Superheroes Dominate 2011

My inner geek is happy like when I get new comics for my birthday as a kid. DC and Marvel are going all out in 2011 bringing into the big screen their biggest characters. Which superhero are you most excited to see?

Chris Evans is not new to the superhero universe playing The Human Torch on the Fantastic Four movies, but now he’s portraying an even bigger character as Captain America “The First Avenger”.

Although the Justice League of America has been cast already for its big screen premiere, famous member Green Lantern finally gets his own spotlight as Ryan Reynolds brings him to life.

New actor Chris Hemsworth plays one of the classic superheroes in America. Thor, though I’m not much aware of his story, is a huge character for Marvel as well.

Though the Spider-man reboot is already in the works, I don’t think it will be ready til next year. So this X-Men prequel is the one I’m most gearing up to see. I hope the characters will be equally exciting as the earlier movies.