X-Men DOFP Review: The Clean Slate


Spoiler Alert: I won’t be able to hold back with this one so make sure you’ve seen it before reading on.

Can I start with a question? How is Kitty able to project someone’s consciousness into the past? She can pass through walls including everyone (thing) she touches, that I know but this mind thing she does is all new to me. Admittedly, though I’m a fanatic, I’m not familiar with the Days of Future Past storyline. Do you know how much comic books cost back then?! Actually, now it’s outrageous. But I know enough not to get confused and so I wonder for those who don’t. On that note, this shouldn’t be anyone’s first X-Men movie. Filled with flashbacks from previous films, you’d appreciate it more knowing what these characters have gone through, or in this case will go through. Err… or maybe will not go through. Hehe, you’ll get what I mean.

Here’s my only rant though – DOFP is largely moping and serious. I get that it’s part of the script and they’ve injected humor to break the tone once in a while. The movie’s great, don’t get me wrong, but I feel like it lingered on and took long to get there.

With that out of the way, let’s go ahead with the good stuff.  I’m going to dare say, and I think some of you can agree with me on this, Quicksilver is quite possibly the coolest and most fun character they featured in the movies. I have become a big fan of Evan Peters, he was great in AHS and even better here.

I mean Wolverine, who I’m not fond of simply because he managed to be the hero who saves the day in all first three films while the rest of our equally loved characters were sidelined, was tolerable and not overexposed. Heck, it’s been Wolverine-centric up until First Class! I was amazed they were able to squeeze out two spinoffs. And no, the butt scene didn’t sway me but I’m guessing many of you were happy about it. Good for y’all.

Acting-wise, Fassbender and McAvoy served it up. Mystique was awesome as always but I think she was forced into the center of this. Why? It’s because her power is changing form. If Trask needed the capability to adapt to anything then the DNA he wants is Darwin’s, who got killed off back in the last film. So I think the reason mainly is because Lawrence is portraying her and she’s the biggest thing now. Wow, that’s the first anti-JLaw thing I’ve said ever! Okay, maybe I don’t have only one rant, haha.

That bit about JFK being a mutant & Magneto having to do with his assassination got me all like, “What the F?” but makes for great entertainment. It was also nice to see the makings of Stryker, the man who’ll give Logan his adamantium. Peter Dinklage playing Trask made him more interesting. Thankfully, the writers were also able to assemble a group of remarkable new characters this time. Bishop, Warpath, Sunspot, love Blink! Sorry, First Class was whack for me.

It was painful to watch all our heroes die one by one, twice for some of them, that I actually gasped at Storm’s turn. Damn those future Sentinels are wicked! So it was such a sweet moment at the end showing them all alive, right where they should be. And yes, including Cyclops and Jean. That’s why everybody says this was the producers’ way of undoing everything wrong about The Last Stand. Secretly, I enjoyed that movie but I do get the fans’ frustrations so I kind of hate it as well, haha.

Lastly, I was left wanting more from the end credits teaser hinting at 2016’s X-men Apocalypse. It shows the title character, the first ever mutant, building the ancient pyramids of Egypt. I was so focused on this hooded figure that I missed the four Horsemen in the background when the camera panned to his face. I can’t believe I didn’t notice, did you??


A Tweet-style Review for The Amazing Spider-man 2

so i wrote a sort of review of #theamazingspiderman2 it’s not entirely spoiler free but don’t worry i left out the big one. coming right up!

1st thing i noticed was how better his movements are swinging around the city. the humor is still there w/c is a big hit for the kids (& me)

i talked about how the villains are cornball right? turns out, it doesn’t matter bec the storyline is great. we now know of peter’s parents

again, spider-man’s appeal is really the guy behind the mask: peter. he has (daddy) issues & (love) problems like the rest of us. he’s human

can’t say electro was a badass villain. they could’ve put anyone new in there, wouldn’t matter. but his powers make a great display for cgi

wish we could’ve seen more of pete’s friendship w/ harry. still, ‘twas a nice first taste of the green goblin. fits dane dehaan like a glove

& who else was ecstatic to see the weaponry alongside rhino’s? saw doc oc’s & was that vulture’s? a preview of what’s to come? hopefully

if you also complained w/ the lack of andrew garfield shirtlessness before, you’re in luck. someone in the producer’s table took notice 😉

as for gwen, guess it makes sense. they made her so lovable (duh, emma stone) it would be hard to intro mj into the picture in any other way

much better overall. great build up and just enough adrenaline. the peter-gwen scenes are my fave. dunno, i’m just into the mushy stuff 😉

of course i can’t not talk about the x-men preview!!! mystique in action is always fun. so stoked for this one, you don’t even know.

Spider-man proves he can stand alone with the rest of ’em

I got to watch The Amazing Spider-man the other night and overall, I liked it. It just depends on what you’re looking for. If you went into the cinema wanting mindless action then you might have stifled a yawn here and there. The movie focused on the man (or boy) behind the mask, Peter Parker and I think it was halfway through that we get to see him ‘swinging’ in action and only towards the end that we see some big stunts. I will say this though since I was able to watch again the original Spider-man on HBO last night, this movie was more precise in depicting the character. We get to see more of his geeky side; him being a wiz and all. Him inventing those web-shooters like in the Marvel comic books. Going back now, it was stupid that on the first film the web just goes right out of his wrist. We also got to sort of know more about his parents. Andrew Garfield is the right fit for this role. He’s this nice, awkward, rebellious teenager and well, he’s cute too. 😉 You root for him as he tries to win over Emma Stone who plays daughter of the chief, Gwen Stacy. She’s so adorbs! I admit those were my favorite scenes. One thing I’ll criticize is that he’s a bit skinny in the suit. He looks fine as Peter but when he dons the red and blue spandex, he looks almost frail. Maybe because he’s younger and I figure he needs to be lean and flexible to do his maneuvers. Probably also the reason why we did not see him shirtless. (hehe) On another note, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Sally Field plays Aunt May.

The problem with this reboot is that aside from the new actors and of course, new director (Marc Webb, get it?), there’s nothing else to expect. I was not even excited with Lizard, they should have featured Mysterio or Chameleon instead. This movie is “slicker” and “cooler” than the first one, I’ll give it that. Much-improved in special effects which is given but they succeeded here in laying out the story, more than anything. Though I must say, who could forget that iconic upside-down wet kiss scene between Spider-man and MJ? And needless to say, that you can actually see Kirsten Dunst’s nipples through her blouse. (Haha that was a very straight thing to say). Anyway, personally my favorite still has to be Spider-man 2 (with Dr. Octopus as villain) but even though The Amazing Spider-man has to compete this year with the juggernaut that is The Avengers, it still held its own and did not let down. What I don’t know is how it will fare once the much-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises premieres.

The Host Teaser!

Woooot! Check out the teaser of another film adaptation from a book I loved! Stephenie Meyer’s The Host really sealed her for me as one of my fave authors. I can’t believe they’re really bringing it to life. The heroine, Wanda/Melanie, will be played by The Lovely Bones actress Saoirse Ronan which I think will be perfect! Problem is, we’d have to wait exactly a year to see it but I’m eager for more promos as the filming progresses.

Happy Hunger Games!

I am stoked! As you can see, I reserved tickets already for Friday night to watch THE movie event of the year, The Hunger Games. Indeed, the world will be watching. I erased certain parts coz you know, someone might claim it before I do (LOL). I can’t contain the excitement I’m feeling now and I am ecstatic about the 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (15 reviews) which really says a lot. But to anyone who will be able to watch earlier, since the movie will start screening Wednesday night (21st), I can’t tell you how jealous I am. Still, it’s great I was able to get reservations coz they are selling like hotcakes!

If you search my blog, you will know I am a huge fan of the novels having read the first book around August of 2010 and then gobbled the series soon after. When the trailer first came out, I can’t explain it. You know that feeling when a novel you loved is turned into a visual piece and they exceeded what you’ve imagined it would be? That’s exactly how I felt. I wanna see Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Haymitch, Prim, all the tributes, Cinna, Effie in big screen action! I wanna see the Capitol, Districts, the food, muttations, jabberjays, tracker jackers and most of all, the blood! (hehe)

With that I leave you with this countdown – goosebumps!

Insidious: Yep, it’s not the house alright…

I rarely watch horror films mainly because they can really scare the sh*t out of me especially once they’re over and I’m alone in my room (read: I get scared easily, you can laugh now). I’m only terrified with those that deal with the supernatural or paranormal. Though I still don’t believe in them, I mean the ones that are portrayed in the media and telltales, your imagination can really get the best of you. Insidious delivers moments that can make you go: “oh my god!” or “what the hell!”, I sure did. I cringed and dreaded every time I sense something will pop out the screen but I do think it’s just a matter of sound effects, timing and the element of surprise. The movie is based on the concept of Astral projection or quite literally an out-of-body experience towards a parallel spirit realm. In the story, the family moved into a new house and immediately after one of the sons fell into an unexplainable coma. You know the drill: other strange things started happening and before you know it they moved out and in to a new home thinking that the house is haunted. But they soon found out different and asked for help. The parents played by Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne discovered that their son is lost in The Further which means he wandered too far off and now these entities and one particular demon wants to take over his body. The twist was that the same thing happened to the dad when he was a kid and that he passed the “ability” to his son. So he went to The Further himself to rescue his son and end up meeting the entity that wanted to possess him as a kid. Of course it had to end badly – no horror movie doesn’t. His son got back to his body but he didn’t. The End.

I can’t judge if it’s THAT frightening coz as I’ve said I don’t have a lot to compare it with but I can level it to Paranormal Activity with the latter having a slight edge just cause there’s something more horrifying with the unseen. Remember, we never saw the demonic entity haunting the couple. But if you want a good scare and got money to spend, why not? In my case, it was free so I got persuaded into watching (haha).

Hangover 2 Brought The Crazy All The Way To Bangkok

If the producers wanted to make the first movie look tamed then they definitely succeeded. My eyes haven’t recovered yet from all things I saw in there. And if you have watched both movies then you’d know it literally is like déjà vu which is both good and bad. Good, since it’s hilarious how the wolf pack (somehow the name stuck) never learn their lesson and how you can connect the things that happened in Vegas to this time in Bangkok. It’s bad for me since you cannot expect more from it other than that, ya its crazier in a whole new level but somehow I still think the first one is more funny and authentic.

Alan (Zach Galifianakis) really is the root of all the mayhem and he delivered most of the funny moments. Stu (Ed Helms) is comical mainly because of all the predicament he gets into and its nasty I tell ya. Phil (Bradley Cooper is just insanely hot), though not as amusing, is necessary to lead the pack in figuring out what happened to Stu’s missing would be brother-in-law, Teddy played by Mason Lee who is just adorable. Now Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) is just LMFAO outrageous in this! Without doubt, he stole some of the spotlight. I just wish that Doug (Justin Bartha) got on in the action as well which means more screen time. Fans of the first one will not be disappointed but don’t expect too much.

Queen Christina

It is confirmed, instead of the first rumored title ‘Light and Darkness’, Christina’s brand spankin’ new album will be entitled Bionic. As it implies, this album will be all about the future. In the latest issue of Marie Claire, Christina talks about what inspired her to make this album and her transformation from a bubblegum pop princess to becoming the diva of her generation throughout her crazy career. The album is tentatively scheduled to be released in spring (March), she finished recording it already and just doing some finishing touches to it. She is looking fabulous with her article photos.

Christina will be busy all year-round as she has started filming her first movie Burlesque with none other than Cher out by the end of the year. Her leading man in her acting début will be hot actor Cam Gigandet. A story of a small town girl who finds love, family and success in an L.A. bar. I hear she’s doing great so good luck to her. It will be a great year after all. Year of the Queen.

The Ultimate Review

With great movies premiering almost every week in Hollywood, you must’ve caught at least one of them. It pretty much started with the release of the Wolverine spin-off. As for me, I got to watch 3: Transformers, Ice Age and HP and with others still coming up such as G.I. Joe and Up. Here’s my take on them:

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