Paranormal Activity gives us just that..

Hands down, one of the most terrifying and downright creepiest movies I’ve seen, it literally kept me all night. I don’t believe in ghosts (still don’t) but let’s just say after watching the movie my imagination was off the roof. I got so paranoid with every rushing sound or movement I felt around me. The aftermath was the worse really, I was stunned and in awe the whole night – until dusk. Its crazy.


Paranormal Activity focuses on two live-in partners, Micah and Katie, being haunted by – as termed in the film, demonic entity. Katie has been apparently followed by the same entity as a child, from home to home. The couple started documenting the ‘activities’ which happens only during the wee hours. And then as one thing led to another, things started getting worse as Micah keeps taunting the supernatural being. The couple was getting hopeless, even as seeking help from a psychic and a demonologist, until finally it ended in a terrible way.

The movie was presented in a documentary style using the footages from the couple’s camera. Written and directed by Oren Peli, the film premiered in film festivals back in 2007 and was commercially released last October 2009. The movie is completely believable, not suffering from an overload of CGI effects and gory props, its an in-your-face type of thriller

The movie was shown with 3 different endings; the one from the filmfests and the other from the theatrical release and another that may end up in the DVD release. I prefer the original which is the one I got to watch as the other 2 were a bit ‘Hollywood’ for my taste. I won’t post any detailed descriptions because I want you to experience the film in raw. A must-see horror film in a very long time.


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