“Oz” is Child’s Play

I’m not as concerned about James Franco criticized for being as stiff as a board as compared to Mila Kunis’s blank-face performance. It was like she was reading from a teleprompter or something. She became not half-bad when she transformed into the wicked witch but only because she was wearing prosthetics. I mean, I love her but Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams outdid her here by a thousand miles (i don’t wanna use outshined, so cliché). Anyways, the movie was for kids clearly. I should’ve gotten that when the word “Disney” flashed on the screen. Of course, the graphics were a feast for the eyes but they could’ve made an animated film and the characters may have come off more alive. It was enjoyable sure but I guess I was expecting a dark approach ala Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.

And if I had known the reason for this whole shebang was a boy, I may as well have turned myself. Ah, love is a many splendored things indeed. I couldn’t grasp how she has gotten fast in love with Oz, the great and powerful, cos I fall fast, mind you, but not THAT fast. Anyway, going back, it’s worth letting your kids watch this and then let out an “oooh” or “aaaww” yourself but you can wait for the DVD release and watch it on your flat screen. Or you can download it illegally (not that I’m promoting it), it’s your call.

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