Watch Harry Potter: The Epic Conclusion


I’m totally speechless with this new trailer. It is breathtaking. I can’t believe this will be the last Harry Potter film! This is the ending nobody should miss. I don’t know if I want July 15 to arrive already or to linger a little while longer. Will miss the beloved characters. ūüė¶


Source Code: Makes Every Second Count

Director Duncan Jones delivers a¬†sci-fi thriller that is neither shallow nor empty. Source Code¬†packs the suspense and¬†draws emotion¬†from¬†its¬†audacious concept.¬†Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) finds himself inside the source code¬†(a program that lets you re-live the last 8 minutes of someone’s life) and¬†learns about his mission to discover the identity of¬†a bomber that¬†attacked a train¬†in Chicago and killed hundreds.¬†Even though confused by the situation¬†he returns to that same time¬†to possibly counter another impending bomb threat. Soon¬†he¬†finds out¬†more about his own state in the source code and how it works. The film is well-paced, convincing¬†and is condensed in 93 enthralling minutes.

Jake Gyllenhaal works in his portrayal¬†of an army pilot who’s forced to re-live over and over Sean Fentress’ last minutes before the train he’s riding explodes. In the train, he finds himself across¬†Christina Warren¬†played by Michelle Monaghan¬†(Eagle Eye) whom I presume¬†Fentress¬†is¬†dating. I kind of guessed who the bomber was at the beginning but maybe the director intended it that way (hehe), anyways, I have to say that the action was cut-off earlier than I expected which, I presume, is because of the twist at the end. Truly worth it. As he developed a connection with¬†Christina, his ‘last request’ was to try to save all the people in the train and give them a second chance in an alternate reality which¬†is quite hard to grasp but adds a whole new perspective in the story. His phone call with his father at the end was also a¬†nice, heartfelt moment. I watched it with¬†no expectations¬†but the movie junkie in me ended up satisfied . It was a smart, action-packed adventure.

Will Beyonce ‘run the world’ again?

I’m sure you’ve heard the song already. It leaked in the internet before it got released yesterday in iTunes. So what are your thoughts on Beyonce‘s latest single, Run The World (Girls) on a yet-to-be-titled new album? Someone said the single is messy, I kind of agree. It seems rushed. I don’t know maybe its just one of those I have to listen to over and over. It has that ‘Independent Women’ message as the title suggests, I don’t think the lyrics has anything remarkable too. Let’s just see when the anticipated video gets released since we’ve seen teasers and behind the scenes footage on the net. Her ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce’ album put her on top in 2008/2009, will this happen again in 2011?

I have a newfound appreciation for Adele

I’m having an Adele week (admittedly) because I heard 2 of her songs: first from Glee’s latest episode when Holly (Gwyneth Paltrow) sang Turning Tables and second in American Idol when Haley performed Rolling In The Deep. I’m not new to Adele’s music, I’ve known her since Chasing Pavements but I wasn’t that into the song.

But now I have to say I really love Rolling In The Deep, her first single from her 2nd album, 21. It’s kind of a blues, pop type of track and its refreshing to have sort of a different sound in my playlist. Adele’s having the time of her life now since the album debut at no. 1 on Billboard Hot 200, it was only this week that the Foo Fighters ended her reign. It’s also the first album to sell 1 million copies this year. And now, with Turning Tables featured in Glee I hope she releases this as an official single. This one has a sad theme but the lyrics are great. I’m proud to declare and it’s never too late: I officially love Adele. ūüôā

Born This Way album cover released!

Fresh from Haus of Gaga is the official album cover art for Born This Way.

I don’t get it… so she was born half motorcycle? (hehe)

Will get the record still… Excited for May!!!! Meanwhile, her next single and video Judas has also been released.

What do you think?

Femme Fatale: A Poptastic Ride

I LOVE THIS ALBUM. I’m glad she stuck to what she does best: dance tracks.¬†I mean ya, she got okay slow songs in her career but they’re not her forte. That’s why I also¬†enjoyed Blackout which is rnb/hip-hop influenced, Femme Fatale is just more pop. Overall, the whole¬†album is a cohesive party record that gave me days of LSS (last song syndrome) but¬†for me here are the¬†best tracks:

Till The World Ends¬†immediately struck me as a club banger with that catchy “Whoa-oh-oh” phrase, I can’t get it outta my head. It took me a while to¬†get Hold It Against Me but how can you ignore the lyrics? She took it a little slow on Inside Out but still delivers a could-be-single. (Drop Dead)¬†Beautiful¬†ft. Sabi and Gasoline are both feel-good upbeat songs. I¬†like singing along with Trouble For Me as well. From the 4 bonus tracks, I was surprised that He About To Lose Me¬†didn’t make the original tracklisting. The song has that amazing beat and i¬†like the sentiment, hehe. It’s my favorite as of the moment.

Anyone like those songs too? What are your faves?

Pick Your Chris

Both playing superheroes in hugely anticipated movies.

Both insanely hot.

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth¬†cover USA Weekend to promote their upcoming¬†Marvel¬†flicks, Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor, respectively. I like the simplicity of¬†the pictures and¬†that¬†the only props are the iconic weapons of both heroes. So who’s on Team Evans or Team Hemsworth?

Who’s Who of Music Battle It Out

The best of the chart toppers will be revealed on May 22 at the MGM Grand Las Vegas when Billboard hands out its Artist and Album awards for the year. You name it: Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Eminem, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift, Drake, Usher, Nicki Minaj will be there either as nominee or performer or both. Rihanna sweeps the nominations getting a record 18 nods out of 46 categories all in all. Eminem with 16 and Lady Gaga with 12. If you want the full list CLICK HERE. 

The first group of BBMA performers were also announced: Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez (yay!), Lady Antebellum, Taio Cruz and Keith Urban. I hope Britney and Lady Gaga gets added to this list. I have to admit when these big stars gather for an event like this you just gotta tune in whether to check out the winners, performances or even what they’re wearing on the red carpet. I don’t know if the show will air here though… tsk, I guess I have to check with my local cable listing. Who’s excited?

Britney’s #1 Again!

Femme Fatale debut at #1 at the Billboard Hot 200 this week! This marks her 6th album to debut at the top which is truly a remarkable feat. This gives her the 3rd spot for the most #1’s for a female artist behind only Madonna and Barbara Streisand and tie with Mariah Carey¬†and Janet Jackson. Wow! That’s incredible… I mean it’s one thing for an artist to reach #1 but to actually debut at that spot 6 times is¬†an achievement¬†worthy of¬†a true pop icon and of course, such dedicated fans. I’m bummed that the album doesn’t arrive here until the end of April but I’m happy with this news.

This album is her 7th studio release in which all, except for one, became no. 1. To my surprise,¬†that one was Blackout which for me is one of her best so far (tie with Circus). Blame it on the VMA performance I guess and that underwhelming video. Moving on, Hold It Against Me was kind of like Womanizer in a way because I wasn’t sure how I felt about the song upon hearing for the first time but eventually, I couldn’t get it out of my head.¬†With her¬†2nd video Till The World Ends¬†already released¬†and a much-talked about¬†tour with Nicki Minaj, 2011 may be Britney’s best year yet. ūüôā

Sucker Punch: Babes & Guns – What more can you ask for?

For a moment there I sounded like a guy. But it’s true right? You can never go wrong with kick-ass¬†ladies in high-flying¬†action.

First off, the movie looks goooood. From¬†its cast to each make-believe, fantasy world –¬†its visually stimulating. ūüėČ No wonder cause Zack Snyder directed the movie (Watchmen, 300). Emily Browning (Baby Doll) has that right amount of innocent and sexy. Add a couple more chicks (this movie is turning me into a dude) like Abbie Cornish (Sweet Pea), Jena Malone (Rocket), Jamie Chung (Amber) and Vanessa Hudgens (Blondie), this movie has something for everybody.

As for the confusing part,¬†it’s as¬†simple as this:¬†a group of girls trapped in a mental institute escape from reality into a world where they¬†transform their obstacles into giant stone samurais, fire-breathing dragons and an army of robots. Ultimately, they join forces to achieve their common¬†goal: freedom. You just have to remember that¬†most of the¬†time¬†they’re imagining a world within a world (think Inception).

I enjoyed all the action sequences, they’re awesome!!!¬†In some parts,¬†they seem unrealistic but its a product of the girls’¬†imagination so what the heck! The soundtrack also pumped up every scene and I love the little quotes here and there. At first, I didn’t get why it’s called Sucker Punch. Based on definition it means: “an unsuspected punch or blow”. I guess because the central character, Baby Doll, is like that. You see her as this fragile little girl but when she unleashes herself,¬†she can put a bullet into your head or slit your throat.

What do you think of The Hunger Games cast?

Last month we discovered that Jennifer Lawrence, Academy Award nominee for her performance in Winter’s Bone, was signed¬†on to play Katniss¬†Everdeen¬†in the big screen adapation¬†of The Hunger Games books. Being the newbie that she is, I wasn’t sure what to react. But judging by her looks and that acting nod, I think she can pull this off just fine. I’m so excited to see her in action! I’m curious¬†on¬†how she’ll portray the character. I can already imagine the arena and her standing amidst the other tributes, with Peeta, with Haymitch. Oh, I can’t wait! But since I haven’t watched Winter’s Bone yet, I guess¬†I have to check her out first in the upcoming X-men First Class wherein she plays Raven Darkholme or as they call her, Mystique. So I’ll know what kind of actress she is.

Then the news came out just this week, after tons of speculation, Lionsgate announced that 2 more main characters were already cast. Peeta Mellark will be played by Josh Hutcherson (top) and Gale Hawthorne, by Liam Hemsworth (bottom).

I was a little disappointed to Peeta’s¬†casting (no offense to Josh), I can’t¬†picture him playing my favorite character! Josh Hutcherson¬†starred, if you didn’t know, in Zathura, RV, Journey to the Center of the Earth and recently in the critically acclaimed, The Kids are All Right. With regards to Liam Hemsworth, I’m not jumping up and down about it but I guess he’s okay. I think you know him already as Miley Cyrus’s arm candy for a while after co-starring in The Last Song. It’s almost like the roles should’ve¬†been switched or I don’t know just replace both, hehe.

This is just the casting so we have more¬†news to expect as production starts. The movie is tentatively set to¬†be released¬†in March 2012.¬† A lot of things can happen until then, let’s wait and see.

Archie’s Kevin Keller headlines his own comics!

Riverdale High first welcomed openly gay student, Kevin Keller, back in September 2010 in the Veronica issue #202. Apparently, his first appearance was so popular that the issue was sold out. Now he’s making a comeback in issue #205 plus he’ll be featured in his very own 4-part miniseries on June! ūüôā Which will talk about his life before arriving in the Archie universe and meeting the gang.¬† I think I may get the issues when they¬†go out here. Having read some¬†of the¬†comics in the past, though I have to admit I’m not an avid follower, it’s nice to know that the people behind the beloved comics are open-minded and not straight-laced. Remember, the Archie¬†comics have been around for about 70 years¬†so¬†this is a big deal and hearing this news really made me smile. ūüôā