New Moon: Way Too Mopey!

Here’s the thing: I understand that the book actually is mopey; this is Bella‘s darkest chapter in the series, thus the title New Moon. I’ve forgotten that it is my least favorite. With that being said, the movie doesn’t really have much to play with. Don’t get me wrong, I love Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight Saga. The novel was perfectly fine and believable, heartbreaking even, its just that when adapted into a movie, it didn’t work. You can’t appreciate the film once you read the novel. It fell flat and every time you feel like, “this is it!”, then nothing.

The rest of the characters, it seemed, didn’t get enough screen time. I barely felt Dakota Fanning’s presence, even Michael Sheen. Ya sure, all the shirtlessness was amusing – oh Jacob!, but it seems to me if I haven’t read the books, I would think that Bella is just way too suicidal over a freakin’ breakup! Like grow up, she’s 17! (in the movie anyways) Of course, I would die too if Edward was to break up with me (hehe) but I really can’t blame those people who would think the movie sucks. For me though, criticize the film but NOT the novel. I draw the line.

It just disappointing because I think this is the most hyped movie of all time, it’s crazy! I totally agree to E! Online‘s review, how you take the film really depends on what type of fan you are. I will say these though, it’s 100% better than the first one. Hopefully the next film, Eclipse will break the curse and do me proud.

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