Spider-man proves he can stand alone with the rest of ’em

I got to watch The Amazing Spider-man the other night and overall, I liked it. It just depends on what you’re looking for. If you went into the cinema wanting mindless action then you might have stifled a yawn here and there. The movie focused on the man (or boy) behind the mask, Peter Parker and I think it was halfway through that we get to see him ‘swinging’ in action and only towards the end that we see some big stunts. I will say this though since I was able to watch again the original Spider-man on HBO last night, this movie was more precise in depicting the character. We get to see more of his geeky side; him being a wiz and all. Him inventing those web-shooters like in the Marvel comic books. Going back now, it was stupid that on the first film the web just goes right out of his wrist. We also got to sort of know more about his parents. Andrew Garfield is the right fit for this role. He’s this nice, awkward, rebellious teenager and well, he’s cute too. 😉 You root for him as he tries to win over Emma Stone who plays daughter of the chief, Gwen Stacy. She’s so adorbs! I admit those were my favorite scenes. One thing I’ll criticize is that he’s a bit skinny in the suit. He looks fine as Peter but when he dons the red and blue spandex, he looks almost frail. Maybe because he’s younger and I figure he needs to be lean and flexible to do his maneuvers. Probably also the reason why we did not see him shirtless. (hehe) On another note, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Sally Field plays Aunt May.

The problem with this reboot is that aside from the new actors and of course, new director (Marc Webb, get it?), there’s nothing else to expect. I was not even excited with Lizard, they should have featured Mysterio or Chameleon instead. This movie is “slicker” and “cooler” than the first one, I’ll give it that. Much-improved in special effects which is given but they succeeded here in laying out the story, more than anything. Though I must say, who could forget that iconic upside-down wet kiss scene between Spider-man and MJ? And needless to say, that you can actually see Kirsten Dunst’s nipples through her blouse. (Haha that was a very straight thing to say). Anyway, personally my favorite still has to be Spider-man 2 (with Dr. Octopus as villain) but even though The Amazing Spider-man has to compete this year with the juggernaut that is The Avengers, it still held its own and did not let down. What I don’t know is how it will fare once the much-anticipated The Dark Knight Rises premieres.


Thor: Perfect To Kick-off Summer Blockbusters

The movie was quite an experience! (having watched it in 3D as well). I must admit, I wasn’t keen to go see the movie cause I wasn’t a fan before with the comic books or the character itself but it really persuaded me and for me, Thor is Marvel’s Superman with respect to its larger-than-life premise and the grandness of the characters and their “world”. Fresh actor Chris Hemsworth is the best choice to play The God of Thunder, he literally convinced me from the moment he appeared on screen and spoke. And need I mention the shirtless scene? 😉

The other cast members were also note-worthy; Anthony Hopkins (Odin) usually strikes me as frightening but he works well as an aggrieved father and king of Asgard, Loki played by Tom Hiddleston is the type of villain you sympathize with coz you know where he’s coming from however twisted his ways are, Natalie Portman (Jane) looks so normal amidst these characters but she looks so beautiful in the movie and I love her in it (she’s adorable!). I was astounded with the battle scenes against Laufey and the frost giants with Sif and the Warriors Three accompanying Thor and Loki as they went to Jotunheim. The humor in between also kept the light portions of the movie enjoyable. All in all, it was really good! What more can I say?

And I hope by now you’re already aware of the sneak peek shown after the credits just like with other Marvel films. Part 2 it is. 🙂

Superheroes Dominate 2011

My inner geek is happy like when I get new comics for my birthday as a kid. DC and Marvel are going all out in 2011 bringing into the big screen their biggest characters. Which superhero are you most excited to see?

Chris Evans is not new to the superhero universe playing The Human Torch on the Fantastic Four movies, but now he’s portraying an even bigger character as Captain America “The First Avenger”.

Although the Justice League of America has been cast already for its big screen premiere, famous member Green Lantern finally gets his own spotlight as Ryan Reynolds brings him to life.

New actor Chris Hemsworth plays one of the classic superheroes in America. Thor, though I’m not much aware of his story, is a huge character for Marvel as well.

Though the Spider-man reboot is already in the works, I don’t think it will be ready til next year. So this X-Men prequel is the one I’m most gearing up to see. I hope the characters will be equally exciting as the earlier movies.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Geek alert! The kid in me is going out again. I just watched the trailer for the Wolverine spin-off of the X-Men movies, and I can tell it’s going to be kickass! (Watch it in full HD glory.) Although we have to wait until May 1st, 2009 to catch it in theaters, I’m pretty hyped already. I’m a big fan of Marvel especially the X-Men and in my opinion it’s the best superhero franchise. From comic books, animated series to movies. Hands down they’re my favorite superheroes. Heck, as a kid I wished I was one of them. And up to now, I still have an inkling one day I’d discover my hidden super abilities.

In the trailer, I’ve already recognized some of the characters, aside from Wolverine of course. I’ve seen Gambit, happy about this one I was bummed he didn’t make it in the first three films, the Blob and Sabretooth, also happy they didn’t make him look like the too-literal version in the 1st movie. This movie is alot darker and brutal, I guess they were staying away from the cornball take on the 1st X-Men. Looking back, that movie really does suck. I think one of the very few characters they did justice on was Mystique. Of course at that time the movie was so awesome as we were all excited that they adopted it into a full-length movie not until the sequels came out. It started picking up on the 2nd installment but it wasn’t until The Last Stand that they blew me away. Aside from the ‘kill-all-the-main-characters’ plot every bit was awesome. Anyways, as you may have heard they’re basically focusing on Wolverine, kind of a duh?-moment when in fact the X-Men movies were already about him. It’s like 50% is on Wolverine and the other half is shared by the rest of the characters! I mean Wolverine is an integral part of X-Men and I think his story really is one of the more interesting scripts in the franchise but I still didn’t get why they had to create a spin-off. But it’s done and I hope they made the right decision.


The movie is considered as a prequel and is set roughly 20 years before X-Men amidst the violent past of Wolverine, his early encounters with the very human and anti-mutant William Stryker and focuses on the popular Weapon X project, wherein the government experiments on mutants willing and unwilling to enhance their powers and turn them into living weapons. It was during this time Wolverine was part of a CIA black ops team called Team X made up by the other mutants in the movie like Deadpool played by Ryan Reynolds (Van Wilder), Agent Zero also known as Maverick played by Daniel Henney (yup the Korean superstar), Silver Fox (Wolverine’s love interest), Kestrel played by Will.I.Am (B.E.P.) and the rest mentioned above. Numerous cameos are present as well both from new and old characters such as Emma Frost or more popularly known as the White Queen, Banshee and the young Cyclops, Storm, Jayson Stryker (William’s mutant son) and probably even the X-Men creator Stan Lee as he always does. What will he play this time around? I have to admit I don’t know much of most of the characters but I’ve heard of them or encountered them on the comics. On another note, I heard they’re making a Magneto version of X-Men Origins too. That would be great since he’s one of my favorite characters.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine stars and is led by Wolverine himself, Mr. Hugh Jackman (I couldn’t think of anyone who better fits the role) and is directed by Mr. Gavin Hood (Rendition – 2007).