Hangover and Deathly Hallows sequels release new posters!

Both are big sequels coming out this year. HP7 is actually the 2nd part finale and I can’t freaking wait for July! Waaaaaaaaa!!!! Pardon my fanboy alter-ego. I love the face-off theme of the poster, we’re in for a gruesome treat.

The Hangover was such a smash in 2009 that they decided to make Part 2 and this time the gang hits Bangkok dangerous, hehe. Looks like they’re in a lot of trouble once again which will be fun to watch. I got a feeling that monkey will be a pain in their ass. My only problem here is, where is Justin Bartha??? Hope he’s still part of the movie.


Joe Talks About Going Solo

It’s been a while since I posted some man-candy here. Or not. 😉 But I realized I haven’t got a single post about The Jonas Brothers so I give you arguably the hottest of the famous trio, Joe. Now I know some Nick fans will contest that, believe me I can’t make up my mind either. But right now, I have to say it’s Joe especially with the facial hair and those guns (hehe). Check out the photos from his recent Details interview:




Even though Joe didn’t lose his shirt, he still looks good. Anyways, Joe talked about his budding solo career and clearing the rumor that the group has broken up. They’re only taking a break, so don’t worry guys. He hopes the fans who grew old with them will still love his music which he described as something you could dance to. He also talked about girlfriend, Ashley Greene from Twilight. But I heard recently, they just broken up. But you never can tell with stars. Let’s just go back to ogling then. 🙂

So Why Watch The Voice?


The new and improved (?) American Idol is halfway through the competition this year and its doing great, Simon Cowell is busy bringing X-Factor to the US (Antonio “L.A.” Reid already signed up to be one of the judges) and now another singing competition? So why watch ‘The Voice’, huh? Upon hearing the mechanics of the show maybe, just maybe, you’ll think twice.

The new NBC show hired 4 judges to coach the hopefuls: Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, Blake Shelton and will be hosted by Carson Daly. This is an interesting batch of people I have to admit (not only because of Xtina). These mentors will judge the contestants based only on their voice, literally, since their backs will be turned on the contestants therefore giving them a more “objective” approach in determining who gets in. “It’s not about breaking these people down but more about building them up”, Christina said in an interview. In order to get the contestant on his/her team, they will have to hit the “red button” first. After that the judges will mentor these contestants in their performances which will then be judged by America.

Sounds like a good idea, right? Still, I don’t know if the show will keep me glued to my screen. I might check out it’s premiere to see how it plays out. But until then, I can’t decide. How ’bout you? What do you think?

PEx Tayo!

Since I wasn’t doing anything busy this past week in the office, I was forced to take matters into my own hand. And so what I did was surf the net, hehe. But our IT department might as well have not granted web access at all because pretty much every social networking and blog sites were blocked. Then a friend brought up PEx (Pinoy Exchange) and luckily we have access. Yey! So that’s how I ended up PExing in work and I’m controlling the urge to check it now since its ruining my professional life! Haha. Well, I’m not really posting in the threads; I’m still in the exploring stage and I’m what they call a “lurker”. Upon browsing the forums, of course I immediately checked the Alternative Preferences (AP) category and basically got stuck with it, you’ll get what I mean later. I didn’t know what I’d find but some threads are what they call AP seryes/series  – people writing stories about their lives. Mostly, they were love stories so I started reading. Some of them were, let’s be honest, NSFW which is more reason why I shouldn’t be doing this in the first place but then occassionally you find really great reads. Particularly this thread entitled “Truth or Dare (based on a true story)“. 🙂

I guess what I liked about this one is the way the story was told: straight-forward, laugh-out-loud funny, overly romantic and at parts dramatic kinda like the teleseryes we have on TV (haha). Let’s face it we all need a lil’ drama in our lives. But it being a true story by the TS (thread starter) and the fact that’s it written in Tagalog (duh?) gave extra ‘kilig’ factor. What I mean is, I don’t think it could’ve worked the way it did if it was written in English. But anyways, yes it’s a gay love story. I don’t know though if the TS wanted to call it that. It just sucks because the story is quite sad, I’m still in emo mode because of it. I wanted to post the whole story here but I figured it’s better if you read the original thread since a lot of the comments and replies of the readers are funny, plus if you want to get in on the action although the story is already finished. I love the dialogues, the matching of the songs in the scenes, the little quotes in the end of chapters and the 2 central characters: Jensen and Jarred. How they interact with each other and how their relationship evolved into something deeper. I really want to give a shoutout to the TS, s3parat3d for sharing his story. I commend him not only for his story-telling technique but his courage to actually write about it. I’m inspired though the end was heart-breaking, it makes me want to be in love. Hehe. Go check it! 🙂

The Christina Meltdown: Is there really or we just want her to?

Getting arrested for public intoxication definitely is not normal for the pop star but at least she wasn’t the one driving the vehicle, her boyfriend Matthew Rutler is. People are talking about how he’s a bad influence, others about how she shouldn’t have been arrested in the first place. But the mugshot’s already leaked and even Pink had a field day with it. So what is happening to the dirrty diva?

They say it started with the divorce that turned into partying and drinking. A rumor even came out about her crashing and passing out on Jeremy Renner’s bed. A lot has been said about her gaining weight as well. And then there were the flubs: the National Anthem lyrics on the Super Bowl and the slip on the Grammy’s causing her to fall. Maybe there is something wrong with her but is it really the signs of a downward spiral we often see starlets head to? Does she need a rehab stint? For me, if that will help her why not? I mean she may not be in Lindsay status yet but will the people around her wait for that to happen? I hope not. I think she just needs to take a break and be with her family, especially her son Max.

It’s our turn to judge American Idol

So what do you think of the new (well except Randy) panel of judges? The Top 13? Or just the show in general? Me, I thought it was surprisingly good compared to last season, whatever that was. I do miss Simon and his comments but at least the producers were thinking because they didn’t try and get another “Simon”. At first I wasn’t sure about Steven nor Jennifer but the two actually work and you can sense their sincerity. I wish they replaced Randy too but three’s a good number. Can I just add: why is Adam Lambert in the opening credits? When did he win? ;-P I mean, he was my bet and it wouldn’t be a big deal if they included other successful contestants from past seasons but he’s the only non-winner featured, plus they never did that before. If I was Kris Allen I would throw a fit.

Let’s go to the contestants. From the Top 24 only 13 emerged victorious, 3 of which was chosen through a wildcard round. This is only the 2nd time AI had 13 finalists, the first time was when Anoop was given a spot which I didn’t get. Only Naima deserved the 2nd chance. If I had a say I wanted Kendra to go forward too, Stefano and Ashton were blah. From the Top 10 America voted, James blew me away. I’m not a rock fan but if he can deliver that first performance all throughout the competition, he can win this. But then there’s Jacob and Jacob can sing, man! Amazing! Scotty is oh so country but you’ll love him with that deep voice and twang. Personality wise, Casey stands out and I’m curious on what he can offer. For the girls, I love 15 & 16 yo Thia and Lauren A. I can’t believe all that talent come from such a young age. Pia’s “Stand by me” was such a knock-out moment for her and I think Latina Karen will bring flavor in the competition. To round up the Top 13, you have Haley and Paul. This is going to be an interesting year. I guess I’ll be staying tune all season, hopefully they won’t pull another “Adam” on me. 🙂