Its the last day of middle school… will you sign my yearbook?

In our case, the yearbook doesn’t really come out until after the end of school year so we don’t really get to sign each other’s yearbooks. But we do have a thing called ‘slambook’; no it’s not anything close to the ‘burnbook’ on Mean Girls, its sort of a fun collection of contacts and friends where we answer questions about personal interests and about ourselves like our favorite color, first kiss, ‘who’s your crush?’. I know it’s a little lame but its middle school! 🙂 For the question though, I’m not sure if that’s the right thing to ask for me since I’m not one of the popular kids at school. Its more of “will you let me sign in your yearbook?” hehe.. I was the geek who hangs out with girls, oh you get the point!


What I Like Most About My Job

Hehe.. this is really interesting just because my job is all i’ve been doing for the past 3 years. It has taken over my social calendar – not that i have a lot going on, and personal life so I have recently decided to resign. Took long enough, right? I’m an auditor BTW in one of the big accounting firms in the world (won’t say what it is). Anyways to answer the question, I guess, I like the prestige and the sense of being a professional. Being respected and to just work with colleagues makes me feel relevant, most importantly, like i belonged. It may be all extremes but it definitely brought out the best in me and showed me what i’m capable of…

Kristen, Robert and Taylor on EW

Something to quench that anticipation from the, haters gon’ hate on this, phenomenon that is the Twilight Saga. Eclipse is right around the corner and Entertainment Weekly features the famous trio on their cover once again much like when New Moon came out. Check out the 2 covers; they all look great but I’m lovin’ Edward on this. 🙂

My Favorite Summer Memory

Since most of my vacays weren’t on summer, I’d have to say back around 3rd or 4th year high school. I was under the “Cadet Officer Candidate Course” and we headed to Tanay, Rizal for some massive training. During those 3 days, I did, probably, 2 of the many things I never thought I can: Rappelling and Firing a rifle – a real one at that. For the former, I can’t even remember from what height we came down but it was high – like i-didn’t-breathe-the-whole-time-nor-look-down high. And the latter, I don’t know gun specs but i’m guessing it was an M16 rifle. My ears hurt like hell after and we get to do a couple of fires but i was able to hit the target (i think). Wow, tough times but that was truly one of the best experiences ever.

Conquering Bolinao and Alaminos!

 It’s never too late for a vacay. The June rain couldn’t really intimidate a bunch of holiday-deprived auditors. We crave trips like this and this time around we found ourselves venturing towards the far end shores of Bolinao, Pangasinan. If ever you’re wondering, it is found on the tip of the country’s “nose”.

And just like cherries on top of ice cream, the renowned Hundred Islands is just an hour of drive away at the province of Alaminos. So with that, 2 urvans set off on a 6-hour travel to Puerto Del Sol at around 3 o’clock in the morning of June 12 and if I may say, hitting the road on a red eye is the best way to go. Having 2 DSLR photographers doesn’t hurt too. 😉

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Mythologies and how I completely overlooked it as a kid…

See, I never known anything about the stories of the gods back in the old times. And I never really took interest on them not until recently I picked up a book called The Lightning Thief. Ya, the movie came out but I didn’t actually see it before reading the novel. Let me tell you, it suck by the way (back to my train of thought). My officemates were reading it as well and I needed something to pass by travel time to work. So I bought one and good thing my practical side nudged in – I got the paperback version. Light to carry around and light on the pocket, hehe.

I’m always curious with works of fiction even if it’s categorically a teenage book. Let’s just say, I satisfied my inner geek and flipped through its pages one by one and now I’m already on the 4th book: The Battle of the Labyrinth. The books are short and entertaining plus it was kind of a ‘Did You Know?’ type of thing for me as well. I didn’t know who the god of wine was or if there is. I didn’t know the gods had a father who tried to eat them all up. I didn’t know anything, well I know Hercules but that’s it. As I moved on to The Sea of Monsters and The Titan’s Curse (my favorite, so far), I realized there was so much to discover. Sometimes, my mind would wander off and I’d imagine myself as a demigod. I told you I’m a certified geek. I like the fact that Rick Riordan was able to write a storyline base on these ancient myths and give it a modern appeal. It worked and I think its great for kids to read his books so they can learn and at the same time enjoy. The dialogues are funny and the characters are lovable, especially every time when a god is introduced or some kind of ancient creature or object. I definitely don’t get bored on my way to work anymore. Oftentimes, I even want the ride to take longer.

Now my only problem is, there seem to be no paperback issue of The Last Olympian, the final book, and the hard cover is slightly above my budget. But I hope to get a copy soon.

Chace Crawford livin’ like a true Archibald

Ah yes, the infamous mug shot. Well nothing new, add it to the list I guess. I just didn’t expect that Crawford is like anything the character he portrays on The CW’s Gossip Girl. Actually, I can hear her talking right now; dishing it out on the Upper East Side 😉 . Getting arrested last June 4 for pot possession doesn’t necessarily mean the end of his career. In fact, some people and the press (especially) might even find him more interesting now. He always had this squeaky clean image but girls always love them badass boys, right? Anyways, for what it’s worth (if there is) I’m lovin all the scruffiness goin on – just a little trim here and there and he’ll be just fine. XOXO