I Like Number Four!

In fact, number four’s pretty hot. Leave it to Ellen to convince her guests to lose their shirt. Newcomer, Alex Pettyfer appeared on her talk show to promote his film I Am Number Four in which he plays the title role. And when she gave him an “I ♥ Ellen” t-shirt at the end, she jokingly said she wouldn’t hand it until he takes his shirt off and he did! Watch the interview below:

She’s currently dating co-star and Glee actress, Dianna Agron and although he didn’t admit to Ellen it was pretty obvious. He’s just so H – O – T !!!


Flashforward to great TV…

“On October 6, the planet blacked out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. The whole world saw the future.”

How’s that as a premise for a TV series? Pretty interesting, right? And I’m telling you some good stuff too. ABC premiered a new science fiction show called Flash Forward last Fall of 2009 and it’s unlike anything I watch or used to watch. I usually don’t go for the action type but this one got me curious and I was immediately glued to the screen; finishing 6 episodes at first, probably because every single one leaves you with gripping cliffhangers. Now that I’ve already watched every episode sans the new ones that will be premiered this March 2010; it gave way to the Winter Olympics, I simply can’t wait for the conclusion. Oh sorry, I forgot – let me fill you in. I’ll give you a very non-spoiler summary. 🙂 It’s about the aftershock of this global event when people across the globe blacked out simultaneously, killing millions of people and how those who survived are dealing with the “visions” they saw of their lives about six months later (April 2010). That’s the argument: whether to believe that the “flash forward” is inevitable or may be some sort of “warning” so people can be able to change it. The story revolves around the character, Mark Benford, an L.A. FBI agent who had “seen” himself investigating on who or what caused the blackout, whether it’ll happen again and somehow, one by one pieces are put together, evidences are revealed and leads are discovered. Other issues such as: what triggered for people to see their future during the blackout? and did it really happen to everyone around the world? or did everyone saw something during the blackout?, will make you think long after watching.

A novel of the same name written by Robert J. Sawyer was released in 1999 which is where the show was based upon; though having notable differences such as, the show following non-scientist characters and changing the flash forward to 6 months instead of 21 years. It features mostly unknown actors (as far as I’m concerned) which is actually a good thing, we love to see fresh faces. Although, if you’re following the outrageous movies, Harold and Kumar, you may know John Cho and the lead played by Shakespeare In Love actor, Joseph Fiennes. Definitely a must-watch, go see it.

The 2009 AMA Extravaganza

The show set to air on November 22 live from the Nokia Theatre is packed with the biggest names in the industry, the only one probably who will not be there is Michael Jackson, who by the way scored nominations for his Number Ones release. And speaking of big, 2009’s biggest artist Taylor Swift leads the pack with the most noms for the night.

This is going to be one heck of a night, the performers line-up is massive here’s the blow by blow: Adam Lambert, Janet Jackson, Shakira, BEP, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, J.Lo, Mary J. Blige, Lady GaGa, Eminem, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and the Whitney Houston.

Will awards night favorite Beyonce steal the show once again? Who’s your bet for Artist of the Year? Who will rock the stage?

Let’s all watch and see so be sure to catch the 37th Annual American Music Awards, for the complete list of nominations head to ABC.com.

A life of privilege.


A not so very new find but nonetheless a worth following one. This show premiered back in September of 2008 in the US in the CW network and has gained a relatively high share in viewer ratings. Sadly though, no follow-up season is in the works. I don’t know why actually. I really prefer this one rather than that copycat remake 90210. I don’t know I just don’t find that show interesting, not even the cast! Back to Privileged, I really enjoyed watching the first few episodes and I officially include it in my TV show guilty pleasures. 🙂

joanna-garcia-photo The show features aspiring journalist and Yale graduate, Megan played by Joanna Garcia, handling a very unlikely job as tutor to 2 filthy rich high school girls: Sage (Ashley Newbrough) and Rose (Lucy Hale). If that’s not complicated enough, add her estranged boyfriend-stealing little sister Lily (Kristina Apgar) and her guy bestfriend Charlie (Michael Cassidy) who has always had a thing for her and not to mention the hot new neighbor Will (Brian Hallisay) to the picture and whoala: instant riot! Which for us means fun and drama at the same time. Privileged airs on ETC every Fridays. 🙂