Dark of the Moon: A dull explosion of CGI

At long last I have ample time to write a post! Between the month-end and quarter-end tasks I had in work (don’t ask), there was just no way I could fit in drafting an entry for my blog; weekends weren’t even enough for rest. I have 3 reviews in mind to write so I’ll just get on it and start with this one. Two weeks ago, on a regular Saturday afternoon I was able to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon with the family (read: sister and niece, my parents don’t watch these things). It comes off from the idea that man’s first landing on the moon is a cover-up for an investigation of an ark that crash-landed there. While it is confirmed that this is Michael Bay’s last time directing the franchise, I’m not sure if there should be a fourth.

I won’t say it’s horrible but one thing’s for sure it’s unremarkable. It’s bad when you have to course through the whole thing in your head just to come up with your favorite part(s). The visual effects were right on as usual maybe even unparalleled for the time being but it didn’t excite me. My fave scene (I decided) was when Shia, Rosie and Tyrese were being chased by Shockwave in that massive building. Cool stuff right there. But it dragged on for the most parts and at some point I uttered to myself, “just get it over with!” It’s like they held back on the action and gave a generous amount of time for the build-up of the story but it wasn’t nearly as effective or convincing as they liked it to be. Quite frankly I enjoyed Revenge of the Fallen better despite the tirade of criticisms because I took it as it is: mindless action and CGI overload. I even like how that movie shifted from action to comedy in a snap. I didn’t expect it but the hilarity was a bonus. Now the movie lost that too like it was trying so hard to be taken seriously. Then again, alien robots taking over the earth is not exactly comedic.

My other problem is you don’t sympathize with the characters anymore; not the humans and certainly not the robots. Aren’t you tired of Megatron already? I don’t know why it became tedious all of a sudden, maybe familiarity. Some of the new cast were passable; sadly I’m not pertaining to Rosie Huntington more like Frances Mcdormand. Patrick Dempsey plays some evil bastard kinda like how I see his character in Grey’s Anatomy (hehe). Ken Jeong was not allowed to go ape-shit in his short stint but at least John Turturo was still there. Anyways, Rosie was – how do I put this? To quote somewhere: has as much charm as a dead slug. The men liked her there’s no doubt about that but why did you have to go Megan Fox? It seems so to abandon a sinking ship. Tyrese got more screen time but why is Josh Duhamel always on the side lines? Shia seems to have outgrown his character; his save-the-world-i-wanna-prove-myself act just doesn’t work anymore. The verdict? This movie lacks the entertainment value of its predecessors and can easily be forgotten.

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