Summer Is On! F&H Style


Folded & Hung trailblazes with their 2012 summer campaign with Anne Curtis

And a fresh face:  GMA teen star Alden Richards. I noticed him before as this dimpled cutie on TV but I didn’t know he was kinda buff! LOL.

Their billboards are already up; Anne’s is on C5-Kalayaan and Alden’s on EDSA-Guadalupe so go check it out but please be careful on the road. 😉

Almost didnt’ recognize Anne with her urban chic inspired look and Alden does give off this twinkish vibe (he’s 19 – in short bantay bata level) especially with his smile so I actually prefer these shots of him looking serious.

Okay he’s hot admittedly, hence the post hehe. You know I’m a sucker for nice-looking adam’s apple and his is just perfect. Among his 3, i like the 2nd one best but I think the one you can see on the streets is the first. I can’t find the pic of Anne that’s on C5 either; she looked sizzling in her bikini.

And by the way, I want those board shorts! haha


Summer Heat Courtesy of Bench

Once again Bench kicks off summer early with their Return To Temptation campaign. Headlined by their biggest celebrity endorsers, of course I’m posting only the 3 I found the hottest: Piolo, Jake & Aljur.

Piolo’s abs are so perfect. You can tell they’re hard just by looking at it (hehe), then again so as Aljur’s. Jake Cuenca is always hot and we got extra since he endorses Bench Body, the underwear line. Bring on the heat!

I Play Fashion Police For A Day

The news about the Golden Globe winners were abuzz the whole week but it wasn’t the only award the stars were after or rather avoiding. I’m talking about the best and worst dressed, entertainment shows all have their own but I’m exercising my fashion eye and here are my picks for best:

5. Halle Berry

My initial reaction is she looks amazing, that neckline is beautiful. People were commenting about the shortness of the skirt and the slit but I think its just the right amount of sexy.

4. Emma Stone

The color suits her so much and the simplicity makes her stand out from a crowd of overworked dresses.

3. Olivia Wilde

Oh my gosh I gasped when I saw this dress from Marchesa. Its big, bold, perfect for the red carpet and I love the statement shoes!

2. Anne Hathaway

In this dress by Armani Prive, she just shines. Its sleek and elegant, I love the puffy shoulders and its backless actually – love it.

1. Angelina Jolie

I know she’s beautiful as is but look at her, she’s so effortless and regal. This Versace dress sparkles during the live carpet show and its just amazing. Even the ‘boxy’ style works for her.

Moving on to the worst, in which I crossed off Helena Bonham Carter and Tilda Swinton technically because I think they always make this list anyway.

5. Julianne Hough

The dress is not so bad but that neckpiece is just too much especially for a petite girl like her. I feel like its swallowing her, the dress is wearing her not the other way around.

4. January Jones

Okay I love the color on her and her hair is beautiful but that top is just wrong. Its not too much skin but its a little off for my liking.

3. Scarlett Johansson

She looks like she aged 10 years! And she lost her figure, I don’t like the hair either. This dress is just way too old.

2. Michelle Williams

Okay this floral dress from Versace I totally don’t get. I know she’s sweet and all but this is a fashion miss.

1. Heidi Klum

What the hell happened to her? She’s a supermodel so there’s no excuse. Its a mess and a bit inappropriate for a formal event. Its actually painful to look at.

So that’s that. What do you think of my list?

High Fashion

Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model is all about high fashion for the winner will be featured in the pages of Italian Vogue, cover of Beauty In Vogue, even on the website, a contract with Covergirl cosmetics & a contract with IMG model management. Plus the designers & photographers the models were able to work with are just the finest & best: Diane Von Furstenberg, Patrick Demarchelier, Zac Posen & Roberto Cavalli to name a few.

Out of the 14, Ann emerged as the winner. The awkward & freakishly tall (6’2″) girl with haunting eyes who managed to get best picture for 5 weeks in a row. No one has ever done that by the way. Some would say a misfit from the group but I’m telling you she is definitely the right choice, I can see her fit in the Italian fashion industry. Chelsey, as the judges said, is more American fashion and for me, she would definitely win if she joined the previous cycles instead (I can name winners she can give a run for their title). They’re both really good but I guess the high end prizes ended up hurting Chelsey in the end. I’m a bit concerned with Ann’s personality but I guess if you can take gorgeous pictures & look amazing in couture then you will get booked which is most important. I’m curious on how Tyra can top this cycle, will she be able to work with Vogue Italia again just like with Seventeen Magazine? We’ll see.

Ink Never Looked So Good!

That’s 20-year old model/sales agent Mark Whittington who caught my eye online at the Cosmo website. I was just doing some random browsing and then I saw this guy – now that’s what you call StumbleUpon. I don’t have a fetish for tattoos, especially that many, but those are some sexy inks. You’ll see what I mean after the jump. 😉

If you want more awesome pics, he is currently featured on Cosmo as October 2010 Online Hunk. He’s just on his 3rd week so we can expect one more batch of hot photos soon! Trust me, the guy has some really nice shots there but first, here’s a preview:

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The Emmys get Glee’d, Modern Family wins big

Jimmy Fallon let his ‘musician’ side take over as he hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards, Sunday night. Opening the show with a gleekified number with some of the Glee kids, Jane Lynch & get this: Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Kate Gosselin, Joel McHale, Nina Dobrev, Jorge Garcia, Randy Jackson & Betty White (whew!). It was all good fun – hilarious even! 😀

Then, its time for the awards and speeches. It was clear that Modern Family was a favorite of the Television Academy; winning most awards in the Comedy category including Outstanding Comedy Series. Lynch (loved her speech), Edie Falco & Jim Parsons won their respective acting nods & Ryan Murphy for directing. That stint from the MF cast with George Clooney & Sofia Vergara in 3D was just side-splitting! Ricky Gervais stole the show once again, everytime he appears on these ceremonies riot follows. Top Chef won for reality competition program, The Daily Show with John Stewart for Variety. Temple Grandin for Made For TV Movie. The Pacific for Miniseries. Mad Men remains on top of the Drama category, winning Outstanding Drama Series for another year. Breaking Bad was able to steal some of the spotlight for the acting categories.

Fashion point of view, I loved best Lea Michele on her dark blue Oscar de la Renta. No one really stood out as horrendous for me but there were a handful of blah.

Overall, it was fun, fast-paced & not overly boring like the Oscars. I’m excited though, since this means that the Golden Globes is next which is my fave among the award shows. 🙂

Mint™ is cool!

MINT, a local clothing company, is one of my choice shopping destination lately. The line is “energetic”, dynamic, fresh and very trendy. Their first store opened in 1998 @ hotspot GloriettaBy the time Christine Reyes became their star endorser in 2008 – 10 years later, the brand was pretty much everywhere. Originally a women’s line, 2006 marked the year Mint Men was introduced and by 2009, no less than Mr. Jericho Rosales became their ambassador. They have tough competition though, Folded & Hung (F&H) has also expanded into the mainstream clothing industry and then you have the ever popular Bench with their massive lineup of famed endorsers. But if you like variety, see where you can check them out! (click here)

X Marks the Spot

I haven’t seen such commotion on underwear ads since David Beckham‘s Emporio Armani campaign. This time around its Calvin Klein X underwear that’s making the gossip sites or make that the bodies of Twilight star Kellan Lutz, True Blood actor Mehcad Brooks, Japanese football player Hidetoshi Nakata and tennis pro Fernando Verdasco. Their photos are what they should be.. HOT! Kellan Lutz is a god among men, I even scored a behind the scenes video of his shoot. I can die watching this. Check it out after the jump. 🙂

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Heidi Klum stomps the Victoria’s Secret runway

Originally set to just host the show, Heidi Klum‘s most famous legs actually worked the runway last November 19 for the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Showing her post-baby bump body after only 5 weeks! Can you imagine? The show which will be airing on December 1 on CBS also featured the Black Eyed Peas, here are the rest of the Angels:


What ever happened to the Olsen Twins?


I’m writing about this because I just saw an episode of Samantha Who? (the show got cancelled, sad 😦 ) and I saw Mary-Kate as guest star.. or Ashley, now I’m confused. Anyways, so I realized they’ve been out of the limelight quite a while now. I know they’re busy with their own line but they’re not making any movies or series for a long time. Their last movie was I think New York Minute back in 2004 which I enjoyed by the way – I know its not like a great, great movie but nonetheless its fun and I like them. I can say I’m a fan, I mean they’re a huge enterprise and they’re always so chic at premieres, red carpet events and they’re good role models. I don’t think that anorexia thing with Mary-Kate makes them bad influence; it actually shows that famous people are just the same as you and me, they have problems too. It’s a disease, if anything, its not called eating disorder for nothing.

I remember when I was a kid (who knows how young) I used to watch their TV show Two of a Kind. I used to love them; they were twins, famous, cute, gorgeous (even then – God those cheekbones are amazing!) and very likeable. I can’t believe I had signs of being gay that early. 😀 I learned we’re just the same age; they were born June 13, 1986. Moving on, I’m wondering who do you like better I know they’re unstoppable when joined forces. But you got to relate more to one than the other. For the record, I have to say I like Mary-Kate more maybe because usually when they portray roles she always play the tomboy one, kind of a rock chick, shirt-and-jeans type and Ashley is the prim and proper one, the girly girl next door. Or maybe I just like her name better or her hair color. I’m actually glad she changed hers to brunette because I know they’re naturally blonde. Do you want to know their differences, aside from the more obvious ones I mentioned? Because they say they’re not actually identical twins but fraternal. Nothing specific but here’s the deal:

1.         Height:                    Ashley = taller (by an inch)

2.         Age:                         Mary-Kate = younger (by minutes)

3.         Handedness:         Ashley = right-handed (MK is left-handed)

4.         Face shape:           Mary Kate = rounded (Ash’s is oval)

I guess it was best for them to stay out of the media and take a break, or they could’ve been Britney and LL 2. Just joking, but I’m callin’ out to the Olsens: Please come back! 🙂

What’s a Ty-Over???


Cycle 13 is fiercer than ever! Finally, I’ve a caught a glimpse of the latest cycle and collectively, this is probably one of the best bunch I’ve seen. These girls really got what it takes with very little exceptions. As we all have heard, after Cycle 10’s first full-figured winner Whitney, Tyra breaks the norm once again exclusively casting this season with models in heights 5’7″ and under. I also love the whole theme of the Top Model house with a sign at the front door saying: “You have to be this short to enter…” with a huge 5’7″ beside. Right now, I have just watched the second episode which shows the first challenge of the 14 finalists and the infamous make-over portion and I’ve got my early favorites: Rae and Nicole. Check out their photos from the photoshoot challenge:

America's Next Top Model


America's Next Top Model


F-I-E-R-C-E. So what is a Ty-Over? It’s a tall makeover!!! Can you believe these models are ‘short’?

Head onto The CW website for the models’ portfolios and loads of other stuff. 🙂

VMA Fashion


Va va voom! she’s much healthier nowadays, isn’t she? 😛


Too safe! but i still crush him though.


uh-oh someone forgot to look in the mirror (hint: missing hair) 😀


plain and simple… okay that works for me coz he’s Chace Crawford.


ooohhh…. dangerous!


i don’t get the sleeves at all.


glad he dressed up his age.


love the gladiator look ♥


over the top… the whole look is too busy there’s so much goin on, then again that’s Lady GaGa we’re talking about.


a good girl gone  bad, loves it! she’s HOT!


those boots are killin me just by lookin at them, she rocked the whole outfit.


he really does it for me, wow so much have changed since that Sharkboy kid.. he’s a grown man! nice overall look.


from one taylor to another… 3 words: she’s breathtakingly GORGEOUS!


i must say i really like this dress… so cute and trendy very apt for the VMAs.

Who do you think blazed on the red carpet? Hit me back. 🙂

(Photos by Getty Images.)

Street Hazard? Nah!

This has been a topic of controversy in the local media with billboards towering everywhere near roadsides. There was Dingdong Dantes with the skimpy underwear from a couple of Bench campaigns and several F&H denim ads with the very Pinoy Joem Bascon (the one who resembles Piolo Pascual), another Brazilian-Japanese hottie Hideo Muraoka and the latest: Fil-Brit Justin Hills who also appeared with Anne Curtis on the TV ad for Greenwich. Now – and I must say I’ve been waiting for this LOL 😀 , the adorable and all-smiles Akihiro Sato baring his bod especially his abs for the newest Penshoppe campaign for jeans, Recut. Who cares if it jeopardizes every motorists passing by the Makati – Kalayaan Flyover? Just kidding. It certainly drawn my attention, the whole thing oozes sex appeal without it being too risky. I’m really fond of this guy, I don’t know why. Or maybe I do. 😉


On another note, still about Aki; I went gaga when I saw that picture and went searching for it on the Penshoppe site. And then, I stumbled upon the Club Pen Video Blogs with one featuring Aki entitled: Akihiro: Learning the Lingo and he was so cute trying to speak Tagalog, I just loved him much much more. Just head onto the site and video gallery. Have fun! 🙂