Kristen, Robert and Taylor on EW

Something to quench that anticipation from the, haters gon’ hate on this, phenomenon that is the Twilight Saga. Eclipse is right around the corner and Entertainment Weekly features the famous trio on their cover once again much like when New Moon came out. Check out the 2 covers; they all look great but I’m lovin’ Edward on this. ūüôā


Get your dose of Twilight…

Ready your clickers.¬†Here are some¬†photos¬†of (still-17-year-old)¬†Taylor ūüėÄ from his magazine shoots, maybe a¬†gazillion of them,¬†including hot Rolling Stone outtakes meanwhile, Rpattz¬†got his latest controversial Details¬†pictorial and cover story for the magazine’s 10th anniversary issue. I’m glad to be of service to Twi-hard fans, click on!

More Rpattz..

Sorry. I just had to, well seeing him almost everywhere I can’t help but post at least pictures of him here. What – with his life documentary ‘Robsessed‘ being released and New Moon just around the corner. Some of you might get tired but not me, I’ve been ogling this guy since his Cedric Diggory days.

Below are several of the article photos for his Vanity Fair issue and then some.. hehe ūüėČ


OH. MY. GOD. I can’t take this anymore, whew! I think I’m overheating. Sorry about that, its just Robert Pattinson arriving at TCAs this year. My gosh! That’s a well-deserved Choice Male Hottie award, don’t you think? Have you seen them?¬†You’ve got to check out the photos. Thanks to Thinking of Rob for the pics! ūüôā Here’s a preview:



Are Chad and Hilarie out of Tree Hill for good?

This is SO TRUE!


CW Execs confirmed that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton will not be reprising their roles for the next season of One Tree Hill. In fact, both lead characters will say ” bye-bye” after¬†7 seasons of the well-loved teen drama. No words are out yet on how the characters will exit the show but said decision is apparently due¬†to money-related conflicts. Sources say both actors asked for bigger paychecks. I don’t blame them. Both will obviously be replaced but no names have been dropped yet. So the only stars left worth watching are Sophia Bush (Brooke), Bethany Joy Galleoti (Haley) and James Lafferty (Nathan). I don’t know how the show will do with the gang incomplete but it was a totally stupid decision for me. Personally, I was a big fan until the recent seasons because I did not like the fast-forward setting but let’s see..


‘Rpattz’ selling out kisses???


This one is SO TRUE!

But don’t go gaga now, 2 bidders already won for what may have been the most wanted pair of lips that was ever held out for auction. On Sharon Stone’s¬† AMFAR Benefit, Robert Pattinson was such a good sport and didn’t mind being auctioned to kiss lucky (and rich!)¬†bidders for the benefit of AIDS patients, giving out $28 grand each!


Miss California’s dad gay?


This one is SO FALSE?

After¬†her much publicized lashing out against gay marriage and appearing in several racy photos (I won’t post them here for fear of vomiting) and her mom having an alleged¬†lesbian relationship, Carrie Prejean- Miss California is facing another allegation this time regarding her dad’s sexuality. During the divorce battle between her parents,¬†Mrs. Prejean¬†repeatedly accused¬†Mr. Prejean¬†of being gay and having a roommate who’s also gay. Miss California¬†already¬†answered an¬†all-out NO to the whole issue. Hmmm…

Choice Hottie for March: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson¬†= Edward Cullen less the¬†fangs of course. But even so, I don’t think any of us would mind. I don’t think I even have to elaborate on this one. Just look at¬†his face¬†and you’ll see someone mysterious,¬†charming, gorgeous¬†and breathtaking. Sure he has some weird-looking photos scattered throughout the net but you can’t deny his charisma. He’s not your typical pretty face alright but he’s a keeper. Don’t you just love him? Especially on those “worried poses”, don’t it make you just want to ease him and make it all right? Okay I’ll stop now. ūüėȬ† Enjoy!