Revamped! (Sort Of)

I just wanted a change. I’m tired of my old site and I wanted something different. An idea came to me aside from switching my theme, why not change the name? Actually, I was having an internal debate with myself whether to create a new one or just reformat the existing. Obviously, the latter won since keeping one blog is hard enough – I can’t imagine two.

So now I’m thinking, I should have at least prepared an entry to kick-off things but I’m having a brain fart and its failing me big time. I guess it was a wise decision to change the title What’s In Between My Ears, coz people might say there’s really nothing. 😀 But I still made it the tagline, I didn’t want to totally remove it as it has always been the essence of this blog. OPEN-MINDED, was a term I came across while shopping at Forever 21 (hey don’t judge me!). It was written on a shirt I was eyeing, it’s really cute by the way, then I thought to myself: “That’s so me! That’s how I am.” And that’s how the title came about. I’m really lovin it, I think this is just what I needed.

Oh before I forget, welcome to my new blog! 🙂


Glee on RS

Just like to share this one. 😉

I must say, I always watch out for Rolling Stone covers coz I know they’re going to be interesting and “outside the box”. I love this cover, obviously coz I love the show, but also because there’s a story behind it. I think Lea Michele, front and center as always, fits that kind of image; geeky but sexy. Corey Monteith is so cute at the back – can’t help but notice him. I’m happy they included Diana Agron who resembles a princess straight out from a Disney animation also Jane Lynch, the lovable villainess and Matthew Morrison, looking like the teacher you got the hots for back in high school (uh-oh flashbacks!). 😀 I guess they’re really hyping out Glee’s return this April. The other day, Mark Salling was spotted on Flaunt magazine half-baring his bod.