Girl Gone Wild: It’s So Hypnotic

Warning: Song may get stuck in your head.

What can I say, Madonna’s still got IT. This Benny Benassi-produced track is crazy addicting and the video is just HOT. I might go and pick up the album (MDNA) when it hits local record stores. Anyways, hit play and enjoy!


Happy Hunger Games!

I am stoked! As you can see, I reserved tickets already for Friday night to watch THE movie event of the year, The Hunger Games. Indeed, the world will be watching. I erased certain parts coz you know, someone might claim it before I do (LOL). I can’t contain the excitement I’m feeling now and I am ecstatic about the 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes (15 reviews) which really says a lot. But to anyone who will be able to watch earlier, since the movie will start screening Wednesday night (21st), I can’t tell you how jealous I am. Still, it’s great I was able to get reservations coz they are selling like hotcakes!

If you search my blog, you will know I am a huge fan of the novels having read the first book around August of 2010 and then gobbled the series soon after. When the trailer first came out, I can’t explain it. You know that feeling when a novel you loved is turned into a visual piece and they exceeded what you’ve imagined it would be? That’s exactly how I felt. I wanna see Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Haymitch, Prim, all the tributes, Cinna, Effie in big screen action! I wanna see the Capitol, Districts, the food, muttations, jabberjays, tracker jackers and most of all, the blood! (hehe)

With that I leave you with this countdown – goosebumps!

JoJo’s Back!

And the song’s already stuck in my head, very reminiscent of her previous hit Too Little Too Late. I kinda missed her and I always like her songs. Anyways, that was some hiatus, eh? Hope she gets back on track especially with her new album on the way entitled Jumping Trains.

The lyrics helped me appreciate the song more, check it out below:


I’m trying not to pretend that it wont happen again, and again like that

Never thought it would end, cuz you got up in my head, in my head like that

You made me happy baby, love is crazy, so amazing

But it’s changing, rearranging

I don’t think I can take anymore


Cuz the walls burned up and our love fell down

And it turned into whatever, now we’re saying never

Feel the fire cuz it’s all around and it’s burning

For forever and always

We gotta let it go, be on our way

Live for another day, cuz it ain’t the same, my baby

Watch it all fallin to the ground

No happy ever after, just disaster


I didn’t want it this way, I only wanted to say

I loved you right

But now you walkin away, and leavin me here to stay

So foolish of me to wait for you to realize

All the things I gave you, made you, change you

Your dreams came true

When I met you, now forget you

Don’t want anymore



You shot the bullet , you shot the bullet that killed me

Not feeling my heart beat, and I was dyin

I I’ve been through it, I I’ve been through the agony

And now my eyes are, dryin, tryin, no more cryin,

Like it’s just a game,

So disaster strikes and I’m all right

Cuz my loves on his way


Burning up forever and always (always)

yeah yeah yeaa


Sucker Punch: Babes & Guns – What more can you ask for?

For a moment there I sounded like a guy. But it’s true right? You can never go wrong with kick-ass ladies in high-flying action.

First off, the movie looks goooood. From its cast to each make-believe, fantasy world – its visually stimulating. 😉 No wonder cause Zack Snyder directed the movie (Watchmen, 300). Emily Browning (Baby Doll) has that right amount of innocent and sexy. Add a couple more chicks (this movie is turning me into a dude) like Abbie Cornish (Sweet Pea), Jena Malone (Rocket), Jamie Chung (Amber) and Vanessa Hudgens (Blondie), this movie has something for everybody.

As for the confusing part, it’s as simple as this: a group of girls trapped in a mental institute escape from reality into a world where they transform their obstacles into giant stone samurais, fire-breathing dragons and an army of robots. Ultimately, they join forces to achieve their common goal: freedom. You just have to remember that most of the time they’re imagining a world within a world (think Inception).

I enjoyed all the action sequences, they’re awesome!!! In some parts, they seem unrealistic but its a product of the girls’ imagination so what the heck! The soundtrack also pumped up every scene and I love the little quotes here and there. At first, I didn’t get why it’s called Sucker Punch. Based on definition it means: “an unsuspected punch or blow”. I guess because the central character, Baby Doll, is like that. You see her as this fragile little girl but when she unleashes herself, she can put a bullet into your head or slit your throat.

So Why Watch The Voice?


The new and improved (?) American Idol is halfway through the competition this year and its doing great, Simon Cowell is busy bringing X-Factor to the US (Antonio “L.A.” Reid already signed up to be one of the judges) and now another singing competition? So why watch ‘The Voice’, huh? Upon hearing the mechanics of the show maybe, just maybe, you’ll think twice.

The new NBC show hired 4 judges to coach the hopefuls: Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Blake Shelton and will be hosted by Carson Daly. This is an interesting batch of people I have to admit (not only because of Xtina). These mentors will judge the contestants based only on their voice, literally, since their backs will be turned on the contestants therefore giving them a more “objective” approach in determining who gets in. “It’s not about breaking these people down but more about building them up”, Christina said in an interview. In order to get the contestant on his/her team, they will have to hit the “red button” first. After that the judges will mentor these contestants in their performances which will then be judged by America.

Sounds like a good idea, right? Still, I don’t know if the show will keep me glued to my screen. I might check out it’s premiere to see how it plays out. But until then, I can’t decide. How ’bout you? What do you think?

Burlesque: Better Than Most Movies Featuring Singers

At long last, Christina’s acting début via the musical Burlesque is already screening in Manila.  And I enjoyed it – the music was great, the acting was not Oscar-worthy but who cares, the writing though cliché in parts is fun and engaging. But I guess that’s what the movie is aiming for: to entertain and they succeeded. Obviously, the next step is to compare and I understood why the critics were harsh. We have all these hit musicals like Moulin Rouge, Chicago and Dreamgirls and we also have the ‘singers-trying-to-act’ type of films that were hardly anything good. Since Burlesque falls on both categories, it’s like double jeopardy. I have to say, I think Burlesque fades in comparison to the musicals mentioned in context of depth and relevance, the movie is quite simple. Small-town girl with incredible talent pursues her career in the land of dreams aka L.A. and ends up on an intriguing burlesque lounge. Add the charming, not to mention attractive, bartender and we have an instant love story. But for the 2nd category, Burlesque shines. Christina delivers a believable performance and you know what she really looks good on screen. She appears younger and thinner as compared to when you see her lately. The production value is incredible and the music is enticing and feel-good, I want to buy the soundtrack! It doesn’t suck at all which is saying something. And can I just say, I never heard singing like that in a long time, her vocals are at its peak. For the rest of the cast, surprisingly I was not bothered much by Cher (sorry I don’t get her), Kristen Bell and Julianne Hough were great additions to the performers, Stanley Tucci always impresses me and Cam Gigandet, your body is to die for – I love you already. I want to give a huge shout out to your perfect ass, by the way.

I Like Number Four!

In fact, number four’s pretty hot. Leave it to Ellen to convince her guests to lose their shirt. Newcomer, Alex Pettyfer appeared on her talk show to promote his film I Am Number Four in which he plays the title role. And when she gave him an “I ♥ Ellen” t-shirt at the end, she jokingly said she wouldn’t hand it until he takes his shirt off and he did! Watch the interview below:

She’s currently dating co-star and Glee actress, Dianna Agron and although he didn’t admit to Ellen it was pretty obvious. He’s just so H – O – T !!!

Bad Girl GaGa!

Telephone has premiered today on E!. This video marking the 2nd collaboration between GaGa and B has been much-anticipated and talked about.

More like a short film (it’s over 9 minutes long), it didn’t relate to the song once again kind of what happened to Paparazzi which coincidentally is where the story picked up. I immediately loved this track upon hearing The Fame Monster and its supposed to be a fun song – about dancing and stuff but instead she turned it into one of her creepy, twisted creations. Beyonce a.k.a. “Honey B” was also just as weird. There where funny parts though, I did laugh on the line saying: “You know what they say, once you kill the cow, you’ve got to make a burger.” And I know we’re talking about GaGa here but the wardrobe, man! There’s really nothing much.

In a nutshell, I didn’t like it. Still think the song is awesome! And oh, you can watch the video here. 🙂