Love & Other Drugs: You’ll love the actors but not the movie.

I’m a little unenthusiastic to write a review about Love & Other Drugs but I love Anne Hathaway enough not to issue a no comment. Let me see, I think the movie is more Sex & a little drug called Viagra. I don’t understand why the setting has to be that time when viagra was introduced by Pfizer. It sure doesn’t have anything to do with Anne’s character’s parkinsons.

Usually, the sex is something to look forward to in a movie but since the good parts were mostly edited out (FU censors in this country!), its anti-climactic. And halfway through the film it was more like “ugh, they’re having sex again?” Of course, I enjoyed seeing Jake Gyllenhaal sans his clothes with those big…. puppy eyes. At one point even I couldn’t hold back on Anne’s nakedness and said “Ooh, I love her ass.” But then when the love part came, it started to get boring. I mean ya sure the chemistry was there, you can’t deny it, and there were select ‘aww’ moments but overall it didn’t deliver. The movie was kind of saved by that brother of Jake’s character: typical douche fat guy. So yeah, I just wish that it had more love and less sex.

2 thoughts on “Love & Other Drugs: You’ll love the actors but not the movie.

  1. bonzai says:

    it’s a beautiful film: characters, plot, and delivery… unless you’re just after the boobies, then the movie must be really disappointing for a pervert like you. and yes, you should be unenthusiastic about writing a critique, because obviously your POV is shallow and dense.

    1. JD says:

      wow. i don’t know how to respond to this but regarding the perv comment: i actually ended the post by saying: “I just wish that it had more love and less sex.” that makes me a perv? i didn’t like the movie that much and that’s that, we all have our opinions – no need for name calling.

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