What ever happened to the Olsen Twins?


I’m writing about this because I just saw an episode of Samantha Who? (the show got cancelled, sad 😦 ) and I saw Mary-Kate as guest star.. or Ashley, now I’m confused. Anyways, so I realized they’ve been out of the limelight quite a while now. I know they’re busy with their own line but they’re not making any movies or series for a long time. Their last movie was I think New York Minute back in 2004 which I enjoyed by the way – I know its not like a great, great movie but nonetheless its fun and I like them. I can say I’m a fan, I mean they’re a huge enterprise and they’re always so chic at premieres, red carpet events and they’re good role models. I don’t think that anorexia thing with Mary-Kate makes them bad influence; it actually shows that famous people are just the same as you and me, they have problems too. It’s a disease, if anything, its not called eating disorder for nothing.

I remember when I was a kid (who knows how young) I used to watch their TV show Two of a Kind. I used to love them; they were twins, famous, cute, gorgeous (even then – God those cheekbones are amazing!) and very likeable. I can’t believe I had signs of being gay that early. 😀 I learned we’re just the same age; they were born June 13, 1986. Moving on, I’m wondering who do you like better I know they’re unstoppable when joined forces. But you got to relate more to one than the other. For the record, I have to say I like Mary-Kate more maybe because usually when they portray roles she always play the tomboy one, kind of a rock chick, shirt-and-jeans type and Ashley is the prim and proper one, the girly girl next door. Or maybe I just like her name better or her hair color. I’m actually glad she changed hers to brunette because I know they’re naturally blonde. Do you want to know their differences, aside from the more obvious ones I mentioned? Because they say they’re not actually identical twins but fraternal. Nothing specific but here’s the deal:

1.         Height:                    Ashley = taller (by an inch)

2.         Age:                         Mary-Kate = younger (by minutes)

3.         Handedness:         Ashley = right-handed (MK is left-handed)

4.         Face shape:           Mary Kate = rounded (Ash’s is oval)

I guess it was best for them to stay out of the media and take a break, or they could’ve been Britney and LL 2. Just joking, but I’m callin’ out to the Olsens: Please come back! 🙂


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