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Summer Is On! F&H Style

Summer Heat Courtesy of Bench

Once again Bench kicks off summer early with their Return To Temptation campaign. Headlined by their biggest celebrity endorsers, of course I’m posting only the 3 I found the hottest: Piolo, Jake & Aljur.

Piolo’s abs are so perfect. You can tell they’re hard just by looking at it (hehe), then again so as Aljur’s. Jake Cuenca is always hot and we got extra since he endorses Bench Body, the underwear line. Bring on the heat!


Get your movie on!

IMAX. La-Z-Boy. Popcorn.

I know what you’re thinking. Summertime has kicked in and one of its perks? Summer movies – and not just any movies, they call it: Blockbusters. Some I’ve already seen, others I’d rather wait for the DVD and the rest we’re just dying to catch. And I mean dying. Below is the ultimate list:

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Sit Back. Relax. Take A Poll.

2009 may not be over yet but tons of great movies have been burning up our movie screens for quite some time now. Which one do you think is the best?

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