Kung Fu Panda 2 is also awesome if not awesome-r

After being chosen as the Dragon Warrior, Po is pretty much the same: funny and fat (hehe). But being a master of kung fu himself, he’s got no problem protecting the Valley of Peace alongside the Furious Five and they’ve got great teamwork especially with their special moves. Trouble came in the person peacock of Lord Shen in Gongmen City with his wolf warriors as he threatens to conquer the world and destroy kung fu with the art of using fireworks as weapon. Master Shifu, who sadly has less screen time, ordered the gang to help but Po is a bit distracted because he wants to discover who he really is since Mr. Ping, the goose if I may add, might not be his real father after all (hilarious right?). So there’s a bit of focus with Po’s background and we get to know more about him. If the first movie’s moral lesson is “the secret ingredient”, this time it’s about finding inner peace.

The movie definitely features more action and awesome sequences which the kids can enjoy and there are still plenty of laughs. Its funny all throughout and also shows a very warm, heartfelt moment in the end (almost cried). The Kung Fu Panda series is one of the better Dreamworks animation ever. I still prefer the first one though because there are more remarkable parts especially with Po being the awkward, kung fu fanatic panda. But I don’t wanna take away from this film since it’s also good, clean fun. 🙂

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