Black vs. White

Looks like Lautner is in for some competition. The latest film parody from the makers of Disaster Movie, Meet The Spartans & you know the rest, Vampires Suck takes on the Twilight franchise head first as they bask in its ridiculous success, whatever that means. All I can say is that they had to. Twilight’s popularity wouldn’t be complete without a full-movie spoof. Playing Jacob White (get it?) is actor Chris Riggi who of course had to take his shirt off and it didn’t disappoint. If anything, it raised eyebrows that maybe Jacob Black isn’t the hottest werewolf after all.

Joe Maganiello of True Blood already attempted to take Lautner’s title but I think he’s just a bit older for my taste. Plus the fact that Alexander Skarsgard & Ryan Kwanten are way hotter than him. Anyways, if Riggi looks familiar, you may have seen him on a guest role on Gossip Girl as Scott; Rufus’s & Lily’s love child.

I don’t know if this is worth the watch though, I’m hearing the movie is pretty bad. Well for what its worth, Matt Lanter’s also part of the cast, playing Edward Sullen whose name resembles a certain hot vampire. πŸ˜‰

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