Vampire Porn

Fans call it True Blood. Creator Alan Ball says: “To me, vampires are sex” Ya, we get that. As if it’s not obvious enough, Rolling Stone magazine got straight to the point and featured the lead cast on the latest issue’s cover wearing their own skin and just the right amount of blood. 😉 See below:

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Glee on RS

Just like to share this one. 😉

I must say, I always watch out for Rolling Stone covers coz I know they’re going to be interesting and “outside the box”. I love this cover, obviously coz I love the show, but also because there’s a story behind it. I think Lea Michele, front and center as always, fits that kind of image; geeky but sexy. Corey Monteith is so cute at the back – can’t help but notice him. I’m happy they included Diana Agron who resembles a princess straight out from a Disney animation also Jane Lynch, the lovable villainess and Matthew Morrison, looking like the teacher you got the hots for back in high school (uh-oh flashbacks!). 😀 I guess they’re really hyping out Glee’s return this April. The other day, Mark Salling was spotted on Flaunt magazine half-baring his bod.

So Effin’ Hot!

Rolling Stone recently came out with BRAND NEW set of photos from their Taylor Lautner’s Wild Ride: Teen Wolf issue. And they did not disappoint, after teasing us earlier with the behind-the-scenes pictures from the shoot, these newly-released visually stimulating images are way better than that of Levi Johnston’s naked Playgirl shots.


Wild Idol Indeed

Finally. After so much talks, maybe even catfights, on blogs, entertainment news programs and as John Lapus would say: “usap-usapan ng mga bakla sa parlor at ng mga labandera at katulong..”, Adam Lambert came out – the closet that is. Even Kara DioGuardi got lashed by Glambert fans (those who insists Adam is straight) when she outted him on an interview in The View. On the latest issue of the Rolling Stone magazine as publicized much earlier and as shown below entitled The Liberation of Adam Lambert Wild Idol, Adam graces the cover with his signature glam rock persona with a green snake crawling up his pants and a black butterfly. First reaction? That is so gay. But it’s not so much a shock anymore, as Adam said during the interview: “I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,”. Adam talks about his childhood, claim to fame and run on American Idol and of course, his sexuality.


The issue will hit stands this week in the US and if you can’t get enough check out the link above and watch the exclusive video of his cover shoot. 🙂