Wet. Wild. Epic.

Wet, because we went there during the rainy season (IKR?). Wild, well because its Boracay baby!!! Epic, because it was my first time and i had a blast!

arrival @ kalibo

Here’s a rundown of what went down during our 2 days, 2 nights stay in the island of Boracay:

dinner @ the hobbit house
pre-party drinking session

Of course, PARTY!!! 😉 Not even the rain was able to stop us… notice how wet we were? Ya, those weren’t sweat at all.

The next morning…. Look ma, no hangover! haha
beach buddies
here we are clueless of what's in store for us...
"the FLYFISH from HELL"
hold on to your horses, it's going to be a bumpy ride!
excited to go underwater! 🙂
holy helmet diving, batman!
reef walking, look at the fishes, equalize, take pictures, lalalala... holy shit i'm underwater!
driving 101 on an ATV. Yeah!!!!
view @ the "Tanawin"
w/ the girls on an eat-all-you-can dinner
finally a sand castle on our 2nd bora night!
some good ol' sun-soaking on our 3rd day... 🙂
picture-taking on the rocks
thank goodness for some sun!
time to go home... 😦

I’ll definitely be back, next time during the summer hehe. This trip is not cheap at all but worth every minute of it, yes, even with the on/off rain. I’m broke but rich with good memories. 🙂

(Thanks to Riki, Mabel, Popoy and Sir Mon for the pics! 🙂 )


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