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My first response? Yey!!! Since the season ender cliffhangers, I’ve been itching for some more gossip, and who loves gossip? Gossip Girl. So I’m dishing out the latest broadcast straight out from the Upper East Side. First up, boring high school days are over now it’s time to get serious. We all know the whole gang is going to college although not quite how they planned but they’re not the only one graduating. We may not know what college she applied to but Gossip Girl certainly wouldn’t miss out on the fun. And so does Michelle Trachtenberg who will be reprising her role as the bad-girl-gone-good-then-back-to-bad-again Georgina, don’t you just love hearing that name? For me it means scandal, it means fun! Let’s see how things turn out since B is not queen anymore and S, officially irrelevant.


Did I mention possible new love interest for Penn Badgley aka Lonely Boy in the person of the now very seductive Hilary Duff? I don’t know if she’ll play it out that way but I do know she’s playing a character named Olivia, Vanessa’s roommate. Even fashion mogul and talk show host Tyra Banks is joining in for a guest appearance. It’s bound to get more exciting and interesting at the same time. Watch out for it on September in the US. I’m thinking of actually begging for my cable provider to make this happen as well. Can’t wait!


Choice Hotties for April: Blake Lively and Leighton Meester

Yey! You read it right folks, well I’m posting about “hotties” here and it’s not necessarily a man’s world in that case. And besides, if guys have man-crushes why can’t I? So this is my version of it. And because this is a month late, I’ll be giving a back-to-back one.. double the fun, right?

They’re everbody’s favorite it-girls and Upper East Siders. They got the flair for fashion and the body to die for. They’re so hot you can call them S and B for short. These 2 hotties can work you out like ice cream under a hot summer day. Should I go on? I know they play such bitch characters in Gossip Girl but in the real world, they prove to be otherwise. You know you love them. XOXO.

No posts for April?!?!

I know, I’ve been out of my element lately. I don’t know if I just didn’t have a great material or just no inspiration at all. And my tight work schedules didn’t help as well. I have been really busy due to the deadlines I have to meet last month. April is of course, the end of tax season so audit firms are in chaotic mode as their clients’ Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns become due to be filed in the Securities and Exchange Commission and Bureau of Internal Revenue. You must be bored out of hell now knowing that once again I’m talking about my work. But no, I’m stopping right here. So what now, you ask? I’m thinking since I didn’t post any entries lately aside from my take on microblogs; JDpress, I’m gonna talk about my latest finds – TV shows that is, and those somewhat old but still exciting to watch.

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