This ABC sitcom may not have the best premise when it premiered last September 2009 but I really enjoyed the succeeding episodes since then. Currently slated for a 2nd season this fall, the show has strayed so far from the initial storyline that the title doesn’t really fit anymore. But change title or not, the show is actually funny.

The cast has that chemistry that compliments each other’s moments, they make each other laugh. It must be amazing to go to work for these people. Headed by Courtney Cox who plays Jules, the lucrative divorcé and single mother who starts dating, well, younger men. Joined by her two love/hate best friends played by Christa Miller and Busy Philipps plus the hilarious male cast: Josh Hopkins (the hot neighbor), Ian Gomez (the other not-so-hot but funny neighbor), Dan Byrd (son), Brian Van Holt (ex-husband). I must admit I judged this show way too early, I mean ‘Cougar Town’, really? That’s just so cliché.  But give it a try and you’ll know its decent enough to kill your boring days and exercise those face muscles. 🙂