Dingdong Dantes: With facial hair or without?

I was at a mall the other day and I saw the latest Men’s Health issue for June in the magazine stands with Dingdong Dantes on the cover:


I was like: (gasps) “Oh my Dingdong…” 🙂 I’m not a fan mind you, I don’t even find him hot before! Maybe its those biceps; its obvious he’s hunkier than his last cover:


Or maybe its the facial hair. He seems more manly that way, hehe. I definitely think he should keep it. What do you think, you like him clean shaved or kinda unkempt and scruffy? 😉


Pick Your Chris

Both playing superheroes in hugely anticipated movies.

Both insanely hot.

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth cover USA Weekend to promote their upcoming Marvel flicks, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor, respectively. I like the simplicity of the pictures and that the only props are the iconic weapons of both heroes. So who’s on Team Evans or Team Hemsworth?

Joe Talks About Going Solo

It’s been a while since I posted some man-candy here. Or not. 😉 But I realized I haven’t got a single post about The Jonas Brothers so I give you arguably the hottest of the famous trio, Joe. Now I know some Nick fans will contest that, believe me I can’t make up my mind either. But right now, I have to say it’s Joe especially with the facial hair and those guns (hehe). Check out the photos from his recent Details interview:




Even though Joe didn’t lose his shirt, he still looks good. Anyways, Joe talked about his budding solo career and clearing the rumor that the group has broken up. They’re only taking a break, so don’t worry guys. He hopes the fans who grew old with them will still love his music which he described as something you could dance to. He also talked about girlfriend, Ashley Greene from Twilight. But I heard recently, they just broken up. But you never can tell with stars. Let’s just go back to ogling then. 🙂

Adam does a ‘Janet’

I’ve always been a fan of Maroon 5 and frontman Adam Levine had always struck me as hot especially now with his tats and cool ‘do. Well you can’t really miss it, he usually makes out with the girls in his videos. So I can’t just ignore these photos that surfaced from the Feb 2011 issue of Cosmo UK.

This is different though because its an ad to promote awareness on prostate and testicular cancer, so its for a good cause. These photos are reminiscent of that Janet Jackson Rolling Stone cover ages ago.

From Van Wilder to Sexiest Man Alive

“I’m happy its not Brad” said George Clooney jokingly, frankly me too. After Johnny Depp last year, I thought People was not so keen on giving the rest of the male population a chance. But surprisingly, the choice this year is Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds whom we all know for films such as Van Wilder, Just Friends, Blade Trinity, X-men Origins: Wolverine, The Proposal and just recently, Buried. This special double cover issue of People magazine is also in celebration of its 25th anniversary in handing out the title. Wondered who was the first SMA ever back in 1986? (my birthyear btw) It’s none other than the now controversial Mel Gibson. And did you know, the only black actor ever to get the title is Denzel Washington. The oldest so far is Sean Connery. Clooney, Pitt & Depp are the very few who got to be SMA twice.

Reynolds dons the cover with his shirt on though – his body is ripped! And I don’t know how this helps him with the ladies since he is out of the market. He’s husband to 2010 GQ’s Babe of the Year, Scarlett Johansson. He’ll star in a major role as DC superhero, The Green Lantern set for a 2011 release. Would like to see that body suit in action! 😉

Here’s some sneak-peek of the men who made the list:

Ink Never Looked So Good!

That’s 20-year old model/sales agent Mark Whittington who caught my eye online at the Cosmo website. I was just doing some random browsing and then I saw this guy – now that’s what you call StumbleUpon. I don’t have a fetish for tattoos, especially that many, but those are some sexy inks. You’ll see what I mean after the jump. 😉

ï»żIf you want more awesome pics, he is currently featured on Cosmo as October 2010 Online Hunk. He’s just on his 3rd week so we can expect one more batch of hot photos soon! Trust me, the guy has some really nice shots there but first, here’s a preview:

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Cosmo Gone Wild!

The September issue of Cosmo Philippines is out now featuring Agua Bendita star Andi Eigenmann. Meanwhile, Sam Milby covers the annual CosmoMen booklet containing 69 gorgeous bachelors and 10 hot centerfolds posing with wild animals for the ‘Gone Wild!’ theme this year. Some names to watch out for are Christian Bautista, Rocco Nacino, Joross Gamboa & Carl Guevarra. Shouldn’t be hard to figure out why its Cosmo’s bestseller every year. 😉

Vampire Porn

Fans call it True Blood. Creator Alan Ball says: “To me, vampires are sex” Ya, we get that. As if it’s not obvious enough, Rolling Stone magazine got straight to the point and featured the lead cast on the latest issue’s cover wearing their own skin and just the right amount of blood. 😉 See below:

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An Efron Parade

OMFG. Have you seen these? Parade Magazine talks about how our Zac here enjoys his summer. Meanwhile, along came these shots:

And he didn’t even need to take his shirt off unlike a certain werewolf (ehem Taylor). Anyways, Zac will be in the film Charlie St. Cloud pretty soon, so be sure to catch that.

And oh, by the way, you can close your mouths now. 🙂


Kristen, Robert and Taylor on EW

Something to quench that anticipation from the, haters gon’ hate on this, phenomenon that is the Twilight Saga. Eclipse is right around the corner and Entertainment Weekly features the famous trio on their cover once again much like when New Moon came out. Check out the 2 covers; they all look great but I’m lovin’ Edward on this. 🙂

Glee on RS

Just like to share this one. 😉

I must say, I always watch out for Rolling Stone covers coz I know they’re going to be interesting and “outside the box”. I love this cover, obviously coz I love the show, but also because there’s a story behind it. I think Lea Michele, front and center as always, fits that kind of image; geeky but sexy. Corey Monteith is so cute at the back – can’t help but notice him. I’m happy they included Diana Agron who resembles a princess straight out from a Disney animation also Jane Lynch, the lovable villainess and Matthew Morrison, looking like the teacher you got the hots for back in high school (uh-oh flashbacks!). 😀 I guess they’re really hyping out Glee’s return this April. The other day, Mark Salling was spotted on Flaunt magazine half-baring his bod.

Get your dose of Twilight…

Ready your clickers. Here are some photos of (still-17-year-old) Taylor 😀 from his magazine shoots, maybe a gazillion of them, including hot Rolling Stone outtakes meanwhile, Rpattz got his latest controversial Details pictorial and cover story for the magazine’s 10th anniversary issue. I’m glad to be of service to Twi-hard fans, click on!