The Emmys get Glee’d, Modern Family wins big

Jimmy Fallon let his ‘musician’ side take over as he hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards, Sunday night. Opening the show with a gleekified number with some of the Glee kids, Jane Lynch & get this: Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Kate Gosselin, Joel McHale, Nina Dobrev, Jorge Garcia, Randy Jackson & Betty White (whew!). It was all good fun – hilarious even! 😀

Then, its time for the awards and speeches. It was clear that Modern Family was a favorite of the Television Academy; winning most awards in the Comedy category including Outstanding Comedy Series. Lynch (loved her speech), Edie Falco & Jim Parsons won their respective acting nods & Ryan Murphy for directing. That stint from the MF cast with George Clooney & Sofia Vergara in 3D was just side-splitting! Ricky Gervais stole the show once again, everytime he appears on these ceremonies riot follows. Top Chef won for reality competition program, The Daily Show with John Stewart for Variety. Temple Grandin for Made For TV Movie. The Pacific for Miniseries. Mad Men remains on top of the Drama category, winning Outstanding Drama Series for another year. Breaking Bad was able to steal some of the spotlight for the acting categories.

Fashion point of view, I loved best Lea Michele on her dark blue Oscar de la Renta. No one really stood out as horrendous for me but there were a handful of blah.

Overall, it was fun, fast-paced & not overly boring like the Oscars. I’m excited though, since this means that the Golden Globes is next which is my fave among the award shows. 🙂


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