Choice Hottie for July: Channing Tatum

Born Channing Matthew Tatum in Cullman, Alabama but to his fans Chan was a model for the popular brand Abercrombie & Fitch. Since then, he continued modelling and pursued an acting career, as well. This 29 year old actor appeared in films such as She’s The Man opposite comedienne Amanda Bynes and a part in Samuel L. Jackson’s Coach Carter. He built his brand by showing his moves on the successful dance flick Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets. But his biggest breaks came from his more recent projects: playing the lead in the aptly titled ‘fight club’ themed movie Fightinga role in Johnny Depp’s Public Enemies  and of course the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. He’ll surely be seen in every press event, tv show and magazine these days promoting for these films. So do watch out for him, meanwhile, enjoy these pictures from his GQ cover article stating his claim to fame and his beginnings (worked in construction and as a perfume spritzer). I consider him a hottie because of his all-american look, those piercing eyes and of course who wouldn’t take a second look at that gorgeous body?


Choice Hottie for March: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson = Edward Cullen less the fangs of course. But even so, I don’t think any of us would mind. I don’t think I even have to elaborate on this one. Just look at his face and you’ll see someone mysterious, charming, gorgeous and breathtaking. Sure he has some weird-looking photos scattered throughout the net but you can’t deny his charisma. He’s not your typical pretty face alright but he’s a keeper. Don’t you just love him? Especially on those “worried poses”, don’t it make you just want to ease him and make it all right? Okay I’ll stop now. 😉  Enjoy!

What’s New?


Bride Wars

Two of my most favorite actresses join forces to deliver a romantic comedy entitled Bride Wars directed by Gary Winick (13 Going On 30). Kate Hudson (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days) and Anne Hathaway (The Devil Wears Prada) play two best friends, Liv and Emma that became rivals having set both their weddings on the same day. Catch? One MUST give way. This ought to be fun! Make sure its the first thing you catch for 2009!


Cover Wars


First up, yes, Ms. Aniston herself sporting a tie and nothing else. OMG, she is gorgeous! As in major, hot if I may say. She already made a hot cover for GQ before but this one definitely tops that. S-E-X-Y. Can’t believe Brad left her, well, Angelina is hot too. So I can’t blame him. John Mayer is a lucky guy!


This one I have to get a copy myself, as I always do hehe. =) It’s the annual body issue of Metro Magazine. Their December-January special edition is always the most anticipated issue every year probably the best selling too. This year with Piolo Pascual and his six-pack on the cover, no wonder they’re sold out.



Best of Hilary Duff

It’s her 2nd greatest hits record released this November 11 in the US, the first one being Most Wanted which became her 2nd no. 1 album after Metamorphosis. I don’t know actually why she did it again since the 2 almost have the same songs except of course the songs that came out later off her Dignity album. In her defense though, she doesn’t call it her greatest hits just a compilation album. I love the cover she’s so grown up and very sultry looking. The record is released with a new single called Reach Out, just watched the video and she’s beautiful and doing the whole sexy thing again. I have to have this one, since I didn’t got the first. Hope its released here too. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Reach Out

2. Holiday

3. Stranger

4. With Love

5. Play With Fire

6. Wake Up

7. Fly

8. Come Clean

9. So Yesterday

10. Why Not

11. Reach Out (Remix)

12. Holiday (Remix)

I just wished she included Beat Of My Heart and Our Lips Are Sealed with her sister Haylie.