Heidi Klum stomps the Victoria’s Secret runway

Originally set to just host the show, Heidi Klum‘s most famous legs actually worked the runway last November 19 for the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Showing her post-baby bump body after only 5 weeks! Can you imagine? The show which will be airing on December 1 on CBS also featured the Black Eyed Peas, here are the rest of the Angels:



The 2009 AMA Extravaganza

The show set to air on November 22 live from the Nokia Theatre is packed with the biggest names in the industry, the only one probably who will not be there is Michael Jackson, who by the way scored nominations for his Number Ones release. And speaking of big, 2009’s biggest artist Taylor Swift leads the pack with the most noms for the night.

This is going to be one heck of a night, the performers line-up is massive here’s the blow by blow: Adam Lambert, Janet Jackson, Shakira, BEP, Rihanna, Carrie Underwood, J.Lo, Mary J. Blige, Lady GaGa, Eminem, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and the Whitney Houston.

Will awards night favorite Beyonce steal the show once again? Who’s your bet for Artist of the Year? Who will rock the stage?

Let’s all watch and see so be sure to catch the 37th Annual American Music Awards, for the complete list of nominations head to ABC.com.

It’s all about the VMAs!

VMA ratings higher than 17% this year; the highest in 5 years, thanks to Mr. West.

But no thanks.


Kanye’s ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) triggered once again and what’s silly is that he wasn’t even nominated for that category and yet he still had something to say. I understand if he has qualms on not winning but damn that was Best Female Video for crying out loud! I’m sure you’ve heard about him taking Taylor’s winning moment when he interrupted during her speech. It even brought about several jokes on the net. It was funny btw. I remembered Beyonce’s shocked reaction, she was like: “Oh, Kanye!” It was really nice when she let Taylor have her moment again when the former won for Video of the Year (well-deserved!). Although some were saying these were all staged, I doubt it. Kanye’s a douchebag even in real life, wait a jerk too and an asshole.

Another crazy thing that happened that night was Lady GaGa. I don’t know what to do with her anymore, I know she’s a self-confessed attention whore but what the hell were she wearing!!! Ugh, I mean I love her and her music but… when she does things like that. Tsk, I’m just glad she won for Best New Artist. As well as Britney’s Womanizer for Best Pop Video, kind of stupid she wasn’t nominated for the Female category.

All in all, the VMAs was such a blast once again. Janet’s performace was amazing I wish she had lengthen it. Madonna’s tribute speech for MJ was surprisingly good, for a moment I thought she will make it all about her. I wished B performed another song, as much as I loved Single Ladies but that was like so last year already! And I didn’t like the changes she made either. As with GaGa, she murdered the song once again. Paparazzi is one of my favorite songs from her and I was disappointed with the video and this performance.

Okay that’s it, til next year then. 🙂

VMA Fashion


Va va voom! she’s much healthier nowadays, isn’t she? 😛


Too safe! but i still crush him though.


uh-oh someone forgot to look in the mirror (hint: missing hair) 😀


plain and simple… okay that works for me coz he’s Chace Crawford.


ooohhh…. dangerous!


i don’t get the sleeves at all.


glad he dressed up his age.


love the gladiator look ♥


over the top… the whole look is too busy there’s so much goin on, then again that’s Lady GaGa we’re talking about.


a good girl gone  bad, loves it! she’s HOT!


those boots are killin me just by lookin at them, she rocked the whole outfit.


he really does it for me, wow so much have changed since that Sharkboy kid.. he’s a grown man! nice overall look.


from one taylor to another… 3 words: she’s breathtakingly GORGEOUS!


i must say i really like this dress… so cute and trendy very apt for the VMAs.

Who do you think blazed on the red carpet? Hit me back. 🙂

(Photos by Getty Images.)


OH. MY. GOD. I can’t take this anymore, whew! I think I’m overheating. Sorry about that, its just Robert Pattinson arriving at TCAs this year. My gosh! That’s a well-deserved Choice Male Hottie award, don’t you think? Have you seen them? You’ve got to check out the photos. Thanks to Thinking of Rob for the pics! 🙂 Here’s a preview:


I want my own Moonman!


This year the VMAs are back to Radio City Music Hall in NYC which will be hosted by Russell Brand for the 2nd consecutive year. I think it’s the first time that’s happened, I guess the producers really liked last year’s “Jonas Brothers – purity rings” jokes. And well, Brand will be given the chance to diss Bush again. Based on the nominations released earlier, it’s either goin’ to be Lady Gaga’s or Beyonce’s night tying with 9 noms each. With live performances from Green Day, Muse, Pink and Taylor Swift and presentors among others, Katy Perry and Chace Crawford, it will be one unforgettable night. Mark your calendars: September 13.


This is going to be an amazing show, as always. Among all award shows, this probably is my most anticipated! Known to be star-studded and controversial, this year will not be an exception. I’m pretty hyped out already. The list of nominees and categories are as follows: (read after the jump)

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Teens Rule!

It’s that time of the year once again when raging hormones (yes testosterone, oestrogen and all!) gather up and celebrate teen spirit and exercise their right to vote for the Choice Male Hottie (haha). Do I hear Robert Pattinson? What about Zac Efron? 😉 The Gibson Amphitheatre will be filled by TC’s signature surfboard trophies today, yes August 9 (US) and will air August 10 as stars upon stars will be handed out their awards.


The JoBros are set to host the show – oh no, I can already hear the echoes of thousands of screaming fans. Miley Cyrus is confirmed to perform her latest single “Party in the USA” and Twihard fanatics heads up: the cast are having a guest appearance. Read the list of nominees below. I’ll get back to you for the results. Exciting! 🙂

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Sit Back. Relax. Take A Poll.

2009 may not be over yet but tons of great movies have been burning up our movie screens for quite some time now. Which one do you think is the best?