This guy shot to ‘fame’ as Sarah Palin’s rebellious son-in-law from her daughter Bristol. Now, the word war has been the media target for weeks. Interviews here and there, on both camps; There’s Palin with Oprah and Barbara Walters while Levi settles for entertainment shows such as The Insider, even appearing on the pages of GQ.

His ‘celebrity’ status shot through the roof ever since accepting that offer to pose nude for Playgirl for apparently more than $100,000. Now is there any guy out there who wouldn’t jump for that kind of opportunity and exposure? 😛 Anyways, this Alaskan native, 19-year-old dad may have led us to believe he’s going to let it all hang out but news confirmed the photos were nude but not full frontal. I’m a little surprised because he was telling everyone that he wanted to go all the way but I guess it was best for him not to. He’s cute and you have to admit, aren’t you curious at all about the mystery of Levi Johnston? 🙂