Island hoppin’ in Anawangin!

A much-needed break. A well-deserved retreat. On the beach is where we spent our long weekend last November 29 and 30. It was great! Tiring but worth it, what’s a little exercise every now and then? In the world of business it can get toxic and me and my officemates well, we know just the thing to do to detoxify. Plus, its our batch anniversary!!! 😀 Putting up with audit for 2 years is a hell lot of achievement! So we felt we needed to reward ourselves and when opportunity presented itself we said goodbye to the busy streets of Ayala Avenue and hello to the amazing scenery at Anawangin, Zambales.  


Choice Hottie for December: Jake Gyllenhaal

28 year od actor Jacob Benjamin Gyllenhaal, famous for his wide variety of roles portrayed on film both critically-acclaimed and blockbuster ones (e.g. Bubble Boy, The Day After Tomorrow, Brokeback Mountain, Proof, Jarhead, Rendition and the upcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time), is one heck of a guy. Said to be charming in real life – with those puppy dog eyes and melting smile, no list of hot men or monthly feature that he wouldn’t be on. He’s just adorable and needless to say, S-E-X-Y. Happy 2008 everyone!

WARNING: shirtlessness overload after the jump. 😛

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