A Tweet-style Review for The Amazing Spider-man 2

so i wrote a sort of review of #theamazingspiderman2 it’s not entirely spoiler free but don’t worry i left out the big one. coming right up!

1st thing i noticed was how better his movements are swinging around the city. the humor is still there w/c is a big hit for the kids (& me)

i talked about how the villains are cornball right? turns out, it doesn’t matter bec the storyline is great. we now know of peter’s parents

again, spider-man’s appeal is really the guy behind the mask: peter. he has (daddy) issues & (love) problems like the rest of us. he’s human

can’t say electro was a badass villain. they could’ve put anyone new in there, wouldn’t matter. but his powers make a great display for cgi

wish we could’ve seen more of pete’s friendship w/ harry. still, ‘twas a nice first taste of the green goblin. fits dane dehaan like a glove

& who else was ecstatic to see the weaponry alongside rhino’s? saw doc oc’s & was that vulture’s? a preview of what’s to come? hopefully

if you also complained w/ the lack of andrew garfield shirtlessness before, you’re in luck. someone in the producer’s table took notice 😉

as for gwen, guess it makes sense. they made her so lovable (duh, emma stone) it would be hard to intro mj into the picture in any other way

much better overall. great build up and just enough adrenaline. the peter-gwen scenes are my fave. dunno, i’m just into the mushy stuff 😉

of course i can’t not talk about the x-men preview!!! mystique in action is always fun. so stoked for this one, you don’t even know.