Revenge is Wickedly Addictive

Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” – Confucius

And with that my newest TV show guilty pleasure started. When that line prompted at the beginning of the pilot episode I knew I was gonna get hooked and I remember saying to myself: “This is going to be good.” And before I ramble further, how ’bout that poster huh? I have such a liking for the dramatic so I especially enjoyed this promo photo. The mischievous half-smile coming from that pretty, innocent face of hers and then those thorns sticking out of her dress like she’s ready for battle. Love. it.

So basically the story is young girl lost her father to a crime he didn’t commit. So now all grown up, she’s back with a vengeance. And who is she up against you say? Well none other than the elite and the powerful. That’s what makes it exciting and oh so scandalous. What can I say, I guess we all have that dark side. Don’t you just love it when one by one she’s bringing her enemies down? And she’s got them all in the palm of her hand but don’t worry she doesn’t go as far as killing them but trust me what she does is a whole lot worse.

The show features mostly unknown actors to me but it didn’t take away at all from it. I am familiar with Emily VanCamp having watched the family drama Brothers & Sisters (a personal favorite of mine). Her character Emily Thorne or Amanda Clarke is a tricky one to play. She has to be tough and seem cold to carry out her plans and for a protagonist you’ll either like her or you don’t. But I guess once you know the back story you’ll root for her. The other star of the show or scene-stealer if I may say, is Madeleine Stowe playing the Queen of the Hamptons, Victoria Grayson. If pure evil takes form, it’s gotta be her. Not to mention the rest of the empire: Conrad – the man responsible for it all, Charlotte – the rebellious daughter and, Daniel – the heir. Special mention to Josh Bowman who plays him (Read: He’s effin’ hot). To add spice, you have Nolan Ross – Emily’s ally and Jack Porter – the childhood sweetheart. You may recognize Declan Porter, the brother. I realized I don’t know his name, I just know he also plays Serena’s gay brother in Gossip Girl.

I read that the show did really well in the US and that ABC has picked it up for another season and more so, aimed to sit in the previously held time slot by Desperate Housewives. Revenge is a sexy and campy drama series that’s sure to leave you satisfied with every episode and yet craving for more. Full of suspense and surprises in every turn, it’s a ride that you wish would not end.


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