A life of privilege.


A not so very new find but nonetheless a worth following one. This show premiered back in September of 2008 in the US in the CW network and has gained a relatively high share in viewer ratings. Sadly though, no follow-up season is in the works. I don’t know why actually. I really prefer this one rather than that copycat remake 90210. I don’t know I just don’t find that show interesting, not even the cast! Back to Privileged, I really enjoyed watching the first few episodes and I officially include it in my TV show guilty pleasures. 🙂

joanna-garcia-photo The show features aspiring journalist and Yale graduate, Megan played by Joanna Garcia, handling a very unlikely job as tutor to 2 filthy rich high school girls: Sage (Ashley Newbrough) and Rose (Lucy Hale). If that’s not complicated enough, add her estranged boyfriend-stealing little sister Lily (Kristina Apgar) and her guy bestfriend Charlie (Michael Cassidy) who has always had a thing for her and not to mention the hot new neighbor Will (Brian Hallisay) to the picture and whoala: instant riot! Which for us means fun and drama at the same time. Privileged airs on ETC every Fridays. 🙂


Popcorn, anyone?

Had a back-to-back movie marathon so unless I let out everything I felt about them, I’m going to burst! 😀 First up, The Time Traveler’s Wife, a novel by Audrey Niffenegger adapted into film by New Line Cinema through Director Robert Schwentke. Then next we’ll climb into the colorful world created by Disney/Pixar in the eagerly anticipated, much-talked about animated movie Up.

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Viva La Cobra!

I really didn’t have a clue about these guys til they released ‘Good Girls Go Bad’ and worked with budding recording artist Leighton Meester, or more famously known as the actress who plays Blair Waldorf in the hit CW series – Gossip Girl.

So here’s the rundown, Cobra Starship is a band composed of lead vocalist Gabe Saporta – who is cute BTW and actually the reason why I’m posting about them 😉 . I find him really adorable and HOT!; he’s the guy in the cool glasses at the center. Then you have bassist Alex Suarez, the guy on the left with the shades, Nate Novarro on drums ( the guy in the pink bonnet), the only girl Victoria Asher on keytar and finally Ryland Blackinton, the guitarist wearing the shades on the right.

The band is currently on their 3rd album already entitled Hot Mess where ‘GGGB’ was taken from released this year. Their first record While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets was released in 2006 and they were featured on the soundtrack of the movie Snakes On A Plane. A year later they released their follow-up record ¡Viva La Cobra!. I’m just getting to know their songs and I find them really, really COOL, hip and fun. Their music is a blend of pop, punk, alternative with a lil’ bit of techno. They’re up for 2 Moonmans this year including Best Pop Video going head to head with pop icons Beyonce, Britney and Gaga, I’m kind of on the fence with this one – hope they make an appearance though or better yet perform! 🙂

POP Soup #2

1. Fallin’ For You – Colbie Caillat’s newest single with a funny video actually – though I don’t know how she fell with that old nerdy guy, anyways loves it! 🙂

2. When Love Takes Over – this track is a nice club song coming from respected DJ/Producer/Artist David Guetta this time featuring Kelly Rowland from the album One Love.

3. Broken – this is actually a song released back in 2008 from Lifehouse’s 4th studio album Who We Are. Currently, featured in the film adaptation of Audrey Niffenegger’s novel The Time Traveler’s Wife.

4. I Gotta Feeling – another DJ Guetta produced song from BEP’s latest album The E.N.D. Check out the video, it’s cool!

5. Funhouse – Pink’s 4th single off the album with the same name, Tony of No Doubt makes a cameo in the video.

Enjoy these songs and go ahead download! 🙂

We’re 1!

How time flies. Can you believe it?


August 4, 2008 was the date of my first post; the day I launched What’s In Between My Ears, before under Friendster Blogs then by December of the same year I transferred to WordPress. Since then I’ve been pouring out my thoughts on everything from Britney’s comeback record to Barack’s candidacy as president. All in all, I have more than 80 entries total. I know it’s kind of a lame number but I’m happy that this site is still up and running as of this moment, regularly updated with some exceptions (hehe). Wow. Who’s in for another year? I certainly am. To those who have cared enough to check out my blog, really thanks! Having more than 15 thousand hits – on Wordpress alone, is a huge deal for me. I don’t know how accurate that is, but that’s fine. I’ll be working on giving you lots of worth-reading finds and hopefully this brain of mine will be still working. ‘Til next post! 🙂

Street Hazard? Nah!

This has been a topic of controversy in the local media with billboards towering everywhere near roadsides. There was Dingdong Dantes with the skimpy underwear from a couple of Bench campaigns and several F&H denim ads with the very Pinoy Joem Bascon (the one who resembles Piolo Pascual), another Brazilian-Japanese hottie Hideo Muraoka and the latest: Fil-Brit Justin Hills who also appeared with Anne Curtis on the TV ad for Greenwich. Now – and I must say I’ve been waiting for this LOL 😀 , the adorable and all-smiles Akihiro Sato baring his bod especially his abs for the newest Penshoppe campaign for jeans, Recut. Who cares if it jeopardizes every motorists passing by the Makati – Kalayaan Flyover? Just kidding. It certainly drawn my attention, the whole thing oozes sex appeal without it being too risky. I’m really fond of this guy, I don’t know why. Or maybe I do. 😉


On another note, still about Aki; I went gaga when I saw that picture and went searching for it on the Penshoppe site. And then, I stumbled upon the Club Pen Video Blogs with one featuring Aki entitled: Akihiro: Learning the Lingo and he was so cute trying to speak Tagalog, I just loved him much much more. Just head onto the site and video gallery. Have fun! 🙂


OH. MY. GOD. I can’t take this anymore, whew! I think I’m overheating. Sorry about that, its just Robert Pattinson arriving at TCAs this year. My gosh! That’s a well-deserved Choice Male Hottie award, don’t you think? Have you seen them? You’ve got to check out the photos. Thanks to Thinking of Rob for the pics! 🙂 Here’s a preview:


I want my own Moonman!


This year the VMAs are back to Radio City Music Hall in NYC which will be hosted by Russell Brand for the 2nd consecutive year. I think it’s the first time that’s happened, I guess the producers really liked last year’s “Jonas Brothers – purity rings” jokes. And well, Brand will be given the chance to diss Bush again. Based on the nominations released earlier, it’s either goin’ to be Lady Gaga’s or Beyonce’s night tying with 9 noms each. With live performances from Green Day, Muse, Pink and Taylor Swift and presentors among others, Katy Perry and Chace Crawford, it will be one unforgettable night. Mark your calendars: September 13.


This is going to be an amazing show, as always. Among all award shows, this probably is my most anticipated! Known to be star-studded and controversial, this year will not be an exception. I’m pretty hyped out already. The list of nominees and categories are as follows: (read after the jump)

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Teens Rule!

It’s that time of the year once again when raging hormones (yes testosterone, oestrogen and all!) gather up and celebrate teen spirit and exercise their right to vote for the Choice Male Hottie (haha). Do I hear Robert Pattinson? What about Zac Efron? 😉 The Gibson Amphitheatre will be filled by TC’s signature surfboard trophies today, yes August 9 (US) and will air August 10 as stars upon stars will be handed out their awards.


The JoBros are set to host the show – oh no, I can already hear the echoes of thousands of screaming fans. Miley Cyrus is confirmed to perform her latest single “Party in the USA” and Twihard fanatics heads up: the cast are having a guest appearance. Read the list of nominees below. I’ll get back to you for the results. Exciting! 🙂

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Paula on the ropes.


I can’t believe Fox is still not making the decision whether to sign Paula for Season 9 of the biggest reality show on TV, American Idol. I think they owe her that much. If they will cut her or they’re having second thoughts on keeping her, then why prolong it just tell her the truth? But why remove her in the first place? That’s my question really. Was Kara Dioquardi a front for a more drastic reformatting of the show particulary on its judges? Hope she stays, that’s my opinion. 🙂


Gossip News


My first response? Yey!!! Since the season ender cliffhangers, I’ve been itching for some more gossip, and who loves gossip? Gossip Girl. So I’m dishing out the latest broadcast straight out from the Upper East Side. First up, boring high school days are over now it’s time to get serious. We all know the whole gang is going to college although not quite how they planned but they’re not the only one graduating. We may not know what college she applied to but Gossip Girl certainly wouldn’t miss out on the fun. And so does Michelle Trachtenberg who will be reprising her role as the bad-girl-gone-good-then-back-to-bad-again Georgina, don’t you just love hearing that name? For me it means scandal, it means fun! Let’s see how things turn out since B is not queen anymore and S, officially irrelevant.


Did I mention possible new love interest for Penn Badgley aka Lonely Boy in the person of the now very seductive Hilary Duff? I don’t know if she’ll play it out that way but I do know she’s playing a character named Olivia, Vanessa’s roommate. Even fashion mogul and talk show host Tyra Banks is joining in for a guest appearance. It’s bound to get more exciting and interesting at the same time. Watch out for it on September in the US. I’m thinking of actually begging for my cable provider to make this happen as well. Can’t wait!

Mariah Carey Vs. Eminem

Oh yeah. I knew it was goin to get ugly. Well, I did a piece about Clarkson Vs. Teddy but nothing comes close to this. This is way too juicy.


We may have been obsessing on MCs new song but we may relapse on this. (Get it?) 😀 Yes, Eminem retaliates with his own song called ‘The Warning’. Oh ho ho, the diva wouldn’t know what hit her. But we knew this would happen, he’s not your typical rapper, no he’s not even your typical guy. He’s not a gentleman, he’s been known to diss it out on the ladies, remember Christina? So we’re not surprised he’s talking sh*t back but what I am shocked of is what the warning is about. If you haven’t known by now, it started when Eminem claimed he and Mimi had a fling back in 2001 and she, well let’s just say, she didn’t get the joke. And obviously it’s been goin around so she felt she needed to straighten things out and I was thinking maybe like she would do an interview or press conference but no, I guess she wanted to do a song about it coz that’s the type of thing you get inspired from. Sorry, I can’t help the sarcasm. It’s just that this screams 50 Cent and Kanye West beef; all works to hype out people and boost record sales. Bad publicity is still publicity. Well, this is goin to drag on I can tell and frankly I really don’t care who’s telling the truth or not. If you’re curious, here’s the lyrics of both songs. Feast on it!

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Choice Hottie for August: Zac Efron

Can you believe that it has been over 3 years since we first saw that very cute ‘Troy Bolton’ boy on that hit made-for-TV movie and remembering thinking to yourself “wow this guy is cute!” and feeling kind of ‘am-i-a-cougar-having-a-crush-on-him? after. Now, we can all admit to ourselves: “Yes, I am!”, he’s all buffed up, uber hot, oozing with sex appeal and kind of emanating that whole manly grown-up look. Have you seen his guns? (LOL) I know, right?

His real name is Zachary David Alexander Efron, very old English don’t you think? Born on October 18, 1987 on San Luis Obispo, California. As early as 2002, Zac has been working on his acting career by appearing on TV shows such as ER, Summerland and CSI. Then Disney gave him that big break and pretty soon he was everywhere. You know that he’s a certified household name by 2006 when he was victimized by that infamous MTV reality show and Ashton Kutcher project ‘Punk’d’. Soon came movie deals such as Hairspray, HSM 3 and the recently released 17 Again. Now, whether its on magazine covers or hosting SNL, it is apparent Hollywood found a new star and eye candy. We’ll be seeing more of him for sure in the coming years. 🙂