POP Soup #1

 1. It’s Alright, It’s Okay – Ahsley Tisdale is back, this time not as the bitchy Sharpay in the HSM TV-movies, but her real life pop persona. After breaking out with the catchy He Said She Said from her first album Headstrong, she has a brand spankin’ new album called Guilty Pleasure.

2. Sweet Dreams – the 6th single from her highly-successful I Am… Sasha Fierce record, Beyonce releases one of my favorite songs ever!

3. Obsessed – another diva releasing a new album soon is Mrs. MC, via Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel she releases the first single as a rip off against Eminem. This ought to be fun. 😀

4. Hey Girl – or Patron Tequila, I don’t know anymore. First, it was from Keri Hilson now its said to be the first single of the new girl group Paradiso Girls with Robin Antin as creator, shout out to the Pussycat Dolls!

5. Never Ever – this one actually came before Love, Sex & Magic but it is just now that I got to listen to it carefully and it’s a nice song. Try this one from Ciara.

6. Radar – originally included in Britney’s Blackout album, it was one of my faves. Now after appearing as a bonus track on Circus she finally releases it with a nice video to match.

7. Good Girls Go Bad – nope, not from Rihanna but from Cobra Starship. This one featuring Ms. Blair Waldorf herself, Leighton Meester. What do you think? Think she can be the next Hilary Duff?

8. Already Gone – I’m not even over I Do Not Hook Up just yet but she currently released her follow-up single from All I Ever Wanted. Love this one from Kelly Clarkson.

9. You Belong With Me – after being so mushy mushy with White Horse, her latest track is the type of song that Taylor Swift should keep making. Really likin’ this one! 🙂

10. She Wolf – Finally, after the long wait the hip-shaking latina pop sensation Shakira is back. This time with a little bit of techno dance sound. Check this out!

11. Battlefield – the title track of the album with the same name, Jordin Sparks marks her sophomore release. In case you’re wondering she performed this on the last season of AI.

12. Hush Hush – I’m referring to the video version which is better and includes parts of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. They turned the song into a dance track and made it fun. This is the 3rd single from the Pussycat Dolls off the Doll Domination 2.0 CD.

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