Kelly Clarkson Vs. Ryan Tedder

Uh oh. Drama in Hollywood land. One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder better have a good explanation.

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Issue? The resemblance between Beyonce’s hit ballad ‘Halo’ and Kelly’s new single ‘Already Gone’.

Connection? Both written by Mr. Tedder, yup the ‘Bleeding Love’ and ‘Battlefield’ songwriter.

Point? Clarkson didn’t want to be accused of ripping off other artists’ songs, especially not Beyonce.

Catch? She was apparently been making efforts to stop the release of her ‘version’ but her execs already made the decision for her and releases it as her 3rd single. I guess she has no choice.

The Defense? Tedder was said to be hurt and saddened by the accusations and denies that he made 2 very similar music and gave it to these 2 great artists.

Other Party? Beyonce and her camp are silent about the issue. Probably doesn’t care or thinks otherwise.


My Opinion? C-R-A-Z-Y. When I first heard the song, I loved it so much but not because it was reminiscent of another song. Halo had become a favorite on my player for quite a while, so I think I’ll know if another artist decided to cover it. The 2 songs have different premise, message and melody. Okay, maybe from a musically untrained ear the similarities wouldn’t be obvious, but I listened to it carefully and it really didn’t seem and feel the same. I love both songs! The fuss is so unnecessary. Hope this won’t take away from the song.


Lights. Camera. Poll.

This post was brought about by Zac Efron, why you ask? Quite recently he was spotted with a new do – hairdo, I mean.

Zac is well known for his fabulous and gorgeous hair that he always wears down – his larger than life hair, quite frankly. So upon seeing him with this paparazzi photo (and on magazine prints) with his hair up, looking equally hot and enticing, I wonder and ask this question: How do you prefer him flaunting his mane, UP or DOWN? Well this question applies to all men not just him, so tell me what you think?

Sit Back. Relax. Take A Poll.

2009 may not be over yet but tons of great movies have been burning up our movie screens for quite some time now. Which one do you think is the best?

POP Soup #1

 1. It’s Alright, It’s Okay – Ahsley Tisdale is back, this time not as the bitchy Sharpay in the HSM TV-movies, but her real life pop persona. After breaking out with the catchy He Said She Said from her first album Headstrong, she has a brand spankin’ new album called Guilty Pleasure.

2. Sweet Dreams – the 6th single from her highly-successful I Am… Sasha Fierce record, Beyonce releases one of my favorite songs ever!

3. Obsessed – another diva releasing a new album soon is Mrs. MC, via Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel she releases the first single as a rip off against Eminem. This ought to be fun. 😀

4. Hey Girl – or Patron Tequila, I don’t know anymore. First, it was from Keri Hilson now its said to be the first single of the new girl group Paradiso Girls with Robin Antin as creator, shout out to the Pussycat Dolls!

5. Never Ever – this one actually came before Love, Sex & Magic but it is just now that I got to listen to it carefully and it’s a nice song. Try this one from Ciara.

6. Radar – originally included in Britney’s Blackout album, it was one of my faves. Now after appearing as a bonus track on Circus she finally releases it with a nice video to match.

7. Good Girls Go Bad – nope, not from Rihanna but from Cobra Starship. This one featuring Ms. Blair Waldorf herself, Leighton Meester. What do you think? Think she can be the next Hilary Duff?

8. Already Gone – I’m not even over I Do Not Hook Up just yet but she currently released her follow-up single from All I Ever Wanted. Love this one from Kelly Clarkson.

9. You Belong With Me – after being so mushy mushy with White Horse, her latest track is the type of song that Taylor Swift should keep making. Really likin’ this one! 🙂

10. She Wolf – Finally, after the long wait the hip-shaking latina pop sensation Shakira is back. This time with a little bit of techno dance sound. Check this out!

11. Battlefield – the title track of the album with the same name, Jordin Sparks marks her sophomore release. In case you’re wondering she performed this on the last season of AI.

12. Hush Hush – I’m referring to the video version which is better and includes parts of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. They turned the song into a dance track and made it fun. This is the 3rd single from the Pussycat Dolls off the Doll Domination 2.0 CD.

The Ultimate Review

With great movies premiering almost every week in Hollywood, you must’ve caught at least one of them. It pretty much started with the release of the Wolverine spin-off. As for me, I got to watch 3: Transformers, Ice Age and HP and with others still coming up such as G.I. Joe and Up. Here’s my take on them:

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Choice Hottie for July: Channing Tatum

Born Channing Matthew Tatum in Cullman, Alabama but to his fans Chan was a model for the popular brand Abercrombie & Fitch. Since then, he continued modelling and pursued an acting career, as well. This 29 year old actor appeared in films such as She’s The Man opposite comedienne Amanda Bynes and a part in Samuel L. Jackson’s Coach Carter. He built his brand by showing his moves on the successful dance flick Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets. But his biggest breaks came from his more recent projects: playing the lead in the aptly titled ‘fight club’ themed movie Fightinga role in Johnny Depp’s Public Enemies  and of course the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. He’ll surely be seen in every press event, tv show and magazine these days promoting for these films. So do watch out for him, meanwhile, enjoy these pictures from his GQ cover article stating his claim to fame and his beginnings (worked in construction and as a perfume spritzer). I consider him a hottie because of his all-american look, those piercing eyes and of course who wouldn’t take a second look at that gorgeous body?