Michael Jackson 1958/2009

I’m finding it a little bit hard to write about this sad happening but I know I want to, just to pay tribute and respect. I’m not a huge fan but I do know this, that most, if not all, of my music idols are big fans of his. I know he has influenced generations and generations of artists today and his contribution to the industry is unparalleled. I remember when the news broke out, I was sleeping, it was June 26 here in the Philippines around 6 am (if i’m not mistaken we’re ahead by 15 hours to L.A.) and I was literally woken up by my older sister’s shouts from the living room. She was like: “Oh my God!”, reacting to something from the TV that is inaudible to me. I realized that something was up so I grabbed the remote feeling lightheaded and turned my TV on. Without thinking I knew it has something to do with a breaking news, I turned to local networks but nothing was up. So I thought, “CNN… ya maybe that’s where the news is”. And then, I saw it in bold letters from the bottom of the screen: “LA TIMES: MICHAEL JACKSON DEAD AT 50, CNN HAS NOT CONFIRMED”.


I gave out a loud “WHAT?!, WHY?!” and then I was echoing what my sister was screaming although they say its not yet confirmed, the news came from the LA Times even TMZ reported it already. Seconds later, I found out he suffered cardiac arrest at his home and was taken to the hospital. Taking it in, I was in shock mode but I think more than that I felt sad. You just don’t think about these kinds of things. It’s weird because we don’t even know this guy personally, I haven’t seen him in person and was not a fan, so why are we affected? Seeing my sister teary-eyed about this incident is not strange to me. As an innocent little kid, my older siblings used to listen to him and literally grew up on his songs. I was born 1986, just 4 years after Thriller was released so I can only imagine. I just know upon hearing a lot of things about him is that he’s one of the greatest entertainers and performers that ever lived. And as I’ve said his contributions to the world of music is undeniable, thus earning the title ‘King of Pop’. His songs throughout the years brought inspiration to people around the world with his distinctive voice and rare talent, not  to mention his famous moves and fashion style. He was one of the very first African-American musicians that conquered charts, even crossover ones and ultimately paved the way for other artists. He revolutionized how music videos are made turning it from a simple promotional stint into a form of art as we are enjoying it today. Really, you can’t love music and don’t have the slightest clue about Michael Jackson. I pretty much started listening to his music with one of his later hits like ‘You Rock My World‘ back from his 2001 album Invincible. Not to mention the occasional glimpses of his old songs from MTV and other TV and movie features every now and then. The one most recent that I can think of is that of the MJ week from American Idol. And also, I think it was just 2 years ago that the 25th anniversary of Thriller was celebrated. He pretty much stayed in the limelight especially on issues about his personal life but I’d rather respect his private life so I won’t go there.  In addition, he was supposed to do a comeback tour for 50 dates opening in London and as he announced back in March it was supposed to be The Last Curtain Call, “This is it!”, he says. What I like about him is the fact that he stayed relevant after all those decades and that’s hard to do. His music transcends time and that’s the markings of a true artist. I know everyone from the entertainment business is devastated by this tragedy. Let’s hope the industry recover from such a loss. May he rest in peace, he will always be remembered and my thoughts goes to his beloved family, friends and fans.


Sasha Once More

Here’s the new Beyonce video for the song Ego off Disc 2 of I Am… Sasha Fierce. The video features Beyonce donning her alter-ego once more with the signature sepia feel and look and don’t forget her 2 backup dancers. Nothing much going on with the video; just her dancing. I don’t like it very much, not to mention Ego is not exactly my favorite song from the album. I would’ve wanted her to do Sweet Dreams. Anyways, I wonder what the other video is. If you’re keeping up with her since the release of this album, you’ll notice she’s been releasing a pair of songs everytime; one from I Am… and another from Sasha Fierce. First she released If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) then succeeded by Halo and Diva. Okay I won’t keep you, take a look.

More from Beyonce, she’s releasing a video collection and cutting-edge electronica dance mixes of the songs from I Am… Sasha Fierce. At present, the DVD/CD offering entitled Above and Beyonce is only available at Walmart but if you’re interested here’s the tracklisting:

1. If I Were A Boy
2. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
3. Diva
4. Halo
5. Broken-Hearted Girl
6. Ego (Fan Exclusive)
7. Ego (featuring Kanye West) b-roll footage

1. If I Were A Boy (Maurice Joshua Mojo UK Remix)
2. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Remix)
3. Diva (Karmatronic Remix)
4. Halo (Dave Audé Remix)
5. Broken-Hearted Girl (Catalyst Remix)
6. Ego (DAC Remix)
7. Sweet Dreams (dance mix)
8. Ego (Remix featuring Kanye West)

To find out more about these, head onto BeyonceOnline.com.

Wild Idol Indeed

Finally. After so much talks, maybe even catfights, on blogs, entertainment news programs and as John Lapus would say: “usap-usapan ng mga bakla sa parlor at ng mga labandera at katulong..”, Adam Lambert came out – the closet that is. Even Kara DioGuardi got lashed by Glambert fans (those who insists Adam is straight) when she outted him on an interview in The View. On the latest issue of the Rolling Stone magazine as publicized much earlier and as shown below entitled The Liberation of Adam Lambert Wild Idol, Adam graces the cover with his signature glam rock persona with a green snake crawling up his pants and a black butterfly. First reaction? That is so gay. But it’s not so much a shock anymore, as Adam said during the interview: “I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,”. Adam talks about his childhood, claim to fame and run on American Idol and of course, his sexuality.


The issue will hit stands this week in the US and if you can’t get enough check out the link above and watch the exclusive video of his cover shoot. 🙂

Choice Hottie for June: Taylor Lautner

Cougar alert! That is for 17 year old Taylor Daniel Lautner born February 11, 1992 in Michigan. Well, they say 7 years is the limit from being a cougar. You may have recognized him as one of the kids (much younger) in The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, playing Sharkboy of course. He also starred in Cheaper by the Dozen 2 but he didn’t really went into the limelight until last November 2008 playing Jacob Black in the hugely popular Twilight movie. But at that time for the non-readers of Twilight, he was no more than a third party. Now, gaining even more popularity and weight (with all those six-packs) for the sequel called New Moon to be shown this November 2009. He literally got buffed just for the movie, talk about dedication huh. Anyways, he’s a martial artist too so he can pretty much kick our asses. He has a very Filipino look, don’t you think? But I don’t think he is but he looks effin’ hot especially on those last pictures. I saved the best for last of course.