Welcoming 1.1.11

I wanted to say “happy new year!” before the year ends and before the fireworks and noise fill the air. I’m just happy we’re about to start a new year and a new decade. I don’t know what 2011 may bring but I’m very eager to find out.

Hope everyone have a blast on NYE. Cheers!!! 🙂


The Year That Was

Wow. How do I put in to one post the highlights of the past year?

Let’s start on the other side of the world, shall we? Particularly where its all glitz and glamour, not. We’ve had our fair share of crazy in 2010, from the late night feud at NBC (Team Conan!) to Mel Gibson’s racist rants. And how could you forget the douche who cheated on Sandra Bullock? Yes, I’m talking about you Jesse James. I can’t even decide which Lilo controversy to put here. Is it the jail time? Or the back to rehab stint? Or better yet, why not the bong video from Miley recently. No wait, wasn’t Paris busted with coke in her purse? Which apparently wasn’t hers and it wasn’t coke but gum. Ya right. A few couples headed to splitsville in 2010: David and Courtney, Eva and Tony, Christina and Jordan, Ryan and ScarJo. Let’s not forget Zanessa too.

On the more positive side of things, Avatar became the biggest film in history raking in $3 billion overthrowing Titanic at the top spot. Nothing lost here since both films were by James Cameron. Simon Cowell and Ellen left AI, soon enough J.Lo and Steven Tyler were asked to fill in. Bristol Palin almost won DWTS. (whew!) Then there’s that Prince William and Kate Middleton engagement. In music, Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream probably came true this year, plus she got hitched! She did face some fierce competition like Ke$ha, Taylor, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, JB, Usher and Eminem.

In the local scene, halfway through the year PNoy became the 15th President of the Philippines and although I did not vote for him, he’s really not the worst among the candidates running for office, trust me. This was the first year the automated voting system was implemented and it was my first time to vote ever (I was 23 then), I’m a bit ashamed of that fact. Everyone especially the youth should vote as soon as the law grants that right. Moving on, Manny Pacquiao fought his way to his 8th boxing title, Maria Venus Raj brought major, major pride for our country and Charice signed on a recurring role with my most favorite show on the planet. Oh, Regine and Ogie finally exchanged their vows.

Personally, It was my most challenging year yet – career wise. I’ve never dreaded ‘April 15’ so much in my entire life. When it came, it left an impression on me that by August I wanted out, hehe. Flipside, I also got to travel to places I’ve only read about or seen in pictures before. I’ve been to Bohol, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Boracay and Bolinao all during the year. I’m hoping to continue the streak next year, abroad perhaps?

Yup, those were the 2010 moments. It could be a lot worse you know. 🙂 Toast to a new year, a better year!

Bieber Music Awards

While his mentor Usher managed to sneak up on the Soul/R&B Male & Album awards, JB didn’t hold back one bit. Thanks to online voting, Bieber swept the awards for Pop/Rock Male, Album, Breakthrough Artist and even Artist of the Year which is a huge deal. Personally, I think it should’ve went to Eminem, who did win Rap/Hip-Hop Male & Album. Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift & Rihanna each won Female artist for their respective category & also Lady Antebellum for Country Duo/Group/Band! Love them! Glee was also awarded for the Soundtrack category.

The American Music Awards’ list of performers has something for everyone: Rihanna, Taylor, Xtina, Pink, Santana, BEP, Ke$ha, Katy but probably the best of the night was NKOTBSB, closing the show spectacularly. Enjoyed their performance so much! Everyone was up to their feet and singing along, really brings me memories of my teenhood. Oh if I’m talking chinese, I meant New Kids on the Block & the Backstreet Boys. 🙂

Below are some of the fantastical red carpet action:

From Van Wilder to Sexiest Man Alive

“I’m happy its not Brad” said George Clooney jokingly, frankly me too. After Johnny Depp last year, I thought People was not so keen on giving the rest of the male population a chance. But surprisingly, the choice this year is Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds whom we all know for films such as Van Wilder, Just Friends, Blade Trinity, X-men Origins: Wolverine, The Proposal and just recently, Buried. This special double cover issue of People magazine is also in celebration of its 25th anniversary in handing out the title. Wondered who was the first SMA ever back in 1986? (my birthyear btw) It’s none other than the now controversial Mel Gibson. And did you know, the only black actor ever to get the title is Denzel Washington. The oldest so far is Sean Connery. Clooney, Pitt & Depp are the very few who got to be SMA twice.

Reynolds dons the cover with his shirt on though – his body is ripped! And I don’t know how this helps him with the ladies since he is out of the market. He’s husband to 2010 GQ’s Babe of the Year, Scarlett Johansson. He’ll star in a major role as DC superhero, The Green Lantern set for a 2011 release. Would like to see that body suit in action! 😉

Here’s some sneak-peek of the men who made the list:

Spotlight on Burlesque

I can’t believe I haven’t plugged this in my blog. I feel like I let my girl, Xtina down. Just kidding, hehe.

Burlesque, Christina’s acting debut – though I’m a bit concerned if she has the chops, will premiere next month already. But her co-star Cher, yes living legend, is all praises for her so that’s a start. Plus I really love the trailer and the music, the official soundtrack should be equally exciting. I’ve listened to ‘Spotlight’ already which is the movie’s theme and the girl’s pipes are not one bit rusty. If you don’t agree, see for yourself below:

You also have Kristen Bell and Cam Gigandet in there, even Stanley Tucci so that’s more reason to watch the film. I’m not sure about the director, he’s not familiar to me. But I think I’m gonna be enjoying this one, no Oscar hopes but I wish it won’t tank at the box office. Since Bionic didn’t exactly made a splash this year I hope this one will, at least with the moviegoers – to hell with critics! 😀

Rapper & Pop Star dominate the 2010 VMAs

No, not Kanye & Taylor – although they still managed to steal the spotlight at some point. I’m talking about Eminem & Gaga. With the latter taking home 8 Moonmans (moonmen?) including Video of the Year, Best Female Video and Best Pop Video for “Bad Romance”, she proves to be an unstoppable force. Eminem bagged Best Male Video and Best Rap Video for “Not Afraid”. Bieber managed to take Best New Artist against Ke$ha & Nicki Minaj. The Jared Leto band 30 Seconds To Mars won for Best Rock Video which I think should’ve went to Paramore.

Chelsea Lately comedian, Chelsea Handler, hosted the night including a stint with Lindsay Lohan. West’s performance was one of the show’s highlights, also Eminem and surprise appearance of Rihanna. Swift performed a song for Kanye. And Gaga, same as last year, had a couple of outfit changes including the meat dress above. Believe it.

On the very refreshing white carpet, I thought Gaga, strangely enough, looked a bit tamed but fabulous! One of her best looks in her career.

I have to admit, the boys look good. Usher & Justin Bieber share the spotlight. Hot!

I love this dress and I love Katy Perry!!! Not so sure about the highlights though.

Btw. Chelsea claimed that last night’s VMAs is the one of the highest rated since 2002. Congrats to her then! And good job for MTV.

Cosmo Gone Wild!

The September issue of Cosmo Philippines is out now featuring Agua Bendita star Andi Eigenmann. Meanwhile, Sam Milby covers the annual CosmoMen booklet containing 69 gorgeous bachelors and 10 hot centerfolds posing with wild animals for the ‘Gone Wild!’ theme this year. Some names to watch out for are Christian Bautista, Rocco Nacino, Joross Gamboa & Carl Guevarra. Shouldn’t be hard to figure out why its Cosmo’s bestseller every year. 😉

The Emmys get Glee’d, Modern Family wins big

Jimmy Fallon let his ‘musician’ side take over as he hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards, Sunday night. Opening the show with a gleekified number with some of the Glee kids, Jane Lynch & get this: Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Kate Gosselin, Joel McHale, Nina Dobrev, Jorge Garcia, Randy Jackson & Betty White (whew!). It was all good fun – hilarious even! 😀

Then, its time for the awards and speeches. It was clear that Modern Family was a favorite of the Television Academy; winning most awards in the Comedy category including Outstanding Comedy Series. Lynch (loved her speech), Edie Falco & Jim Parsons won their respective acting nods & Ryan Murphy for directing. That stint from the MF cast with George Clooney & Sofia Vergara in 3D was just side-splitting! Ricky Gervais stole the show once again, everytime he appears on these ceremonies riot follows. Top Chef won for reality competition program, The Daily Show with John Stewart for Variety. Temple Grandin for Made For TV Movie. The Pacific for Miniseries. Mad Men remains on top of the Drama category, winning Outstanding Drama Series for another year. Breaking Bad was able to steal some of the spotlight for the acting categories.

Fashion point of view, I loved best Lea Michele on her dark blue Oscar de la Renta. No one really stood out as horrendous for me but there were a handful of blah.

Overall, it was fun, fast-paced & not overly boring like the Oscars. I’m excited though, since this means that the Golden Globes is next which is my fave among the award shows. 🙂

Indie Vs. Mainstream (Predictable Much?)

Can you believe it has been a year already since Adam Lambert took the title as Season 8’s Ameri… oh wait, that didn’t happen, did it?

Oh well, its time once again for America to decide. Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze will be battling it out on Season 9, hoping to garner as much votes as they can.

Frankly, this has been a lackluster year for AI. Barely watched the weekly performances (which I never thought will happen ever), nobody really stood out – yeah they were a bunch of good singers but that’s about it. No ‘X-Factor’ (no pun intended). Do I think people will buy their records? No. At least, I don’t think I am. Simon leaving didn’t really convinced me enough to stay tuned throughout the season. Wow, I’m still surprised I’m talking about Idol this way. Probably the only reason I’ll be watching the finale is because Christina will be performing (shameless plug!). Anyways, if you ask who my “bet” is, though I wouldn’t actually bet on it, it would be Crystal. But if you ask who will win, I would say Lee. Why? He’s got the bigger fan base. Proof? He made it as no. 1 trending topic on Twitter – ever heard of Justin Bieber? Probably not. And obviously, as my title suggests, he’s more mainstream than Crystal. Problem is, is he any different from Kris Allen? Or David Cook? But we really never know, right? So just tune in for the whole 2-hour extravaganza and update me on who they’ll announce as winner. Blah.

Get your movie on!

IMAX. La-Z-Boy. Popcorn.

I know what you’re thinking. Summertime has kicked in and one of its perks? Summer movies – and not just any movies, they call it: Blockbusters. Some I’ve already seen, others I’d rather wait for the DVD and the rest we’re just dying to catch. And I mean dying. Below is the ultimate list:

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Pink’s circus act at the Grammys

What a spectacular night that was! The winners deserved it, every performance was great especially this one. It was a very tamed performance at first but after revealing her costume and was lifted on air, I was dumbfounded and I couldn’t believe it. And correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t think she had straps on as she was spinning around in the air. It was beautiful particularly at the end with the water pouring down from her.

2010 is Year of the Tiger!

Well, it may or may not be Tiger Wood’s year this 2010 but is sure is mine. 😛 Well, that is if you believe in the Chinese Zodiac Horoscope. It hasn’t officially started yet (see below) so we’ll see.

Now that 2009 is over; a year marked by tragedies, all we can do now is hope this year will bring us if not better, at least nothing worse than what we’ve experienced. Judging by the forecast… just read for yourselves:

 “The Year of The Tiger begins on February 14th 2010. Drama, intensity, change and travel will be the keywords for 2010. Unfortunately, world conflicts and disasters tend to feature during Tiger years also, so it won’t be a dull 12 months for anyone. The Year of the Tiger will bring far reaching changes for everyone. New inventions and incredible technological advances have a good chance of occurring. For all of the Chinese horoscope signs, this year is one to be active – seizing opportunities and making the most of our personal and very individual talents. Everything happens quickly and dramatically in a Tiger year – blink and you could miss an important chance of a lifetime!”

I won’t even start on the resolutions, I know I won’t keep them. I’ll just do the best I can. In any case, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 🙂

Zac 365 days a year…

Care to have Zac all-year round? Here are some pics from the Official Zac Efron 2010 Calendar.

Isn’t it weird when famous people come out with their own calendar? I don’t know.. like I’m not that obsessed that I would want to see you every freakin day of the year?! Especially those semi-nude ones, its good this one features him with his clothes on.