LOL-worthy Sites

Feeling down and low? Well, there’s always or more commonly known as FML, to cheer you up. Tip: head to “The Best of FML” and “Intimacy” categories for some instant laughs. As an alternative, you have which is more of the same thing: random posts of everyday people who can tell you why your life is way f***in’ better (hehe). But if you really wanna feel somewhat “superior” head on to and you’ll see posts of twihard fanatics or, now I’m thinking more like twilight haters, confessing their “obsession” on, well, Twilight. If you’re more of a Youtube type, you can check out and see some famous people get on in on the ride. 

Want more? A few days back, I found another one. Try reading on just like what I do when my day is all shitty and I immediately feel so good after. 

Here’s a sample of what to expect: 


Zoo Sign WIN (Okay fine! I won't enter, sheesh!)


Appropriate FAIL (Let's not go there...)


Google Racism FAIL (Uh oh, I feel guilty already!)


Fake FAIL (Who the hell names a children's toy demondonkey???)


Book WIN (Here's another dig on Twilight)

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