Who says HE can’t get stoned?

News about John Mayer nowadays is either him dating yet another Hollywood hottie or practicing his freedom of speech on Twitter, but we all prefer him with his guitar and lyrics. He’s currently releasing his fourth studio album Battle Studies, and he’s stronger than ever with his talked-about first single ‘Who Says’ . Also featured in the record is Taylor Swift with the song ‘Half of my Heart’ and the song ‘Heartbreak Warfare’.

32 year old Mayer is on the cover of the December issue of Details magazine talking about his detractors and just about every press story released for him. During the interview, he spotted actor Gerard Butler on a nearby table at Chateau Marmont who’s also a branded ladies man, which begs the question: do  birds of the same feather really flock together?

From the looks of these shots, he is looking good. Better than ever actually.. lovin’ his tattoos.


So Effin’ Hot!

Rolling Stone recently came out with BRAND NEW set of photos from their Taylor Lautner’s Wild Ride: Teen Wolf issue. And they did not disappoint, after teasing us earlier with the behind-the-scenes pictures from the shoot, these newly-released visually stimulating images are way better than that of Levi Johnston’s naked Playgirl shots.


New Moon: Way Too Mopey!

Here’s the thing: I understand that the book actually is mopey; this is Bella‘s darkest chapter in the series, thus the title New Moon. I’ve forgotten that it is my least favorite. With that being said, the movie doesn’t really have much to play with. Don’t get me wrong, I love Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight Saga. The novel was perfectly fine and believable, heartbreaking even, its just that when adapted into a movie, it didn’t work. You can’t appreciate the film once you read the novel. It fell flat and every time you feel like, “this is it!”, then nothing.

The rest of the characters, it seemed, didn’t get enough screen time. I barely felt Dakota Fanning’s presence, even Michael Sheen. Ya sure, all the shirtlessness was amusing – oh Jacob!, but it seems to me if I haven’t read the books, I would think that Bella is just way too suicidal over a freakin’ breakup! Like grow up, she’s 17! (in the movie anyways) Of course, I would die too if Edward was to break up with me (hehe) but I really can’t blame those people who would think the movie sucks. For me though, criticize the film but NOT the novel. I draw the line.

It just disappointing because I think this is the most hyped movie of all time, it’s crazy! I totally agree to E! Online‘s review, how you take the film really depends on what type of fan you are. I will say these though, it’s 100% better than the first one. Hopefully the next film, Eclipse will break the curse and do me proud.

Heidi Klum stomps the Victoria’s Secret runway

Originally set to just host the show, Heidi Klum‘s most famous legs actually worked the runway last November 19 for the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Showing her post-baby bump body after only 5 weeks! Can you imagine? The show which will be airing on December 1 on CBS also featured the Black Eyed Peas, here are the rest of the Angels:


The 2009 AMA Extravaganza

The show set to air on November 22 live from the Nokia Theatre is packed with the biggest names in the industry, the only one probably who will not be there is Michael Jackson, who by the way scored nominations for his Number Ones release. And speaking of big, 2009’s biggest artist Taylor Swift leads the pack with the most noms for the night.

This is going to be one heck of a night, the performers line-up is massive here’s the blow by blow: Adam Lambert, Janet Jackson, Shakira, BEP, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, J.Lo, Mary J. Blige, Lady GaGa, Eminem, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and the Whitney Houston.

Will awards night favorite Beyonce steal the show once again? Who’s your bet for Artist of the Year? Who will rock the stage?

Let’s all watch and see so be sure to catch the 37th Annual American Music Awards, for the complete list of nominations head to ABC.com.

Choice Hottie for November: Jonathan Bennett

It’s a little late but here it is… 🙂

I feel kinda silly doing this but here are some pics of ‘Mean Girl’ actor Jonathan Bennett on the pool and working out. Mm-mmm.

Want more? I found some screen caps on his straight to DVD movie ‘Van Wilder: Freshman Year’ on SquareHippies.com. Go ‘head and drool.

Is it just me or is Levi Johnston kinda HOT?!

This guy shot to ‘fame’ as Sarah Palin’s rebellious son-in-law from her daughter Bristol. Now, the word war has been the media target for weeks. Interviews here and there, on both camps; There’s Palin with Oprah and Barbara Walters while Levi settles for entertainment shows such as The Insider, even appearing on the pages of GQ.

His ‘celebrity’ status shot through the roof ever since accepting that offer to pose nude for Playgirl for apparently more than $100,000. Now is there any guy out there who wouldn’t jump for that kind of opportunity and exposure? 😛 Anyways, this Alaskan native, 19-year-old dad may have led us to believe he’s going to let it all hang out but news confirmed the photos were nude but not full frontal. I’m a little surprised because he was telling everyone that he wanted to go all the way but I guess it was best for him not to. He’s cute and you have to admit, aren’t you curious at all about the mystery of Levi Johnston? 🙂

What ever happened to the Olsen Twins?


I’m writing about this because I just saw an episode of Samantha Who? (the show got cancelled, sad 😦 ) and I saw Mary-Kate as guest star.. or Ashley, now I’m confused. Anyways, so I realized they’ve been out of the limelight quite a while now. I know they’re busy with their own line but they’re not making any movies or series for a long time. Their last movie was I think New York Minute back in 2004 which I enjoyed by the way – I know its not like a great, great movie but nonetheless its fun and I like them. I can say I’m a fan, I mean they’re a huge enterprise and they’re always so chic at premieres, red carpet events and they’re good role models. I don’t think that anorexia thing with Mary-Kate makes them bad influence; it actually shows that famous people are just the same as you and me, they have problems too. It’s a disease, if anything, its not called eating disorder for nothing.

I remember when I was a kid (who knows how young) I used to watch their TV show Two of a Kind. I used to love them; they were twins, famous, cute, gorgeous (even then – God those cheekbones are amazing!) and very likeable. I can’t believe I had signs of being gay that early. 😀 I learned we’re just the same age; they were born June 13, 1986. Moving on, I’m wondering who do you like better I know they’re unstoppable when joined forces. But you got to relate more to one than the other. For the record, I have to say I like Mary-Kate more maybe because usually when they portray roles she always play the tomboy one, kind of a rock chick, shirt-and-jeans type and Ashley is the prim and proper one, the girly girl next door. Or maybe I just like her name better or her hair color. I’m actually glad she changed hers to brunette because I know they’re naturally blonde. Do you want to know their differences, aside from the more obvious ones I mentioned? Because they say they’re not actually identical twins but fraternal. Nothing specific but here’s the deal:

1.         Height:                    Ashley = taller (by an inch)

2.         Age:                         Mary-Kate = younger (by minutes)

3.         Handedness:         Ashley = right-handed (MK is left-handed)

4.         Face shape:           Mary Kate = rounded (Ash’s is oval)

I guess it was best for them to stay out of the media and take a break, or they could’ve been Britney and LL 2. Just joking, but I’m callin’ out to the Olsens: Please come back! 🙂

Zac 365 days a year…

Care to have Zac all-year round? Here are some pics from the Official Zac Efron 2010 Calendar.

Isn’t it weird when famous people come out with their own calendar? I don’t know.. like I’m not that obsessed that I would want to see you every freakin day of the year?! Especially those semi-nude ones, its good this one features him with his clothes on.

Paranormal Activity gives us just that..

Hands down, one of the most terrifying and downright creepiest movies I’ve seen, it literally kept me all night. I don’t believe in ghosts (still don’t) but let’s just say after watching the movie my imagination was off the roof. I got so paranoid with every rushing sound or movement I felt around me. The aftermath was the worse really, I was stunned and in awe the whole night – until dusk. Its crazy.


Paranormal Activity focuses on two live-in partners, Micah and Katie, being haunted by – as termed in the film, demonic entity. Katie has been apparently followed by the same entity as a child, from home to home. The couple started documenting the ‘activities’ which happens only during the wee hours. And then as one thing led to another, things started getting worse as Micah keeps taunting the supernatural being. The couple was getting hopeless, even as seeking help from a psychic and a demonologist, until finally it ended in a terrible way.

The movie was presented in a documentary style using the footages from the couple’s camera. Written and directed by Oren Peli, the film premiered in film festivals back in 2007 and was commercially released last October 2009. The movie is completely believable, not suffering from an overload of CGI effects and gory props, its an in-your-face type of thriller

The movie was shown with 3 different endings; the one from the filmfests and the other from the theatrical release and another that may end up in the DVD release. I prefer the original which is the one I got to watch as the other 2 were a bit ‘Hollywood’ for my taste. I won’t post any detailed descriptions because I want you to experience the film in raw. A must-see horror film in a very long time.


More Rpattz..

Sorry. I just had to, well seeing him almost everywhere I can’t help but post at least pictures of him here. What – with his life documentary ‘Robsessed‘ being released and New Moon just around the corner. Some of you might get tired but not me, I’ve been ogling this guy since his Cedric Diggory days.

Below are several of the article photos for his Vanity Fair issue and then some.. hehe 😉

23 on 23


Turning 23 was a bit weird for me, I know it’s nothing compared to turning 40 or something but somehow i felt old; like I needed to grow up or have that sense of independence and emancipation. It was a normal workday but it was sort of a week-long celebration – having been surprised by my friends earlier alongside my co-october celebrant officemates. Anyways, it was great. I’m not looking forward to turning 24 but with all the love given to me that day I can forego that part. Thank you to all who greeted me personally, through Facebook, text, even on print! hehe 🙂 I’ve never felt so appreciated..

Here’s a glimpse of my simple yet fun birthday treat:

With college friends:





With office friends: