Insidious: Yep, it’s not the house alright…

I rarely watch horror films mainly because they can really scare the sh*t out of me especially once they’re over and I’m alone in my room (read: I get scared easily, you can laugh now). I’m only terrified with those that deal with the supernatural or paranormal. Though I still don’t believe in them, I mean the ones that are portrayed in the media and telltales, your imagination can really get the best of you. Insidious delivers moments that can make you go: “oh my god!” or “what the hell!”, I sure did. I cringed and dreaded every time I sense something will pop out the screen but I do think it’s just a matter of sound effects, timing and the element of surprise. The movie is based on the concept of Astral projection or quite literally an out-of-body experience towards a parallel spirit realm. In the story, the family moved into a new house and immediately after one of the sons fell into an unexplainable coma. You know the drill: other strange things started happening and before you know it they moved out and in to a new home thinking that the house is haunted. But they soon found out different and asked for help. The parents played by Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne discovered that their son is lost in The Further which means he wandered too far off and now these entities and one particular demon wants to take over his body. The twist was that the same thing happened to the dad when he was a kid and that he passed the “ability” to his son. So he went to The Further himself to rescue his son and end up meeting the entity that wanted to possess him as a kid. Of course it had to end badly – no horror movie doesn’t. His son got back to his body but he didn’t. The End.

I can’t judge if it’s THAT frightening coz as I’ve said I don’t have a lot to compare it with but I can level it to Paranormal Activity with the latter having a slight edge just cause there’s something more horrifying with the unseen. Remember, we never saw the demonic entity haunting the couple. But if you want a good scare and got money to spend, why not? In my case, it was free so I got persuaded into watching (haha).


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