TV Replacements

What’s with Hollywood these days? First there was that One Tree Hill issue I posted about. And here are some other changes going on in TV land.

I found out that Late Night will not be hosted by Conan O’Brien anymore, who is one heck of a funny guy by the way, instead the show is now Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I first saw Fallon on SNL and he was straight out hilarious so I have no contest about that. But why replace the ‘old’ one? I’m guessing there’s not much spots available on the late night block in American TV. Good luck on him, sure it’ll be just as funny and I hope I catch some episodes.


Moving on, now that Conan is out I heard that Jay Leno will also be leaving his late night show after what, 17 years? The Tonight Show will now be hosted by, well what do you know, Conan O’Brien. I don’t know what’s the point about changing hosts but the question now is.. where will Jay Leno go?

Meanwhile, on The Hills, after Lauren announced her retirement from the show (sad 😦 ) Kristin Cavallari, yes the Laguna Beach star and LC’s arch-rival way before ‘Speidi’, appeared on the season finale which also marked her début on the show. What do you think? I loved Kristin more before, since she was the lead when I started watching ‘The Real Orange County’ but now I realized I’m Team LC. How about you? Hmm I don’t know, hope the show will still get the same support though.


tr-knight-bOver on Seattle Grace, I don’t know who’s going to replace him but it is confirmed: T.R. Knight will be leaving Grey’s Anatomy. Aaaawwww, I loved George. Well it is apparent that his character is getting less and less screen time judging from the latest season. And his storyline isn’t really getting any better. So maybe it’s for the best, I can’t wait for his next project. I’m curious, what do Katherine Heigl thinks about this? They are best friends in real life and she was also reported wanting to leave show. I actually haven’t been following much with the recent seasons so I don’t really know everything that’s happened on the show except for the fact that Izzie has cancer. By the way, going back on T.R., I wondered what his name meant, so I looked it up and his whole name is actually: Theodore Raymond Knight, thought you might like to know. 🙂

Wow, so much happening these days huh? Hope it’s all for the best.


Kris Allen and Adam Lambert funny moment.

Love this video, check it out. It features an interview by US to the 2 Idol finalists. Watch for the question about who takes the top bunk in the tour bus and Adam’s answer. It’s so true when somebody said that Kris’s reaction was priceless! It makes me wonder, what if in an alternate universe, these 2 guys hook up hehe. They’re both hot so why not? LOL. Enjoy! 😀


What dreams are made of.

I had a weird dream. I can’t recall exactly when, maybe it was the other night. Its weird coz besides the fact that I remember what it was and I usually don’t, I keep having this feeling that my guts are telling me something. So maybe I’m thinking a little talking is all that it needs. Nothing mysterious or anything, it can be completely irrelevant for all I know. Well, I basically dreamed that the office where I work in literally transferred location to the same block as my house; as in the whole building in all its 12-storey glory here in L.A. – Lower Antipolo, I mean. I can’t imagine going out in my rags at any time of the day and be like: “Oh hey there sir, Engagement Partner” or “No ma’am I haven’t finished the working papers yet”. That is scary, convenient but a total nightmare, stupid but I’m worried. That wouldn’t happen, right? No it won’t – not a chance in hell! So what does it mean and why am I even bothering? I tried the ‘Interpret Your Dream’ in the web and I came up with nothing close. So let’s just forget about it, shake it off. I am normally a dreamless person.

P.S. I wish I could dream like Meyer whose dream brought her Edward and Bella and inspired her to write Twilight.


Are Chad and Hilarie out of Tree Hill for good?

This is SO TRUE!


CW Execs confirmed that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton will not be reprising their roles for the next season of One Tree Hill. In fact, both lead characters will say ” bye-bye” after 7 seasons of the well-loved teen drama. No words are out yet on how the characters will exit the show but said decision is apparently due to money-related conflicts. Sources say both actors asked for bigger paychecks. I don’t blame them. Both will obviously be replaced but no names have been dropped yet. So the only stars left worth watching are Sophia Bush (Brooke), Bethany Joy Galleoti (Haley) and James Lafferty (Nathan). I don’t know how the show will do with the gang incomplete but it was a totally stupid decision for me. Personally, I was a big fan until the recent seasons because I did not like the fast-forward setting but let’s see..


‘Rpattz’ selling out kisses???


This one is SO TRUE!

But don’t go gaga now, 2 bidders already won for what may have been the most wanted pair of lips that was ever held out for auction. On Sharon Stone’s  AMFAR Benefit, Robert Pattinson was such a good sport and didn’t mind being auctioned to kiss lucky (and rich!) bidders for the benefit of AIDS patients, giving out $28 grand each!


Miss California’s dad gay?


This one is SO FALSE?

After her much publicized lashing out against gay marriage and appearing in several racy photos (I won’t post them here for fear of vomiting) and her mom having an alleged lesbian relationship, Carrie Prejean- Miss California is facing another allegation this time regarding her dad’s sexuality. During the divorce battle between her parents, Mrs. Prejean repeatedly accused Mr. Prejean of being gay and having a roommate who’s also gay. Miss California already answered an all-out NO to the whole issue. Hmmm…

New Idol Crowned


So unless you’re living under a rock, you might have come across the Idol Finale last Thursday or the breaking news of the crowned winner. Whichever way, I knew I just had to voice out my opinion – more like violent reaction. So, here’s how it went. Kris Allen won and I’m straight. Kidding. It just ain’t right you know? It didn’t feel right. I didn’t even bother to catch it myself. For the first time, I didn’t care having heard of who won before I even get to watch it. I just caught glimpses of the show towards the big reveal. I think it’s the first time for me personally, that I really felt disappointed. Cause I have had bets before that didn’t win but that was just fine for me because the other finalist was equally great. But this one… this one is different because it boils down to the question on why the people voted for the lesser talent. I’m sorry for those who think otherwise but it’s true. Kris knew it himself; I mean he was called the ‘underdog’ and it did felt like Adam Lambert was robbed of the title. I’m sure Kris could be a really nice guy, down-to-earth, humble but it’s not American Good Guy. The show is American Idol, created to find the best undiscovered talent. I’m starting to feel the show is becoming hugely subjective more than objective. I don’t know if I’m ever going to feel the same about the show.

You know what I think? Say what you want or even think that I’m taking this way seriously than others but Adam lost because he’s gay. Bottomline, people don’t want a ‘gay idol’. Did you know that a population in the vote – the conservative demographic, which actually voted for Kris or even encouraged voting for Kris not because they like him but rather because they don’t like Adam for what he is or for that matter, scared of what he stands for and the implications it will convey if he should win such a coveted title. I mean I’m talking about people who don’t even watch the show. So what does he stand for, you ask?  He stands for change. Adam Lambert doesn’t blend in the crowd, he stands out from it. He defies the conventional, shatters the norm and ultimately, stayed true to himself. I say this and I quote from Paula: there are only a few those who dared to walk in the path of greatness: Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler and Adam Lambert. This season claims that there are ‘No Boundaries’ but I beg to differ. Once again, America turned its back against innovation. This is bigger than the show. I’m not blaming Kris for anything because he just took what he was given. After all said, it’s just really sad that he got caught up in this and the victim had to be Adam. Remembering the show, I just feel a soft spot for that teary-eyed Adam side by side with his closest co-finalist, Allison.

Wrapping this up, we’ll just see how this turns out because it is after Idol that we find out the true markings of a star. And without any hint of sarcasm and I say this honestly I really wish both the best of luck, Kris Allen deserves a chance and he earned it. As for Adam, he’s a rock star and I’m sure he’s gonna do great things in the world of music and entertainment.

Idol Upd8: Kris Allen leading!!!


Yup, you read it right. 61.14 points versus 60.04 points, that is Kris and Adam, respectively according to who has been accurate for predicting the winners of the past 7 seasons of American Idol and the eliminations every week. DialIdol works by measuring the busy signal of people dialling in to vote for their favorite contestants. DialIdol works with Dancing With The Stars as well. Damn this is not good. But there’s still time for the ‘Glamberts’ or anyone who actually thinks American Idol is a talent competition! I haven’t watched it yet since the Philippines is a couple of hours late with the airing. But judging by the comments of the judges, Adam definitely did better. So I hope they put some sense to America. Come on people! Vote! Vote A-D-A-M L-A-M-B-E-R-T!

P.S. Heard that the Final song done every year which was supposed to be the winning song for this season entitled ‘No Boundaries’ sucks, well it was co-written by Kara DioGuardi so I don’t know if that’s the reason.

Choice Hottie for May: Taylor Kitsch


BIO: Born April 8, 1981 (Aries) in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada but raised in Vancouver with 2 older brothers and 2 younger sisters. Played for the Langley Hornets in the Canadian BCHL (hockey), modelled with IMG, a certified nutrionist, personal trainer and of course an actor.

FILMOGRAPHY: (TV) Friday Night Lights, Kyle XY (Movies) Snakes On A Plane, The Covenant, John Tucker Must Die, X-men Origins: Wolverine.

Choice Hotties for April: Blake Lively and Leighton Meester

Yey! You read it right folks, well I’m posting about “hotties” here and it’s not necessarily a man’s world in that case. And besides, if guys have man-crushes why can’t I? So this is my version of it. And because this is a month late, I’ll be giving a back-to-back one.. double the fun, right?

They’re everbody’s favorite it-girls and Upper East Siders. They got the flair for fashion and the body to die for. They’re so hot you can call them S and B for short. These 2 hotties can work you out like ice cream under a hot summer day. Should I go on? I know they play such bitch characters in Gossip Girl but in the real world, they prove to be otherwise. You know you love them. XOXO.

No posts for April?!?!

I know, I’ve been out of my element lately. I don’t know if I just didn’t have a great material or just no inspiration at all. And my tight work schedules didn’t help as well. I have been really busy due to the deadlines I have to meet last month. April is of course, the end of tax season so audit firms are in chaotic mode as their clients’ Financial Statements and Income Tax Returns become due to be filed in the Securities and Exchange Commission and Bureau of Internal Revenue. You must be bored out of hell now knowing that once again I’m talking about my work. But no, I’m stopping right here. So what now, you ask? I’m thinking since I didn’t post any entries lately aside from my take on microblogs; JDpress, I’m gonna talk about my latest finds – TV shows that is, and those somewhat old but still exciting to watch.

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