The Christina Meltdown: Is there really or we just want her to?

Getting arrested for public intoxication definitely is not normal for the pop star but at least she wasn’t the one driving the vehicle, her boyfriend Matthew Rutler is. People are talking about how he’s a bad influence, others about how she shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place. But the mugshot’s already leaked and even Pink had a field day with it. So what is happening to the dirrty diva?

They say it started with the divorce that turned into partying and drinking. A rumor even came out about her crashing and passing out on Jeremy Renner’s bed. A lot has been said about her gaining weight as well. And then there were the flubs: the National Anthem lyrics on the Super Bowl and the slip on the Grammy’s causing her to fall. Maybe there is something wrong with her but is it really the signs of a downward spiral we often see starlets head to? Does she need a rehab stint? For me, if that will help her why not? I mean she may not be in Lindsay status yet but will the people around her wait for that to happen? I hope not. I think she just needs to take a break and be with her family, especially her son Max.


Is it just me or is Levi Johnston kinda HOT?!

This guy shot to ‘fame’ as Sarah Palin’s rebellious son-in-law from her daughter Bristol. Now, the word war has been the media target for weeks. Interviews here and there, on both camps; There’s Palin with Oprah and Barbara Walters while Levi settles for entertainment shows such as The Insider, even appearing on the pages of GQ.

His ‘celebrity’ status shot through the roof ever since accepting that offer to pose nude for Playgirl for apparently more than $100,000. Now is there any guy out there who wouldn’t jump for that kind of opportunity and exposure? 😛 Anyways, this Alaskan native, 19-year-old dad may have led us to believe he’s going to let it all hang out but news confirmed the photos were nude but not full frontal. I’m a little surprised because he was telling everyone that he wanted to go all the way but I guess it was best for him not to. He’s cute and you have to admit, aren’t you curious at all about the mystery of Levi Johnston? 🙂

Mariah Carey Vs. Eminem

Oh yeah. I knew it was goin to get ugly. Well, I did a piece about Clarkson Vs. Teddy but nothing comes close to this. This is way too juicy.


We may have been obsessing on MCs new song but we may relapse on this. (Get it?) 😀 Yes, Eminem retaliates with his own song called ‘The Warning’. Oh ho ho, the diva wouldn’t know what hit her. But we knew this would happen, he’s not your typical rapper, no he’s not even your typical guy. He’s not a gentleman, he’s been known to diss it out on the ladies, remember Christina? So we’re not surprised he’s talking sh*t back but what I am shocked of is what the warning is about. If you haven’t known by now, it started when Eminem claimed he and Mimi had a fling back in 2001 and she, well let’s just say, she didn’t get the joke. And obviously it’s been goin around so she felt she needed to straighten things out and I was thinking maybe like she would do an interview or press conference but no, I guess she wanted to do a song about it coz that’s the type of thing you get inspired from. Sorry, I can’t help the sarcasm. It’s just that this screams 50 Cent and Kanye West beef; all works to hype out people and boost record sales. Bad publicity is still publicity. Well, this is goin to drag on I can tell and frankly I really don’t care who’s telling the truth or not. If you’re curious, here’s the lyrics of both songs. Feast on it!

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Kelly Clarkson Vs. Ryan Tedder

Uh oh. Drama in Hollywood land. One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder better have a good explanation.

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Issue? The resemblance between Beyonce’s hit ballad ‘Halo’ and Kelly’s new single ‘Already Gone’.

Connection? Both written by Mr. Tedder, yup the ‘Bleeding Love’ and ‘Battlefield’ songwriter.

Point? Clarkson didn’t want to be accused of ripping off other artists’ songs, especially not Beyonce.

Catch? She was apparently been making efforts to stop the release of her ‘version’ but her execs already made the decision for her and releases it as her 3rd single. I guess she has no choice.

The Defense? Tedder was said to be hurt and saddened by the accusations and denies that he made 2 very similar music and gave it to these 2 great artists.

Other Party? Beyonce and her camp are silent about the issue. Probably doesn’t care or thinks otherwise.


My Opinion? C-R-A-Z-Y. When I first heard the song, I loved it so much but not because it was reminiscent of another song. Halo had become a favorite on my player for quite a while, so I think I’ll know if another artist decided to cover it. The 2 songs have different premise, message and melody. Okay, maybe from a musically untrained ear the similarities wouldn’t be obvious, but I listened to it carefully and it really didn’t seem and feel the same. I love both songs! The fuss is so unnecessary. Hope this won’t take away from the song.