Girl Gone Wild: It’s So Hypnotic

Warning: Song may get stuck in your head.

What can I say, Madonna’s still got IT. This Benny Benassi-produced track is crazy addicting and the video is just HOT. I might go and pick up the album (MDNA) when it hits local record stores. Anyways, hit play and enjoy!


JoJo’s Back!

And the song’s already stuck in my head, very reminiscent of her previous hit Too Little Too Late. I kinda missed her and I always like her songs. Anyways, that was some hiatus, eh? Hope she gets back on track especially with her new album on the way entitled Jumping Trains.

The lyrics helped me appreciate the song more, check it out below:


I’m trying not to pretend that it wont happen again, and again like that

Never thought it would end, cuz you got up in my head, in my head like that

You made me happy baby, love is crazy, so amazing

But it’s changing, rearranging

I don’t think I can take anymore


Cuz the walls burned up and our love fell down

And it turned into whatever, now we’re saying never

Feel the fire cuz it’s all around and it’s burning

For forever and always

We gotta let it go, be on our way

Live for another day, cuz it ain’t the same, my baby

Watch it all fallin to the ground

No happy ever after, just disaster


I didn’t want it this way, I only wanted to say

I loved you right

But now you walkin away, and leavin me here to stay

So foolish of me to wait for you to realize

All the things I gave you, made you, change you

Your dreams came true

When I met you, now forget you

Don’t want anymore



You shot the bullet , you shot the bullet that killed me

Not feeling my heart beat, and I was dyin

I I’ve been through it, I I’ve been through the agony

And now my eyes are, dryin, tryin, no more cryin,

Like it’s just a game,

So disaster strikes and I’m all right

Cuz my loves on his way


Burning up forever and always (always)

yeah yeah yeaa


I Like Number Four!

In fact, number four’s pretty hot. Leave it to Ellen to convince her guests to lose their shirt. Newcomer, Alex Pettyfer appeared on her talk show to promote his film I Am Number Four in which he plays the title role. And when she gave him an “I ♥ Ellen” t-shirt at the end, she jokingly said she wouldn’t hand it until he takes his shirt off and he did! Watch the interview below:

She’s currently dating co-star and Glee actress, Dianna Agron and although he didn’t admit to Ellen it was pretty obvious. He’s just so H – O – T !!!

F**k You!

I see you driving ’round town
With the girl i love and i’m like,
Fuck you!
Oo, oo, ooo
I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn’t enough i’m like,
Fuck you!
And fuck her too!
I said, if i was richer, i’d still be with ya
Ha, now ain’t that some shit? (ain’t that some shit?)
And although there’s pain in my chest
I still wish you the best with a…
Fuck you!
Oo, oo, ooo

I can’t stop singing this song! The uncensored version is really awesome-r! Fuck You or Forget You, is the 1st single of Cee-Lo Green as a solo artist for his album The Lady Killer. If you remember, he’s also the lead singer on the band Gnarls Barkley and had a hit called Crazy. His next single is It’s OK so check that one also. Now sing with me! …

Unthinkable (I’m Ready)

Oh my gosh, I am so loving this song. I’m also diggin’ the slow beat. Check out the lyrics:

You give me a feeling that I never felt before
And I deserve it, I know I deserve it
Its becoming something that’s impossible to ignore
It’s what we make it

I was wondering maybe
Could I make you my baby
If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy
Or would it be so beautiful either way I’m sayin’
If you ask me I’m ready
If you ask me I’m ready

Nice, right? 🙂 Anyways, this is still off the album, The Element of Freedom by Alicia Keys. And man, the video looks great too, which shows a story of an interracial relationship. It features Chad Murray and can I just say, he looks good and I kinda missed him from the old One Tree Hill days. I forgotten how hot he is (hehe). Sorry for the quality of the video though, Youtube has blocked the others due to copyright grounds. Grrrrr. And WordPress only allows videos from them and Dailymotion but if you want a clear one, head to

Bad Girl GaGa!

Telephone has premiered today on E!. This video marking the 2nd collaboration between GaGa and B has been much-anticipated and talked about.

More like a short film (it’s over 9 minutes long), it didn’t relate to the song once again kind of what happened to Paparazzi which coincidentally is where the story picked up. I immediately loved this track upon hearing The Fame Monster and its supposed to be a fun song – about dancing and stuff but instead she turned it into one of her creepy, twisted creations. Beyonce a.k.a. “Honey B” was also just as weird. There where funny parts though, I did laugh on the line saying: “You know what they say, once you kill the cow, you’ve got to make a burger.” And I know we’re talking about GaGa here but the wardrobe, man! There’s really nothing much.

In a nutshell, I didn’t like it. Still think the song is awesome! And oh, you can watch the video here. 🙂

Street Hazard? Nah!

This has been a topic of controversy in the local media with billboards towering everywhere near roadsides. There was Dingdong Dantes with the skimpy underwear from a couple of Bench campaigns and several F&H denim ads with the very Pinoy Joem Bascon (the one who resembles Piolo Pascual), another Brazilian-Japanese hottie Hideo Muraoka and the latest: Fil-Brit Justin Hills who also appeared with Anne Curtis on the TV ad for Greenwich. Now – and I must say I’ve been waiting for this LOL 😀 , the adorable and all-smiles Akihiro Sato baring his bod especially his abs for the newest Penshoppe campaign for jeans, Recut. Who cares if it jeopardizes every motorists passing by the Makati – Kalayaan Flyover? Just kidding. It certainly drawn my attention, the whole thing oozes sex appeal without it being too risky. I’m really fond of this guy, I don’t know why. Or maybe I do. 😉


On another note, still about Aki; I went gaga when I saw that picture and went searching for it on the Penshoppe site. And then, I stumbled upon the Club Pen Video Blogs with one featuring Aki entitled: Akihiro: Learning the Lingo and he was so cute trying to speak Tagalog, I just loved him much much more. Just head onto the site and video gallery. Have fun! 🙂

Sasha Once More

Here’s the new Beyonce video for the song Ego off Disc 2 of I Am… Sasha Fierce. The video features Beyonce donning her alter-ego once more with the signature sepia feel and look and don’t forget her 2 backup dancers. Nothing much going on with the video; just her dancing. I don’t like it very much, not to mention Ego is not exactly my favorite song from the album. I would’ve wanted her to do Sweet Dreams. Anyways, I wonder what the other video is. If you’re keeping up with her since the release of this album, you’ll notice she’s been releasing a pair of songs everytime; one from I Am… and another from Sasha Fierce. First she released If I Were A Boy and Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) then succeeded by Halo and Diva. Okay I won’t keep you, take a look.

More from Beyonce, she’s releasing a video collection and cutting-edge electronica dance mixes of the songs from I Am… Sasha Fierce. At present, the DVD/CD offering entitled Above and Beyonce is only available at Walmart but if you’re interested here’s the tracklisting:

1. If I Were A Boy
2. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
3. Diva
4. Halo
5. Broken-Hearted Girl
6. Ego (Fan Exclusive)
7. Ego (featuring Kanye West) b-roll footage

1. If I Were A Boy (Maurice Joshua Mojo UK Remix)
2. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) (DJ Escape & Tony Coluccio Remix)
3. Diva (Karmatronic Remix)
4. Halo (Dave Audé Remix)
5. Broken-Hearted Girl (Catalyst Remix)
6. Ego (DAC Remix)
7. Sweet Dreams (dance mix)
8. Ego (Remix featuring Kanye West)

To find out more about these, head onto