2012 in review

I’m disappointed with the 11 new posts in 2012, I’ve really got to commit more if I want to keep this blog up. But it’s funny how my most viewed posts are about my “choice hotties” maybe I should really get back into posting more of these stuff. ūüėõ Anyways, I’m still grateful I started this blogging site and hopefully, I get more active this 2013. Happy New Year To All! Below is WordPress’s 2012 annual report for What’s In Between My Ears ūüôā

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 25,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 6 Film Festivals

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Rise Up Lotus, Rise. This Is The Beginning.

Hello blogosphere! ūüėõ I’m back and I come bearing gifts: a track by track review of Lotus, Xtina’s latest album. Always have been a big fan so there’s no better way to mark my blog’s “re-birth”. ūüėÄ

If you’re¬†following The Voice¬†then you may have seen at least one of her many performances in the show to promote the album (3 to be exact). Now that’s what I call milking the opportunity hehe but weird enough none of them included Your Body,¬†the 1st single. The impromptu performance on Jimmy Fallon doesn’t count but that was a treat to watch. So I’m anxiously wondering if she’s ever going to perform the song live. I’d really love it if she does, thank you. To celebrate Lotus’s release, she performed her collaboration with fellow coach Cee Lo Green entitled Make The World Move. On another night, she performs with Blake Shelton for their duet¬†Just A Fool. On the next,¬†she brings down the house with her Max Martin track¬†Let There Be Love¬†alongside her team: Dez Duron and Sylvia Yacoub. She also graced the stage of the recently concluded American Music Awards, where she belted out a medley of¬†Lotus Intro/Army Of Me/Let There Be Love.


So getting on the point, this is her most pop album to date. Admittedly she describes it as “embracing my true pop star-ness” and she named it Lotus saying it represents an unbreakable flower. So let’s not prolong the introduction anymore, check out my take on each track below:

Lotus Intro which surprisingly extends into a full song is just that, an intro. But it really gets you into the vibe with its melody and a chant that basically repeats throughout the song. Then she ends it with a spoken lyric which is a bit cheesy even for me. Fave lyrics: Rise up Lotus, rise/This is the beginning.

Army Of Me¬†which she described herself as “Fighter 2.0” is a power anthem for the new generation who weren’t around during the¬†Stripped¬†era. In the track, she sings: “One of me is wiser, One of me is stronger, One of me’s a fighter, There’s a thousand faces of me” which explains the title.¬†Fave lyrics: Well I know what you were thinking/You thought you’d watch me fade away/When you broke me into pieces/But I gave each piece a name.

Red Hot Kinda Love¬†is a fun, playful number. Focusing more on the tune than her vocal talent which is refreshing.¬†Fave lyrics:¬†La la la la la la la la la/Oh baby I’m burning up/I wasn’t tryin to fall for ya.

Make The World Move¬†with its big beat and features Cee Lo Green, I had high hopes for but kinda falls flat as it’s too short and repetitive.¬†Still Cee Lo is the song’s redeeming factor with his unique sound and I liked the song better when I heard it sang live.¬†Fave lyrics:¬†If one smile can erase a frown/Imagine what two can do.

Your Body¬†marks as hit-maker Max Martin’s & Xtina’s first collaboration ever. Since this is a venture to her pop persona once again, of course she had to work with the Britney/Katy/Pink (among others) producer. The accompanying music video for this, IMHO, is one of her career-best.¬†Fave lyrics:¬†It’s true what you heard/I am a freak/I’m disturbed.

Let There Be Love¬†which I can only describe as “aaaaaaaaaah!! i love this song!” is the proof she can go with the trend and still do better than the rest of those ‘basic’ b*tches, I mean singers. A dance song at it’s finest, this should be a future single.¬†Fave lyrics:¬†I wanna tell you my secret/With just the sound of my breathing.

Sing For Me¬†is currently my fave ballad in the record. It’s very heartfelt and talks about singing when you’re down and pouring your heart out every single time.¬†Fave lyrics:¬†Cause when I open my mouth/There’s no place to hide/Everything that I’m feeling runs wild and free/I’m singing cause I’m winning/Imma sing for me.

Blank Page is an emotional ballad that expresses asking for forgiveness and starting over. She works again with one of her Bionic writers, Sia Furler (You Lost Me) for this one. Fave lyrics: Draw me a smile/And save me tonight/I am a blank page/Waiting for you to bring me to life.

Cease Fire¬†is one of those I can consider an ‘album filler’ but it’s notable characteristic is that it sounds very unlike Xtina. As it sounds robotic and again she didn’t put her vocals front and center.¬†Fave lyrics: Baby cease fire, fire/Throw down your weapon, weapon/I’m on your side, on your side/So please cease fire, fire/Cease fire make it stop.

Around The World¬†is another attempt for an uptempo track though it’s not as successful as the previous dance numbers it still achieved it’s purpose.¬†Fave lyrics:¬†Hollywood to Japan/Tokyo to Milan/Baby just for tonight/We’re making love worldwide.

Circles,¬†one of the reasons the album got an explicit rating, brings back the feisty, i-don’t-give-a-whut side of Aguilera. This one you’d just get into and sing along with.¬†Fave lyrics:¬†Spin around in circles/On my middle, middle finger/Motha******.

Best Of Me¬†is a great bring-me-upper in ballad form. As you know, she always has these you-can’t-bring-me-down type of songs.¬†Fave lyrics:¬†But you’ll never get the best of me no more/Aren’t you tired of throwing stones/Tryin to kick me when I’m down.

Just A Fool¬†is the slash-wrist, heartbreak, 2nd single. It’s her first try for a country song and who better to help than current CMA Artist of the Year, Blake Shelton. Pleasantly surprised cause their voices blended so perfectly.¬†Fave lyrics:¬†Another shot of whiskey please bartender/Just keep it going til I don’t remember/How bad it hurts when you’re gone.

So that’s it. Anyone else has the album? Do you agree with my choices or not? ūüėČ The deluxe version features additional tracks such as: Light Up The Sky, Empty Words, Shut Up and Your Body [Martin Garrix Remix].¬†Honestly I can’t decide if she shined more on her ballads or the upbeat ones but one thing’s for sure: LegendTina is back and she’s here to stay. Hail QueenTina! (LOL)

The Host Teaser!

Woooot! Check out the teaser of another film adaptation from a book I loved! Stephenie Meyer’s The Host really sealed her for me as one of my fave authors. I can’t believe they’re really bringing it to life. The heroine, Wanda/Melanie, will be played by The Lovely Bones actress Saoirse Ronan which I think will be perfect! Problem is, we’d have to wait exactly a year to see it but I’m eager for more promos as the filming progresses.

2011 in WIBME

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 29,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Year 3: Still Alive

And still standing posting, haha. It’s just that never in a million years would I have thought that I’m going to be doing this for a month so to say that I have been blogging for 3 years is a feat for me. ūüôā I love how time flies! And it’s so funny that every year I get surprised to learn as it dawns on me that August is WIBME’s anniversary. Heck, I started this when Friendster was still a thing! And look after 3 years Facebook (shameless plug: please like my page) and Twitter rule the social media universe, I’m on WordPress and on Tumblr by the way – it’s called Open-minded (same posts basically, go follow me). I think I’ll be doing this for a loooong time, don’t you think so?

I feel proud that I can officially say: “Happy 3rd Anniversary WIBME!” ūüôā

PEx Tayo!

Since I wasn’t doing anything busy this past week in the office, I was forced to take matters into my own hand. And so what I did was¬†surf the net, hehe.¬†But¬†our¬†IT department might as well have not granted web access at all because pretty much every social networking and blog sites were blocked. Then a friend brought up PEx (Pinoy Exchange) and luckily we have access. Yey! So that’s how I ended up PExing in work and I’m controlling the¬†urge to check it now¬†since its ruining my professional life! Haha. Well, I’m not really posting in the threads; I’m still in the exploring stage and I’m what they call¬†a “lurker”. Upon browsing the forums, of course I immediately checked the Alternative Preferences (AP)¬†category and basically got stuck with it, you’ll get what I mean later. I didn’t know what I’d find but some threads are what they call AP seryes/series ¬†– people writing stories about their lives. Mostly, they were love stories so I started reading. Some of them were, let’s be honest, NSFW which is more reason why I shouldn’t be doing¬†this in the first place but then occassionally you find really great reads. Particularly this thread entitled “Truth or Dare (based on a true story)“. ūüôā

I guess what I liked about this one is the way the story was told: straight-forward, laugh-out-loud funny, overly romantic and at parts dramatic kinda like the teleseryes we have on TV (haha). Let’s face it we all need a lil’ drama in our lives. But it being a true story by the TS (thread starter) and the fact that’s it written in Tagalog (duh?) gave extra ‘kilig’ factor. What I mean is, I don’t think it could’ve worked the way it did if it was written in English. But anyways, yes it’s a gay love story. I don’t know though if the¬†TS wanted to call it that. It just sucks because the story is quite sad, I’m still in emo mode because of it. I wanted to post the whole story here but I figured it’s better if you read the original thread since a lot of the comments and replies of the readers are funny, plus if you want to get in on the action although the story is already finished. I love the dialogues, the matching of the songs in the scenes, the little quotes in the end¬†of chapters and the 2 central characters: Jensen and Jarred. How they interact with each other and how their relationship evolved into something deeper. I really want to give a shoutout to the TS, s3parat3d for¬†sharing his story. I commend him not only for his story-telling technique but his courage to actually¬†write about it. I’m inspired though the end was heart-breaking, it makes¬†me want to be in love. Hehe. Go check it! ūüôā

2010 in review

Wow! I woke up and found this message from WordPress. This is great news, I guess I probably should write more of these then, huh? Take a look:

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter‚ĄĘ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

About 3 million people visit the Taj Mahal every year. This blog was viewed about 44,000 times in 2010. If it were the Taj Mahal, it would take about 5 days for that many people to see it.

In 2010, there were 75 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 162 posts. There were 339 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 69mb. That’s about 7 pictures per week.

The busiest day of the year was February 7th with 687 views. The most popular post that day was Choice Hottie for July: Channing Tatum.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were facebook.com, patanouchi.com, en.wordpress.com, mail.yahoo.com, and search.aol.com.

Some visitors came searching, mostly for channing tatum, ben barnes, hayden christensen, taylor kitsch, and ryan tedder.

Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


Choice Hottie for July: Channing Tatum July 2009


Choice Hottie for May: Taylor Kitsch May 2009
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Choice Hottie for October: Ben Barnes October 2009


Kelly Clarkson Vs. Ryan Tedder July 2009

Ink Never Looked So Good!

That’s 20-year old model/sales agent¬†Mark Whittington who caught my¬†eye online at the Cosmo website. I was just doing some random browsing and then I saw this guy – now that’s what you call StumbleUpon. I don’t have a fetish for tattoos, especially that many, but those are some sexy inks. You’ll¬†see what¬†I mean¬†after the jump. ūüėČ

ÔĽŅIf you want more awesome pics, he is currently featured on Cosmo as October 2010 Online Hunk.¬†He’s¬†just on¬†his¬†3rd week so we can expect¬†one more¬†batch of hot photos soon! Trust me, the guy has some really nice shots there but first, here’s a preview:

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Charice makes it to Billboard’s 21 Under 21 list

Not only did she make it, Charice is on the 4th spot only behind teen sensations Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift.

Billboard‘s annual list counts down artists under the age of 21 whom they think rules and will rule the music industry. Other notable inclusions are Korea’s Wonder Girls, Glee’s Chris Colfer, Camp Rock’s Nick Jonas¬†& Demi Lovato¬†&¬†another Youtube sensation Greyson Chance. Disney teen queen Miley Cyrus¬†is also in of course, although intiguingly low (she’s at #10), Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen also gets a spot by fronting her band The Pretty Reckless & Nickelodeon’s very own Miranda Cosgrove also made the cut.

I kind of agree to this list, well some of it. I still think JB¬†should be number 1. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not a fanatic but you can’t deny he’s the biggest¬†superstar out there¬†aside from¬†Lady Gaga. But other than that, everything’s cool. Way to go Charice! ūüôā

Twice the Fun

Holy crap! Why do I keep forgetting??? Tsk tsk. August 4 is WIBME’s anniversary. I have no option but to mark this on my calendar from now on. Sorry about that.

Which leads me to the realization that the past year has gone so fast! It literally passed me by. But I’m happy. Looking at my dashboard, I see the total no. of my posts (187) for 2 years and I can’t believe it. But what’s more important is that I’m still having fun and I’m very eager to see what’s coming next for this little hobby of mine. Cheers to three, then! ūüôā

LOL-worthy Sites

Feeling down and low? Well, there’s always Fmylife.com¬†or more commonly known as FML, to cheer you up. Tip: head to “The Best of FML” and “Intimacy” categories for some instant laughs. As an alternative, you have Mylifeisaverage.com¬†which is more of the same thing: random posts of everyday people who¬†can tell you¬†why¬†your life is way f***in’ better (hehe).¬†But if you really wanna feel¬†somewhat¬†“superior” head on to Mylifeistwilight.com¬†and you’ll see posts of twihard¬†fanatics or, now I’m thinking more like twilight haters, confessing their “obsession” on, well, Twilight. If you’re more of a Youtube type, you can check out Funnyordie.com¬†and see some famous people get on in¬†on the ride.¬†

Want more? A few days back, I found another one. Try reading on Failblog.org just like what I do when my day is all shitty and I immediately feel so good after. 

Here’s a sample of what to expect:¬†

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Revamped! (Sort Of)

I just wanted a change. I’m tired of my old site and I wanted something different. An idea came to me aside from switching my theme, why not change the name? Actually, I was having an internal debate with myself whether to create a new one or just reformat the existing. Obviously, the latter won since keeping one blog is hard enough – I can’t imagine two.

So now I’m thinking, I should have at least prepared an entry to kick-off things but I’m having a brain fart and its failing me big time. I guess it was a wise decision to change the¬†title What’s In Between My Ears,¬†coz people might say there’s really nothing. ūüėĬ†But I still made¬†it the¬†tagline, I didn’t want to totally remove it as it has¬†always been the essence of¬†this blog.¬†OPEN-MINDED, was a term I came across while shopping at Forever 21 (hey don’t judge me!). It was written¬†on a shirt I was eyeing, it’s really¬†cute by the way, then I thought to myself: “That’s so¬†me! That’s how I am.” And that’s how the title came about. I’m really lovin it, I think this is just what I needed.

Oh before I forget, welcome to my new blog! ūüôā

Bad Girl GaGa!

Telephone has premiered today on E!. This video marking the 2nd collaboration between GaGa and B has been much-anticipated and talked about.

More like a short film (it’s over 9 minutes long), it didn’t relate to the song¬†once again kind of what happened to¬†Paparazzi which¬†coincidentally is where the story picked up. I immediately loved this track¬†upon hearing¬†The Fame Monster and its supposed to be¬†a fun song – about dancing and stuff but instead she turned it into one of her creepy, twisted creations. Beyonce a.k.a. “Honey B” was also just as weird. There where funny parts though, I did laugh on the line saying: “You know what they say, once you kill the cow, you’ve got to make a burger.”¬†And I know we’re talking about GaGa here but the wardrobe, man! There’s really nothing much.

In a nutshell, I didn’t like it. Still think the song is¬†awesome! And oh, you can watch the video here. ūüôā