Happy Hunger Games!

I am stoked! As you can see, I reserved tickets already for Friday night to watch THE movie event of the year, The Hunger Games. Indeed, the world will be watching. I erased certain parts coz you know, someone might claim it before I do (LOL). I can’t contain the excitement I’m feeling now and I am ecstatic about the 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (15 reviews) which really says a lot. But to anyone who will be able to watch earlier, since the movie will start screening Wednesday night (21st), I can’t tell you how jealous I am. Still, it’s great I was able to get reservations coz they are selling like hotcakes!

If you search my blog, you will know I am a huge fan of the novels having read the first book around August of 2010 and then gobbled the series soon after. When the trailer first came out, I can’t explain it. You know that feeling when a novel you loved is turned into a visual piece and they exceeded what you’ve imagined it would be? That’s exactly how I felt. I wanna see Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Haymitch, Prim, all the tributes, Cinna, Effie in big screen action! I wanna see the Capitol, Districts, the food, muttations, jabberjays, tracker jackers and most of all, the blood! (hehe)

With that I leave you with this countdown – goosebumps!


Summer Is On! F&H Style


Folded & Hung trailblazes with their 2012 summer campaign with Anne Curtis

And a fresh face:  GMA teen star Alden Richards. I noticed him before as this dimpled cutie on TV but I didn’t know he was kinda buff! LOL.

Their billboards are already up; Anne’s is on C5-Kalayaan and Alden’s on EDSA-Guadalupe so go check it out but please be careful on the road. 😉

Almost didnt’ recognize Anne with her urban chic inspired look and Alden does give off this twinkish vibe (he’s 19 – in short bantay bata level) especially with his smile so I actually prefer these shots of him looking serious.

Okay he’s hot admittedly, hence the post hehe. You know I’m a sucker for nice-looking adam’s apple and his is just perfect. Among his 3, i like the 2nd one best but I think the one you can see on the streets is the first. I can’t find the pic of Anne that’s on C5 either; she looked sizzling in her bikini.

And by the way, I want those board shorts! haha

Eugene Domingo IS Eugene Domingo

I swear she is one hell of a comedian and actress! Fresh from watching Ang Babae sa Septic Tank the other night, I can’t help but grin every time I remember a scene. A movie about an indie director and producer filming a story about a family in the slums wherein the mother (Mila) was forced to sell her kid for money. They needed someone to play Mila and that’s where Uge comes in. I feel guilty sniggering about the situation because these things do happen in real life and it’s no joke but Director Marlon Rivera managed to give it a spin. Uge’s brand of comedy: undeniable. Her timing: spot on. And her performance: award-winning. Evidently, the movie garnered awards from the Cinemalaya. Kean Cipriano and JM De Guzman, though odd choices, held their own – I was actually surprised they can act. They were believable as the 2 aspiring filmmakers. I had a laugh with the ‘expresso’ guy too. What a douche! You have no idea how many people are like that in Facebook. The musical portion was entertaining as well as the discussion whether Cherry Pie Picache and some actress were better fit for the role. (haha) I was doubtful when the movie started but once Uge (as herself) came to the picture it was a full-on riot. It’s like that scene in Kimmy Dora where Dora pretended to be her sister. Also I learned a thing or two about filmmaking. The end was side-splitting, so do watch out for that. All in all, the movie feels a little cut short but the second half is truly worth the build up. A must-see, I missed laughing like that in the cinemas. 🙂

Dingdong Dantes: With facial hair or without?

I was at a mall the other day and I saw the latest Men’s Health issue for June in the magazine stands with Dingdong Dantes on the cover:


I was like: (gasps) “Oh my Dingdong…” 🙂 I’m not a fan mind you, I don’t even find him hot before! Maybe its those biceps; its obvious he’s hunkier than his last cover:


Or maybe its the facial hair. He seems more manly that way, hehe. I definitely think he should keep it. What do you think, you like him clean shaved or kinda unkempt and scruffy? 😉

Maharlikas Reunite!

Time for a personal post. 🙂

Me and my college friends – we call ourselves Maharlikas (can’t remember why), met up last night after months and it was one for the books! 2 of them treated us for their birthdays at Chili’s (the food is awesome!). The plan didn’t go according to plan (ehem Dolce) but we ended up on Centerstage for some good ‘ol karaoke and then chatted non-stop at Bubbletea to end the night (morning?). 🙂

@ Chili's bottomless tostada chips FTW!
love the fish & fries too! :d

Centerstage, wacky wacky!

this is me singing born this way! ;P

Bubbletea to cap off the gimmick

PEx Tayo!

Since I wasn’t doing anything busy this past week in the office, I was forced to take matters into my own hand. And so what I did was surf the net, hehe. But our IT department might as well have not granted web access at all because pretty much every social networking and blog sites were blocked. Then a friend brought up PEx (Pinoy Exchange) and luckily we have access. Yey! So that’s how I ended up PExing in work and I’m controlling the urge to check it now since its ruining my professional life! Haha. Well, I’m not really posting in the threads; I’m still in the exploring stage and I’m what they call a “lurker”. Upon browsing the forums, of course I immediately checked the Alternative Preferences (AP) category and basically got stuck with it, you’ll get what I mean later. I didn’t know what I’d find but some threads are what they call AP seryes/series  – people writing stories about their lives. Mostly, they were love stories so I started reading. Some of them were, let’s be honest, NSFW which is more reason why I shouldn’t be doing this in the first place but then occassionally you find really great reads. Particularly this thread entitled “Truth or Dare (based on a true story)“. 🙂

I guess what I liked about this one is the way the story was told: straight-forward, laugh-out-loud funny, overly romantic and at parts dramatic kinda like the teleseryes we have on TV (haha). Let’s face it we all need a lil’ drama in our lives. But it being a true story by the TS (thread starter) and the fact that’s it written in Tagalog (duh?) gave extra ‘kilig’ factor. What I mean is, I don’t think it could’ve worked the way it did if it was written in English. But anyways, yes it’s a gay love story. I don’t know though if the TS wanted to call it that. It just sucks because the story is quite sad, I’m still in emo mode because of it. I wanted to post the whole story here but I figured it’s better if you read the original thread since a lot of the comments and replies of the readers are funny, plus if you want to get in on the action although the story is already finished. I love the dialogues, the matching of the songs in the scenes, the little quotes in the end of chapters and the 2 central characters: Jensen and Jarred. How they interact with each other and how their relationship evolved into something deeper. I really want to give a shoutout to the TS, s3parat3d for sharing his story. I commend him not only for his story-telling technique but his courage to actually write about it. I’m inspired though the end was heart-breaking, it makes me want to be in love. Hehe. Go check it! 🙂

Summer Heat Courtesy of Bench

Once again Bench kicks off summer early with their Return To Temptation campaign. Headlined by their biggest celebrity endorsers, of course I’m posting only the 3 I found the hottest: Piolo, Jake & Aljur.

Piolo’s abs are so perfect. You can tell they’re hard just by looking at it (hehe), then again so as Aljur’s. Jake Cuenca is always hot and we got extra since he endorses Bench Body, the underwear line. Bring on the heat!

Manila Welcomes International Acts

Huge international acts are set to conquer Manila which is rare so I envy those who’ll be able to catch it so hopefully I’ll be one of them.

It was really great news when it was announced that Ms. Janet Jackson will take her Number Ones: Up Close and Personal World Tour here in the Philippines on Feb. 4. Although, I’m not sure how great the venue is. It will be held on the PICC Plenary Hall which I can understand why, maybe its the ‘formal’ setting of the place. How many is the capacity of PICC anyways? But it will be a blast still, she’s going to perform her greatest hits! My favorites from way back like Miss You Much, If, What Have You Done For Me Lately, Control, Together Again and her later releases such as Feedback, All For You, Call On Me.

Taylor Swift’s concert here in Manila, on the other hand, has been announced since last year and has been sold out since as well. She’ll be performing at the Araneta Center on Feb. 19. I can’t believe how fast those tickets were selling. Those who were able to get tickets are lucky! It sucks that we don’t have a bigger stadium than Araneta, they would’ve accommodated more fans. And I don’t think it’s a good idea to transfer it to the MOA open grounds. She’ll probably be performing more of her Speak Now songs but it will be amazing if she sings her earlier hits.

Meanwhile, even LMFAO will be performing at Club Republiq on Jan. 20. Yes, the crazy duo who came up with the party hits namely Shots and I’m In Miami, Bitch! But I think Pinoy fans will be even more excited of the news that Kris Aquino herself confirmed on Twitter. As one of the producers, they will bring Bruno Mars here in Manila on April at Araneta! Now that’s amazing news, we’ll be waiting.

Dog Days Are Over

Soon. ‘Dog days’ is a period marked by lethargy, inactivity, or indolence.

For some time, I thought the day won’t come when I’ll busy myself with work again. Believe me, I’m extra grateful but I’m starting to get anxious. Because if all goes according to plan, I’ll be starting the new year with a new job, working with new people in a new company. I don’t know what to expect, I’m practically a novice as they say in gamer’s language. I hope the first few weeks will pass like a breeze.

During those times of idle and I was looking back, I realized I have overlooked so much of everything around me. From petty things such as the growing mess that is my room to more serious stuff like not being able to go to church regularly. I may not look it but I’m a spiritual being too. We all are and I guess I needed those days to see and contemplate on how to make my life better as a whole, not just my career. I guess everything does have a reason. These past 2 months I’ve caught up with the family especially my mom & dad. I’ve gotten in touch with good old friends. Really those times aren’t for anything else but to think, stay back and take a good look on how things have turned out for me. Indeed I’ve taken a lot for granted but I’m ready to turn a new leaf and start the next chapter.

Happy New Year To Us! 🙂

The Richards Win TARA!

Season 4 of The Amazing Race Asia marks the first win for a Philippine team ever to join the race. The duo of Richard Herrera & Richard Hardin, or aptly named the Richards, was the first team to reach the 11th & final pitstop of the race beating the father/daughter tandem from Indonesia & the rebel girls of Singapore, where the last leg was actually held.

After the disappointing loss of Marc & Rovilson in Season 2 due to a stupid flag challenge, I thought we were jinxed. A Philippine team would always reach the finals (I think) but never win. I’ve never been excited to watch the finale since that season but I was hooked again this time. Anyways, I always said if ever I’m going to join a reality competition this would be it. Though I would like to say ANTM, I’m afraid I’m not really what they’re looking for, haha. But man the stunts they did, I thought no I can never do that. I should team up with a daredevil. This season really was worth watching, good job to AXN. Congrats to the Richards! Well played fellas!

Random Thoughts of a Bum

If you ask me, bumlife is treating me great so far – awesome even! I mean, here you are without a care in the world, no deadlines to rush, no nagging boss (disclaimer: not that I had one hehe). I didn’t plan to be unemployed but I knew it wasn’t going to stop me from resigning. Technically, its been over a month but.. if I had to count from when I actually stopped working, its just been 3 weeks since. So you can tell I’m still on a high. But I have to admit, at times it does get almost unbearably boring. And that’s where money comes in. 😀 I’m now spending & living off what’s left of my savings & of course, my credit cards. I know that’s not healthy so don’t give me that look. I’m getting the hang of this situation though. And I think the more the days pass, the more I’m getting comfortable which is scary. I don’t want to get to a point when I don’t have a clue anymore like I’m back to square one. So all I’m up to now aside from loitering the house & crashing the mall, is finding a replacement. I am as ‘actively seeking’ as any unemployed bloke. Funny I should use that last word. I’m reading a lot of Potter lately that I might blurt out something in my interviews like “I reckon…” or “Blimey!”. Just the thought of it makes me laugh. You know what, I’m no expert in analogy, but I’m really feeling like Harry – yes the boy who lived, whenever he’s stuck in Privet Drive. I feel like I’m cut off from the “real world”. Of course for him it meant the wizarding world or Hogwarts and for me, let’s just say one need not have much imagination. As much as I hate to admit it and my friends are going to enjoy this more than I do, I miss them. They are every bit my only connection to the outside world and when you’re used to seeing them almost everyday then suddenly don’t, you tend to get a little “needy”. 😉 Okay I’m going on here forever, I should’ve named this post Harry Potter & Unemployment but it wouldn’t make any sense, would it? So, yeah, other than that I’m just fine.

Hello Bumworld!

Yep. It’s finally here. The beginning of the end. My last week as a KPMG auditor – although I suppose I’ll forever be an “auditor”. It’s in my veins now. 3 years of crazy, man, I never thought. And with those times came the good and yes, the really, really bad ones. But I’m grateful that I was able to experience it and then realize eventually that it’s not for me. Trust me, I also don’t know what is.

With that I also proclaim thyself  ‘the broke one’, hehe. I have yet to find a new job but I will, soon (oh please I’m begging you!!!). But for now, bumlife will be my bestfriend for approximately 2 weeks. One of the longest 2 weeks of my life, probably but that’s the plan and I intend to keep it. What? I haven’t had a decent VL for almost a year! Believe it.

To good ol’ pals! To all the patient mentors! And to all hardworking staffs! It’s not exactly a walk in the park so I salute all of you. I’m proud to have worked with such great people. No goodbyes, just later. See you around. I will definitely miss it and miss y’all! 🙂