for those who hasn’t seen them yet:

The Walkers

Tommy was back (for a couple of days – yey!) and revealed that he hasn’t seen Elizabeth for months. Hope they get back together, I miss Julia too. Meanwhile, with no trace of looking back, Sarah hooked up with hot French guy, Luke during her stay in Paris and he even followed her back home but they eventually broke off (sad!). Kevin is finding it hard to choose the egg donor for his and Scott’s baby after having found the perfect surrogate (he’ll find a way trust me!), Kitty has cancer (lymphoma), I know its so depressing, but at least she and Robert are getting along again because of it ironically, Justin will soon be marrying Rebecca whose pregnant BTW and he still doesn’t know with all his med studies going on, Nora is dating a much younger guy (spicy!) not to mention broken-hearted with all the things happening in the family, Holly and Saul almost found a way to salvage Ojai Foods’ distress situation but Ryan who’s been up to no good, stuck to his plan of ruining his father’s business and family – what a downer!. So if you haven’t been following yet, that’s what you’ve been missing on the latest season of Brothers & Sisters. I missed them! Didn’t you? 🙂

P.S. Favorite moments so far: Kevin seeing Luke for the first time and the Walker women with few exceptions (hehe) ogling over Luke swimming on the pool. LOL.

Queen Christina

It is confirmed, instead of the first rumored title ‘Light and Darkness’, Christina’s brand spankin’ new album will be entitled Bionic. As it implies, this album will be all about the future. In the latest issue of Marie Claire, Christina talks about what inspired her to make this album and her transformation from a bubblegum pop princess to becoming the diva of her generation throughout her crazy career. The album is tentatively scheduled to be released in spring (March), she finished recording it already and just doing some finishing touches to it. She is looking fabulous with her article photos.

Christina will be busy all year-round as she has started filming her first movie Burlesque with none other than Cher out by the end of the year. Her leading man in her acting début will be hot actor Cam Gigandet. A story of a small town girl who finds love, family and success in an L.A. bar. I hear she’s doing great so good luck to her. It will be a great year after all. Year of the Queen.

POP Soup #3

MAKE ME – Janet Jackson

Another Janet dance track… which is good. Her greatest hits is out now.

HAPPY – Leona Lewis

This girl is going places, watch out for her sophomore album Echo.

EMPIRE STATE OF MIND – Jay – Z feat. Alicia Keys

Two music towers collaborating. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.


Everybody’s still hung up on that Chris Brown thing, time to move on. This one’s dark and deep, I can understand.

FOREVER – Drake feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem

Stumbled on this on MTV, I don’t know how he did it but props to this guy for putting all these ‘greats’ together; he doesn’t disappoint as well.

HOT MESS – Cobra Starship

Took longer than it should but finally they have a follow up to Good Girls Go Bad, yeah!!!


Great track but I don’t know if he’s going to outshadow the song once again with all his antics.

SOMEBODY TO LOVE – Leighton Meester feat. Robin Thicke

Cool song, nice vibe, Leighton is hot!

WHO SAYS – John Mayer

He’s back and making news again… who says he can’t get stoned?

Guys, be sure to take time and listen to these tracks! They’re in my current playlist right now. 🙂