2013 in Music: Girls Run The World

It’s obvious , the divas dominated the charts, the airwaves and the awards shows. And they sure made some hella noise. Still, healthy competition came from their male counterparts.  Justin Timberlake brought his sexy back back for his two, yes 2, albums: The 20/20 Experience 1 & 2. I really dig his signature Pop/RNB sound and you think by now he and Timbaland would’ve run out of ideas. Plus those ballads, you can never go wrong with a JT love song. *swoon* You also can’t overlook (they’re everywhere!) the mega success of One Direction whose Midnight Memories topped the Billboard 200, gave them the record for the only group to have their first 3 albums debut at no. 1. For me they’re eye-candy so let them do what they want but seriously the tattoos have got to stop (ehem Harry). At least Liam still looks clean for the most part. Even the rap gods bowed down: Jay Z, who officially removed the “-” from his name (uhm, okay), still leads the pack with Magna Carta… Holy Grail. Late this year, Eminem released part 2 of his breakout The Marshall Mathers LP. And of course, Yeezus, which he refers to as his god name. Like really? ugh so over him. Yeah, I’m talking about you Kanye.


2013 was literally a pop female explosion. Let’s just say it, ratchet as everything she does right now. Miley is the blockbuster hit. I love all the pop albums that came out but damn, Bangerz is my jam yo!! Didn’t know Southern Pop/Hip-hop got it goin’ on. And THAT kitty is so cute. Since we’re in the topic let’s move on to Katy Perry. Prism presented her in a different light. Light as in bright and as in feather. Like a breath of fresh air and you can tell she’s in a good place. The songs came from a good place. Newcomer Lorde making waves with Royals and recently, Team. She’s the ultimate outsider and we relate to her because of it. Don’t forget earlier this year, Disney Alums Demi Lovato and the now solo, Selena Gomez both shined with their respective releases.  Demi was an emotional piece, showcasing her vulnerability and vocal strength. I’d like to think she’s the Christina from Selena’s Britney. Stars Dance was a dance fest. Fun and sexy. Yeah, you should try watching the Come and Get It video, whut. My personal fave, Sara Bareilles, also came out with the power anthem, Brave off The Blessed Unrest. Happy for her Album of the Year Grammy nomination!  Speaking of award shows, Taylor Swift is still reaping the rewards from last year’s Red. That record is awesome. For months Lady Gaga teased us with her ARTPOP. It even came with an app. So when she said she lives for the Applause then I’m more than willing to give it. Paws up, monsters! The record’s unconventional. I mean it’s still mostly electro dance music but I don’t know, maybe that’s what happens when you infuse Pop with Art. LOL, I’m talking shit am I? Can I just say something about that Gaga-Xtina performance of Do What U Want on The Voice Finale? I GAGGED. I LIVE for this kind of thing.


Capping off the year, It’s-Britney-Bitch Spears gives us her most personal record. They say that all the time, how personal can you get? Kidding. The first single Work Bitch brought us back the Dance-ney we always loved. So we held hands in tears, in awe as she gyrated to her British accent. But just like that we were caught unguarded. We were not prepared.

Beyonce-AlbumQUEEN Bey rendered all them artists irrelevant by dropping a bomb an album out of nowhere. Sure we heard she’s recording but with no single close to year end we all thought we were safe from the onslaught. But we’re not, no one is and we all just died from Beyonce realnezz. This bitch had enough time from her Mrs. Carter World Tour to even conceptualize, shoot music videos for all the tracks. Well she did it on B’Day so she can do it again. So there it goes, who run the world? Anyone dare say the contrary?


I Play Fashion Police For A Day

The news about the Golden Globe winners were abuzz the whole week but it wasn’t the only award the stars were after or rather avoiding. I’m talking about the best and worst dressed, entertainment shows all have their own but I’m exercising my fashion eye and here are my picks for best:

5. Halle Berry

My initial reaction is she looks amazing, that neckline is beautiful. People were commenting about the shortness of the skirt and the slit but I think its just the right amount of sexy.

4. Emma Stone

The color suits her so much and the simplicity makes her stand out from a crowd of overworked dresses.

3. Olivia Wilde

Oh my gosh I gasped when I saw this dress from Marchesa. Its big, bold, perfect for the red carpet and I love the statement shoes!

2. Anne Hathaway

In this dress by Armani Prive, she just shines. Its sleek and elegant, I love the puffy shoulders and its backless actually – love it.

1. Angelina Jolie

I know she’s beautiful as is but look at her, she’s so effortless and regal. This Versace dress sparkles during the live carpet show and its just amazing. Even the ‘boxy’ style works for her.

Moving on to the worst, in which I crossed off Helena Bonham Carter and Tilda Swinton technically because I think they always make this list anyway.

5. Julianne Hough

The dress is not so bad but that neckpiece is just too much especially for a petite girl like her. I feel like its swallowing her, the dress is wearing her not the other way around.

4. January Jones

Okay I love the color on her and her hair is beautiful but that top is just wrong. Its not too much skin but its a little off for my liking.

3. Scarlett Johansson

She looks like she aged 10 years! And she lost her figure, I don’t like the hair either. This dress is just way too old.

2. Michelle Williams

Okay this floral dress from Versace I totally don’t get. I know she’s sweet and all but this is a fashion miss.

1. Heidi Klum

What the hell happened to her? She’s a supermodel so there’s no excuse. Its a mess and a bit inappropriate for a formal event. Its actually painful to look at.

So that’s that. What do you think of my list?

The Year That Was

Wow. How do I put in to one post the highlights of the past year?

Let’s start on the other side of the world, shall we? Particularly where its all glitz and glamour, not. We’ve had our fair share of crazy in 2010, from the late night feud at NBC (Team Conan!) to Mel Gibson’s racist rants. And how could you forget the douche who cheated on Sandra Bullock? Yes, I’m talking about you Jesse James. I can’t even decide which Lilo controversy to put here. Is it the jail time? Or the back to rehab stint? Or better yet, why not the bong video from Miley recently. No wait, wasn’t Paris busted with coke in her purse? Which apparently wasn’t hers and it wasn’t coke but gum. Ya right. A few couples headed to splitsville in 2010: David and Courtney, Eva and Tony, Christina and Jordan, Ryan and ScarJo. Let’s not forget Zanessa too.

On the more positive side of things, Avatar became the biggest film in history raking in $3 billion overthrowing Titanic at the top spot. Nothing lost here since both films were by James Cameron. Simon Cowell and Ellen left AI, soon enough J.Lo and Steven Tyler were asked to fill in. Bristol Palin almost won DWTS. (whew!) Then there’s that Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement. In music, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream probably came true this year, plus she got hitched! She did face some fierce competition like Ke$ha, Taylor, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, JB, Usher and Eminem.

In the local scene, halfway through the year PNoy became the 15th President of the Philippines and although I did not vote for him, he’s really not the worst among the candidates running for office, trust me. This was the first year the automated voting system was implemented and it was my first time to vote ever (I was 23 then), I’m a bit ashamed of that fact. Everyone especially the youth should vote as soon as the law grants that right. Moving on, Manny Pacquiao fought his way to his 8th boxing title, Maria Venus Raj brought major, major pride for our country and Charice signed on a recurring role with my most favorite show on the planet. Oh, Regine and Ogie finally exchanged their vows.

Personally, It was my most challenging year yet – career wise. I’ve never dreaded ‘April 15’ so much in my entire life. When it came, it left an impression on me that by August I wanted out, hehe. Flipside, I also got to travel to places I’ve only read about or seen in pictures before. I’ve been to Bohol, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Boracay and Bolinao all during the year. I’m hoping to continue the streak next year, abroad perhaps?

Yup, those were the 2010 moments. It could be a lot worse you know. 🙂 Toast to a new year, a better year!

Sit Back. Relax. Take A Poll.

2009 may not be over yet but tons of great movies have been burning up our movie screens for quite some time now. Which one do you think is the best?